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  • Wdk Pir Strobe Warehouse Entry Alert KitDb800 Amber Strobe V 1
    0 out of 5

    Warehouse Motion Entry Alert kit w/ Strobe Light Long Range

    The WDK-PIR-STROBE is wireless, motion (PIR) based entry alert kit that is high-powered, long range, and features a bright strobe light perfect for loud environments or noisy areas.
  • Long Range Wireless Doorbell Kit 1000 Ft V 1Lra Pbtx V 1 2 1
    5.00 out of 5

    Safeguard Supply LRA-D1000 Long Range Wireless Doorbell-1000 ft Range That’s Great for Businesses

    BEST SELLER!  Great for large homes and businesses that need to transmit over long distances, the LRA-D1000 has the power you need to penetrate walls that typical products cannot. A selector switch on the side of the door chime can be set to "flash," "chime," or "flash and chime."  A great choice for use in residential applications for the hard of hearing or in noisy, commercial environments.
    SKU: LRA-D1000
  • Wc180 Flashing Strobe Light KitWc180 Packaging Front Web V 1
    4.59 out of 5

    WC180 Flashing Strobe Wireless Chime Kit for Hard of Hearing

    Our most popular strobe light doorbell.  Ideal for hearing impaired or noisy environments.  The kit includes a push button and a chime, coupled with a bright flashing strobe.  The chime plugs into any available outlet where the chime/strobe needs to be located.  Add on additional chimes around the home or additional push buttons for multiple doors.  Quick and easy set up has the system running in a matter of minutes.
    SKU: WC180
  • Lra Dr1000 Alarm SetLra Dcrx
    0 out of 5

    LRA-DRV1000 Safeguard Supply Wireless Strobe Driveway Alarm Kit w/ 1000 ft. Range

    Best in class driveway alarm with an awesome range of 1000 feet from sensor to chime.  When a car (or person) passes through the monitored zone, the receiver inside your home plays a selected melody.  This system may be expanded by adding more sensors and/or receivers, as well as expanded range by adding a range extender, that increases range to 2,000 ft.
    SKU: LRA-DR1000
  • Rosewood Doorbell W 3 Antique Pewter Tubes C3 Pw V 1
    4.00 out of 5

    C3-PW Elegant Doorbell w Rosewood Hanging Tubes by Craftmade Plays Westminster Chime

    A very elegant, wired doorbell with real hanging pewter tubes. This chime plays the 8-note or 4-note Westminster chime for the front door and a single note for a second door. The cabinet of this chime features rich rosewood and an aged pewter medallion inlay. This is a lovely, elegant, beautiful sounding chime.
    SKU: C3-PW
  • Long Range Door Chime For Business Lh 2500Ut 2500 Push Button On Door
    4.78 out of 5

    LH-2500 Warehouse & Business Wireless Doorbell Kit Long Range

    Great for warehouses and businesses who need an extended range product.  Amazing 2500 feet from transmitter to chime.  Have confidence that you'll never miss a visitor again.
    SKU: LH-2500
  • Wdk 2500 Strobe SafeguardDcr 2500 Safeguard
    4.57 out of 5

    Safeguard Supply WDK-2500-STROBE Warehouse Wireless Doorbell Kit & Strobe Light

    A long range wireless door chime kit w/ bright flashing strobe provides a visual indicator when a visitor arrives.  Great for loud shops!
    SKU: WDK-2500-STROBE
  • Hard Wired Entrance Alert Set Av 200 V 2 1Av200 Entry Alert Transmitter 2 V 1 1
    5.00 out of 5

    AV-200 Rodann Electronics Hard Wired Entrance Alert Set PIR Sensor

    The AV-200 is a hard-wired entrance alert kit for those who do not want to use a wireless notification system. Similar to the popular DA50L-A, this kit uses a passive infrared sensor (PIR) that triggers a chime alert when heat and movement are detected. Wired to the sensor is a speaker-chime-box that plays a chime sound when triggered. This kit has everything you need to install, operate, and maintain the system. Great for doors that remain opened, or hallways.  Reliability and ease of installation makes this a great product to improve customer service and increase safety.
    SKU: AV-200
  • DC1 EZtone ezchime Mechanical Entry Alertezchime flat diagonal
    4.45 out of 5

    EZ Chime Mechanical Entry Alert in Bronze or Gray

    This mechanical alert (no electricity or wiring required) sends a gentle tone when a door is opened.  Great for small to medium sized stores & offices.
  • Driveway Informer Di2000s A V 6 1 1Di2000r A Back V 1 1 1
    7.53 out of 5

