WDK-ERA-KIT Premium Long Range Warehouse Doorbell Kit w/ Loud Sound

WDK-ERA-KIT Premium Long Range Warehouse Doorbell Kit w/ Loud Sound


Our popular Warehouse Kit is back and better than ever! Now with extended range up to 4,000 feet. The receiver chime has also been updated to feature 4 x 12V outputs allowing a different accessory  (siren, buzzer, fire alarm bell or strobe) for each zone.

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Finally, Long Range LOUD Warehouse Doorbell Kits For Larger Warehouses and Shops

When you need a doorbell system for your warehouses you have a couple of options.  One is to wire a doorbell system or two, a wireless system.  You might have to count wired systems out because often times, getting a wired doorbell push button outside is not feasible.  However, when you search for a quality wireless door chime, they simply don’t have the range necessary to power through the obstacles seen in warehouses (concrete, metal, etc.).  That is, until we created the WDK-ERA Series of Wireless Door Chimes.

These products were specifically created for industrial, warehouse, shop, and office environments.  The “bones” of this kit is the ERA-UTDCR Long Range Doorbell Kit.  This kit features a wireless push button that can send a wireless signal up to 4,000 ft. away to the plugin receiver featured in the kit.  By itself, the receiver is loud at approximately 85 decibels.  In addition to this, you can purchase additional receivers and spread them throughout your facility to help distribute the sound.  By itself this is a great kit for businesses.

The WDK-ERA-KIT series of products are kits that feature the ERA-UTDCR and an additional bell (multiple choices available) that will increase the sound output to 90-115 decibels.  To hear each add-on sound, please scroll down the page.

Like other products in the ERA series of products you can add more push buttons, door window contacts, or plug in chime receivers to augment your system.

Each ERA-DCRX receiver has four zones and each zone features a live 12VDC output.  Zone 1, in this video, is paired with a long range wireless magnetic door contact that triggered when the door was opened.

Types of Bells or Sirens you can wire to this kit:

Each kit comes with a bundle of 15 feet, 2-lead 18AWG wire used to connect the bell or accessory below to the live 12v output on the receiver.  Learn more about each one of the bell accessories by clicking the link to the product.  Scroll down the page to see how to wire the unit.

The receiver in this kit has 4 zones to which you will pair a transmitter/sensor, with each zone playing a distinct sound. In this kit, you will also select an external accessory (FIREBELL, SIREN, CHROME BELL.MINI STROBE-SIREN) that you can add to a particular zone to increase the sound.  In addition you can select strobes or other external sound devices to add to other zones, using the 12V DC output.

How do these accessories connect to the receiver?

On the back of the receiver are 4 x 12V DC outputs.  Using the supplied wire, you would connect the wire from the accessory to the back of the receiver.   When the sensor transmits a signal the receiver will play the associated chime sound and send a 12V DC current to the connected device.   For example, if you have the 12V DC Chrome Buzzer connected to the receiver, when someone at the front door pushes the button, the receiver plays a chime sound and the chrome bell will go off for the set duration (5 seconds up to 2 minutes).

Warehouse Door Chime Receiver Features:

  • Plugs into standard wall outletWDK-ERA-STROBE Warehouse Wireless Doorbell Kit / Entry Alert & Strobe Light For Large, Loud Areas
  • Receiver has four different zones and each zone will play one of twelve available sounds.  This allows you to group transmitters into one of these zones so that you can distinguish between the front door and back door, for example
  • The receiver features 4 x 12V DC output and 1 x C-Form relays, one per zone to all integration into other devices*
  • Small led on receiver will flash when corresponding zone is triggered
  • Range from a transmitter to the receiver is 4,000 ft. line of sight.  Please note, in an environment like a warehouse, concrete, metal, etc. will diminish the signal
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Dimensions of receiver is 6” x 3.5” x 1.5”

Warehouse Doorbell Transmitter Features:

  • May be used as a push button or door/window magnetic contactERA-UTX Warehouse Push Button Door Contact
  • Transmitter features 1 x N/C or N/O connection for integration purposes
  • Transmits a signal up to 4,000 ft. to receiver
  • Powered by included lithium battery
  • Outdoor rated, rugged ABS plastic cover
  • Mounting hardware included
  • LED indicator on button lights for 2-seconds when transmitting
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Dimensions for push button is 3.38” x 1.94” x .81”, Dimensions for magnetic contact is 2” x .56” x .38′

Accessories Info:

  • Mini strobe available in Red and Blue: Dimensions 2- 5/16” x 4-7/8” x 1-7/8”
  • Mini strobe sounds at 115 dB at 12V DC piezo speaker
  • LED strobes  **when wiring strobe, red to positive, black to negative
  • Piezo Siren sounds at 115 dB and features a volume control knob

Features of this Warehouse Doorbell Kit with Bell:

  • Kits feature 1 x plug-in desktop receiver, 1 x push button, wire (to connect bell) and your choice of the bells or accessory listed below
  • Accessory Options: Enclosed Chrome Bell, Siren, Fire Alarm Bell, & Mini Strobe Sirens in Red or Blue.
  • Range from the push button (placed outside) to the receiver is up to 4,000 ft. line of site.  Please note, this is line of site and environmental factors WILL decrease the range.
  • Push button is outdoor rated and is powered by an included lithium battery that should last you up to 12 months
  • Receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

WDK-ERA-MINISTROBE-Wiring to Receiver

Wiring an 12V DC Accessory to the ERA Long Range Wireless Doorbell Kit

For instructions on how to wire a 12VDC accessory to the ERA-DCRX receiver, please consult the user manual you can view clicking the adobe icon above.

In this image, we have removed the front cover to the ERA-DCRX to illustrate the wiring.  For the STROBE and the MINI STROB SIREN (as seen in this image) polarity matters (red to positive, black to negative).

Click below to hear the warehouse doorbell kit sound options:

Fire Alarm Bell Option Sound:
Sound Level is 90 dBA

Siren Sound Option Sound:

Mini Strobe Siren Option Sound:
Sound Level is 112-115 dBA

Siren Sound Option Sound:
Sound Level is 115 dBA

See the WDK-ERA-KIT with Mini Strobe in Action

Click the play button to watch a short video demonstrating the sound and flashing strobe emitted by the STROBE-SIREN option.

In this video, the output duration for zone one is set to 5-seconds which means the mini-strobe will play for 5 seconds.  Available outputs are 5 sec, 1o sec, 1 min and 2 min.

How to Wire a Device to the 12V DC Outputs

ERA: How to Wire a 12V DC Device to Your ERA Receiver

How to Wire a Device to the C-Form Relay

ERA: USing the C-Form Relay

Additional information




Safeguard Supply – ERA Series


Safeguard Supply


1 Year

Wireless Features

C-Form Relays
Live 12V DC Output
Visual Indicator
Volume Control

Wireless Range

4000 ft.

Sensor Type

Magentic Contact
Push Button

Alert Accessory

12V Siren
6-inch Electronic Firebell
Enclosed Chrome Buzzer
Mini Strobe Siren Blue
Mini Strobe Siren Red
Piezo Siren w/ Volume Control

Best Use:

Large Homes – Medium Sized Business

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