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The BALERT-W is a wireless break beam sensor based entrance alert kit the is easy to set up and easier to maintain.  The most common use of this system is to use the system to monitor a doorway.  When visitor passes through the monitored zone, the speaker is triggered.

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What is a Wireless Break Beam Sensor Alert Kit?

The BALERT entrance alert kit has been around for as long as I can remember. It’s a very popular product because it’s simple, but an effective way to monitor a door or hallway. In many cases, customers who really liked the functionality of the BALERT didn’t purchase the product because it was wired…from the emitter box to the speaker.

Now, we have a wireless version of the BALERT, which is the BALERT-W (“W” for wireless). You get the same reliability of the photo beam reflector based product with the added benefit of a wireless transmission from the emitter to the speaker.

Here’s how this break beam sensor based kit works:

The kit comes with three (3) main components: a sensor that emits an invisible beam to a reflector, a reflector, and a wireless speaker.  To understand how the product works we will use a common doorway as the area we want to monitor.  On one side of the door we will mount the wireless sensor (plugs into a standard wall outlet) and on the other side of the door we will mount the reflector.  The sensor will send an invisible beam to the reflector.  As long as that beam is reflected back to the sensor the system is silent.  When that beam is broken, which means the beam is not reflected back to the sensor, the sensor is triggered and it then sends a wireless signal to the speaker (speaker plugs into a standard wall outlet).

Here’s what’s in the BALERT-W Kit:

  • Waterproof reflective sensor (transmitter)
  • Wireless Speaker
  • Reflector
  • Two power adapters (one for sensor, one for speaker)
  • Three mounting brackets
  • Optional Wall Mount Bracket is available for separate purchase

Break Beam Kit Features:

  • Max distance from sensor to reflector is 22 ft.
  • Wireless range, from sensor to speaker is “up to” 328 ft. (100 m).  Please note, this is a line of sight range.  Building materials will interfere and possibly reduce the range
  • Speaker and sensor are powered by included plug in transformers
  • Adjustable volume on speaker up to 90 dB
  • Sensor and reflector are outdoor rated 32 F – 122 F
  • Sensor can pair with an unlimited number of speakers
  • Speaker can pair with up to 5 sensors
  • Speaker will make a chime or ALARM sound
  • Alarm output duration is 3-30 seconds

We would also recommend two other choices:

  • The ERA-PIR-SPK kit which is a passive infrared sensor typically mounted over the door.  When a visitor passes through the zone, the speaker inside the sensor plays a chime sound.
  • The EZ CHIME – a purely mechanical entrance alert.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
B.W. (Crystal Lake, US)
Works great

Product arrived quickly and was a fairly easy installation. Works great so far.
One thing I'd like to add is to have the ability to cant the reflector to allow for a diagonal beam.

Otherwise I would recommend this product and order it again.

J.S. (Port Saint Lucie, US)

Every thing was a great experience..thank you

S.S.C.M.I.C.C.M. (Freeport, US)
Exactly what we needed!

Our store (in a shopping mall) had a little battery powered motion sensor that would be set off by people walking up the steps 20 feet away. It was a constant annoyance that would as often as not go off when nobody was there, but be silent when people walked in.

The BALERT Photo Beam Reflector Kit was easy to install - I skipped the mounting plates (tile walls) and used velcro adhesive strips, set it up in under 5 minutes, and it works perfectly!

My only regret - not getting the add-on speaker to run a line to the back room. But we're adding that ASAP!

B.J.P. (Fond du Lac, US)
Works Great

It was exactly what we were looking for! Easy to install and works great!

R.V.R. (Williamsburg, US)
Great Cat and Pet Detector

The Entry Detector works great. We needed a entry detector to help keep our cats and dog out of one room. This entry detector work perfectly for us. We tried a cheaper brand from Amazon. I ignored some of the negative review and the warnings in their review. That device worked OK, not great, sometimes didn't pick up the cats. It died after 60 days. This Entry Alarm is much simpler and easier to install. The cable is a way to long for our use, but would like it too long than not long enough.

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