Long Range Garage Door Monitor Kit

Long Range Garage Door Monitor Kit

Stop worrying about your garage door opening whithout knowing. Receive an immediate alert when the door opens.  


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Have you ever woken in the morning and your garage door was standing wide open?  I have and it scares me.  Especially when I know, for sure, I closed the door.  This great product is a garage door monitoring kit that will immediately notify you if your garage door is opened.

This product is part of the Long Range Household Alert series of products by Skylink.  Exandable by adding more receivers and additional sensors, such as PIR sensors, magnetic sensors, water sensors, etc., the series of products provides alerts when these sensors are activated.  Not only will they alert you, if a non-authorized visitor passes through a monitored zone, it could scare them away.

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The range for the garage door sensor to the receiver is up to 800 feet.  The garage door sensor works by attaching it to the bottom of your garage door.  When the garage door is closed, the detection rod is kept inside the sensor apparatus by the pressure between the door and the floor.  When the door is opened, the floor isn’t keeping the rod inside the unit, and this activity triggers the alarm.

Because you may expand the unit and associate additional sensors to the system, you can group them into zones.  When the receiver is triggered, a small LED will flash that corresponds to the zone you have associate with the triggered sensor.

There are two modes you can set for the receiver – alert mode or alarm mode.  In alert mode, the receiver will emit a beep and flash to the respective zone.  In alarm mode, the unit will emit a loud, 95 dB sound and also flash to the respective zone.

  • Kit ships with 1 x garage door sensor (GM-434TL) w/battery and 1 x Household Alert receiver (HA-434RL), mounting accessories, and an adaptor.  
  • Two modes; alert mode and alarm mode.  Alarm mode emits a 95 dB alarm.
  • The sensors are supervised by the receiver, which means the receiver will alert you when the battery in the sensor is low.
  • The receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet (transformer included) and the sensor is powered by a 3V lithium battery (included and installed).
  • Receiver will monitor up to 16 sensors, grouped into 4 zones.
  • Manufactured by Skylink.
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Weight0.8 lbs
Dimensions9.25 x 7 x 3.25 in



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