    DI2000S-AG The Driveway Informer w/ 1,000 ft. Range Driveway Alarm

    The Driveway Informer - Di2000S-AG -  is a state of the art, super-reliable driveway alarm product. Instantly be alerted in your home or business when a car or person enters your drive.  Made in the USA, it is our best selling driveway alarm. This system picks up movement from vehicles, people or animals and instantly alerts receiver up to 1,000 ft. away.  Expand the system by adding additional receiver chimes, or additional outdoor transmitters.
    SKU: DI2000S-AG
  • Entry Informer Full Kit 1Entry Informer Receiver Back View 3
    4.84 out of 5

    DA50L-A Business Grade Wireless 500 ft. Range Entry Alert Kit To Detect Entry

    When the off the shelf entry alert from the big box store retailers simply won't due, look to the DA50L-A.  Simple to install but powerful, this product has the range you need to get the job done right!  An alert is sent to a remote receiver whenever a person passes through the Passive Infrared Sensor.  Install multiple sensors for several doors and up to 4 chime receivers to hear the alert in different locations.
    SKU: DA50L-A
  • Driveway Signal Bell Hose Kit InstalledDriveway Signal Bell Kit 1 8dsbs1 V 2 1
    0 out of 5

    Milton 8DSBS1 Driveway Signal Bell Kit Alerts When Car Rolls Over Tube

    This type of driveway alarm works best when the hose can be stretched across a hard surface (asaphalt or concrete).  When car drives over the hose, a bell chime sound is signaled.  Great for drive-thru environments.
    SKU: 8DSBS1
  • Lra Pir Entry KitLra Dcrx 1
    4.00 out of 5

    Safeguard Supply LRA-M1000 Long Range Motion Entrance Alert-1000 Ft.

    Improve customer service and never be caught off guard again.  This long range, 1000 ft. entrance alert sends a signal when a guest or customer comes in a monitored door.  The battery operated receiver will chime and flash an LED strobe light as notification.
    SKU: LRA-M1000
  • Long Range Entrance Alert Kit 1000 Ft V 1Lra Dctx V 1 2
    5.00 out of 5

    Safeguard Supply LRA-C1000-Long Range Entry Alert Kit for Businesses

    Long Range Contact based entrance alert kit.  Ideal for monitoring when a door is opened, or a customer/guest comes in.  The door contact triggers a chime and/or a bright, flashing LED light notification at the receiver.  1000 foot range and multiple accessories are available to expand the system.  Volume control manages a 90 decibel chime.  Flashing strobe will repeat 28 times in a short burst designed to catch the eye.
    SKU: LRA-C1000
  • Wireless Plug In Door Chime With Excellent Sound Rc3250 V 1 2Rc3252 Carlon Wireless Plug In Door Chime Two Buttons
    0 out of 5

    RC3250 Carlon Wireless Door Chime Kit Great for Residential Use

    No wiring needed. The RC3250 (also known as the RC8250) is a completely wireless chime that installs in minutes.   Set includes a wireless push button and a chime that plugs into a standard outlet.  Add multiple push buttons and chime receivers to cover more doors and increase the listening range.  Also available is the RC3252, which is a wireless plug-in kit with 2 x doorbell push buttons.
    SKU: RC3250-SERIES
  • Very Loud Two Note Wired Doorbell Cl Dw V 1 1Cl Dw Loud Wired Doorbell V 1 2
    0 out of 5

    CL-DW-SERIES Craftmade Very Loud 2 Note Wired Doorbell 2 Colors

    When you need a loud, and I mean loud, wired doorbell, take a look at the CL-W and the CL-DW wired doorbells by Craftmade.  Great for larger homes or noisy environments.  Choose from off-white or bright white color.
  • Carved Corbel Doorbell Cac Fz V 1 1
    0 out of 5

    CAC-FZ Carved Corbel Chime in Florentine Bronze by Craftmade

    This beautiful carved corbel designed doorbell also serves as a decorative wall shelf.  Finished in a hand-painted Florentine bronze paint for a designer look is pleasant to the ears and gorgeous to the eyes

  • Unique Modern Design Touch Button For Wired Doorbells Tb1040 Ai V 1 2Tb1040 Bn V 1 2
    5.00 out of 5

    Craftmade TB1040 Unique Modern Design Touch Button for Wired Doorbells

    You see the LED illuminating these rectangular shaped doorbell buttons by Craftmade. Rather than having to press a button, these modern, LED lighted wired buttons only require a simple touch to activate.  Available in two finishes.
    SKU: TB1040

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