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Step into a world of convenience and style with our exceptional range of wireless doorbell buttons. At 1800Doorbell, we specialize in providing innovative doorbell solutions that blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of your home while offering uncompromised functionality.

Our wireless doorbell buttons are meticulously designed to ensure easy installation, robust performance, and longevity. Browse our collection to find a wireless button that meets your needs and elevates the elegance of your entrance.

Wireless Buttons

Most wireless products in this category will be compatible with the same manufacturer’s products except for Honeywell Chimes. For their chimes, select the “Honeywell compatibility” filter to make sure they match. For example, if you have an existing Honeywell Door Chime Receiver, it will say something like “B Compatible,” so you must also ensure the button matches.

Does the brand of my wireless system matter?

1) Thomas and Betts represent our website’s largest selection of products. Thomas and Betts sold their products through larger box retail stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s for years. In those stores, their products were/are known under the brand names of Carlon, Dimango, and Lamson & Sessions, with model numbers like “SS” for style selection. The Carlon and Dimango brands are the most popular wireless doorbells. Carlon may still be available at smaller retailers like Ace Hardware or Menard’s, while the older brand name, Dimango products, is harder to find. All of the brand names are the same products and are cross-compatible. The only real issue will be the manufactured date. Any of their products manufactured before 2000 will not be compatible with models manufactured after that date.

2) Heath-Zenith (HeathCo, LLC) is a brand at Lowe’s that represents our second-largest wireless offering. ALL of their wireless products will be compatible, making replacement and expandability easy.

3) Honeywell makes excellent products that are very stylish and reliable. Ensure the compatibility (A, B, C, D) matches from transmitter to receiver.

4) GE products listed here are merely a licensed name from JASCO, which markets over 2,000 products. We are big fans of their wireless chime products and recommend them to customers. They typically have 7-different good options and will be fully compatible with the manufacturer’s product line.

How Are Wireless Buttons Mounted

Virtually all wireless buttons are surface mounted. This means the complete push-button mounts by simply attaching it to the wall using the supplied double-mounted tape or mounting screws (depending on the model).

Can I mount the button on a metal wall?

Although not recommended, we know it’s sometimes unavoidable. The problem is that the wireless button is a transmitter that sends a wireless signal to a compatible receiver. Metal, thick concrete, etc., will reduce the wireless signal. If you must mount it on a metal surface, we recommend placing a small shim between the transmitter and the surface. This separation will help the transmitter get its radio signal out.

How long do the batteries last?

The batteries are typically designed to last from 18-24 months. As a rule of thumb, the more extended range of the wireless system is, the shorter the battery life. Cold climates will drain the battery faster.

What type of batteries do these take?

Usually, these are not standard batteries, so the manufacturer will include a set with your purchase (please read product details.) Almost all of them are 3V lithium batteries or 6V or 12V batteries.

Carlon Wireless Door Chime Buttons

Carlon is the world’s most recognized brand name for wireless push buttons. Starting as the Dimango brand in the 1990s, they pioneered the wireless chime industry, and that innovation has continued today. You may see the brand names of Dimango, Lamson and Sessions, Carlon, and Dimango, and they are the same products, just branded differently over the years. If you have any of these wireless chime products, any Carlon/Dimango push button on this website will be compatible as long as the manufactured date is AFTER 2000. Products manufactured by Thomas and Betts in 2000 using the wireless technology called “SAW” which stands for Surface Wave Acoustic, dramatically improve the reliability of wireless products and help eliminate interference between other wireless products. You can find the manufactured date of your Carlon button by flipping it over and locating a small, white, circular sticker. This sticker will have “QC XX XX” printed on it. The last two digits are the year the manufacturer produced the chime. If the last two digits exceed 00, the receiver will be compatible with a Carlon push-button sold on this site. The Dimango name is synonymous with wireless door chime products worldwide, as they were the first large-scale manufacturer of the wireless door chime. This innovation grew to dozens of different wireless.

Honeywell Push Buttons

Wireless doorbell buttons by Honeywell will be compatible based on the A, B, C, or D settings assigned to the wireless devices. You will see the compatibility number on your Honeywell device packaging or the device. When searching for doorbell buttons on our site, we recommend you search for a Honeywell wireless button using the product filters located just below the menu on the left-hand side of the page. You will notice you can select the Honeywell compatibility from the menu choices to help ensure you find a push-button compatible with your receiver.

Craftmade Wireless Doorbell Buttons:

Craftmade transmitters are cross-compatible with one another. You will notice some Craftmade wireless chimes with “LH” listed as model numbers. In these cases, the wireless chime by Craftmade will be compatible with any Thomas and Betts wireless doorbell product.


All the GE Jasco wireless push buttons offered on our site are compatible with the GE “7 Sound Option Chimes” products. All the chimes we carry are within this line of wireless doorbells. If you have an existing JASCO-GE wireless door chime or receiver, you can select any of these pushbuttons, which will be compatible. The two wireless buttons by GE on this website are the LH19200 and the 19211, compatible with all GE/JASCO receivers.