Upgrade Your Business Security with ERA-PIR-SPK Motion-Activated Door Alarm w/ Built-In Speaker

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Stand alone Motion sensor and chime that rings at the unit!  Know when customers or guests are entering the door and never be caught off guard again.  Provide security for your business and improve customer service. Installation is a breeze, requiring no professional help and minimal maintenance, thanks to its wireless design and long-lasting battery. Tailored for various commercial settings, this entry alert system is the perfect solution for retail stores, offices, cafes, and more, promising enhanced security without the hassle.

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    Door Alert Buzzer for Retail Stores, Shops, and Offices

    Safeguard Supply presents the ERA-PIR-SPK, a revolutionary motion-activated door alarm designed to fortify the security of small businesses. Employing passive infrared (PIR) sensor technology, this device accurately detects motion through the combination of heat and movement, providing a reliable solution for monitoring entrances and high-traffic areas.

    Reliable Motion Detection for Door or Entrance

    At the core of the ERA-PIR-SPK lies advanced PIR technology, ensuring precise and consistent alert triggering. The flexible mounting bracket facilitates optimal placement, allowing for adjustments in the lens angle to enhance coverage while reducing false alarms.

    Instant Alert When A Visitor Enters Store

    Featuring a built-in speaker, the ERA-PIR-SPK delivers immediate notifications directly at the monitored site. This functionality is ideal for areas not constantly under direct supervision, ensuring staff is promptly alerted to any activity.

    Choose Sound for Over Door Alert with Volume Control

    With three distinct chime sounds and four volume levels, this entry alert system can be tailored to fit your business’s ambiance and operational needs. Whether distinguishing between multiple entry points or adjusting volume to avoid disruption, the ERA-PIR-SPK offers versatile sound options.

    Choose a Chime Sound and Volume Control

    Tailor your entry alert to your business’s unique needs with the ERA-PIR-SPK’s customizable sound options. Choose from three distinct chime sounds:

    1. Ding Dong
    2. Ding Dong Ding Dong
    3. 4-Note Westminster Chime

    This versatility allows you to differentiate between multiple entry points or to select a chime that complements your business’s atmosphere. Additionally, with four adjustable volume levels, you can ensure the alert is audible without disrupting your customers or employees.

    Effortless Setup to Set Up Motion Sensor Over Door

    Designed for ease, the ERA-PIR-SPK allows quick installation without professional assistance. It’s battery-operated, ensuring a clean, wire-free setup and long-lasting operation. A low battery indicator alerts when the 9-Volt battery needs to be changed.

    Versatile Use: Offices, Stores, Shops and Convenience Stores

    The adaptable design of the ERA-PIR-SPK makes it suitable for a broad spectrum of small businesses, including retail shops, cafes, offices, and medical practices. Its effectiveness in monitoring various areas makes it a versatile asset for enhancing security and customer service.

    Peace of Mind Knowing When Someone Enters Your Store

    Opting for the ERA-PIR-SPK means investing in your business’s safety and customer satisfaction. Backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, this device offers both security and peace of mind, ensuring your premises are safeguarded against potential risks.

    ERA-PIR-SPK Person Entering a Store: A Visual Guide to Security

    The ERA-PIR-SPK is not just about security; it’s about integrating seamlessly with your business environment. Its compact design and efficient monitoring capabilities make it an essential tool for businesses aiming to maintain a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

    Key Features of the ERA-PIR-SPK Motion-Activated Door Alarm

    Volume Control:

    • Four adjustable levels to suit your business environment.

    Flexible Installation:

    • Mounting bracket for easy positioning and optimal coverage.

    Wireless Operation:

    • Powered by a 9V battery for effortless setup and maintenance.

    Compact Size:

    • Dimensions: 2.5″ H x 4.55″ W x 1.52″ D, perfect for any bus

    Effortless Installation and Maintenance

    The ERA-PIR-SPK is designed with simplicity, making it easy for any business owner to install and maintain. The included mounting bracket attaches easily over any door or entrance, allowing you to secure the sensor in minutes without professional assistance.

    Powered by a single 9V battery (not included), the ERA-PIR-SPK operates wirelessly, eliminating the need for complex wiring or expensive installations. The battery provides long-lasting performance, with an expected 1-2 years lifespan, depending on usage. A built-in low battery indicator alerts you when to replace the battery, ensuring uninterrupted protection.

    Versatile Applications for Various Business Types

    The ERA-PIR-SPK’s adaptable design makes it suitable for a wide range of small businesses and commercial settings, including:

    • Retail stores
    • Boutiques and gift shops
    • Convenience stores and gas stations
    • Restaurants and cafes
    • Offices and medical practices
    • Salons and spas

    Whether you need to monitor a front entrance, back door, stockroom, or any other high-traffic area, the ERA-PIR-SPK provides a cost-effective and reliable solution to enhance your business’s security and customer service.

    See the Video Below for Common Use for this Motion Activated Door Alarm:

    ERA PIR SPK Motion Sensor with Speaker by Safeguard Supply

    Invest in Your Business’s Security with Confidence

    When you choose the ERA-PIR-SPK motion-activated door alarm entry alert, you’re investing in the safety and security of your business. This product is backed by Safeguard Supply’s one-year manufacturer’s warranty, giving you peace of mind and protection against defects or malfunctions.

    ERA-PIR-SPK Person Entering a Store
    ERA-PIR-SPK Mounted Over Door

    Proactively monitoring your entrances and high-traffic areas can deter potential theft, unauthorized access, and other security risks. The ERA-PIR-SPK’s instant alerts empower you and your staff to respond quickly to any activity, maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for your customers and employees.

    ERA-PIR-SPK Motion Activated Door Alarm Key Features:

    • Passive infrared (PIR) sensor detects heat and movement
    • Built-in speaker for localized alert sounds
    • Three customizable chime options:
      • Ding Dong
      • Ding Dong Ding Dong
      • 4-Note Westminster Chime
    • Four adjustable volume levels
    • Flexible mounting bracket for optimal coverage
    • Battery-operated (9V, not included) for easy installation
    • Low battery indicator for maintenance
    • Compact size: 2.5″ H x 4.55″ W x 1.52 ” D
    • One-year manufacturer’s warranty from Safeguard Supply

    Upgrade your business security with the ERA-PIR-SPK motion-activated door alarm entry alert. With its reliable PIR sensor, built-in speaker, and customizable chime options, you can protect your premises while providing excellent customer service. Buy now and experience the difference in your business’s safety and security.

    Entry  Alarm Sound (Motion Activated Door Alarm) from ERA-PIR-SPK Requires No Remote Receiver — Sound Occurs at the Door

    This unit is simple to install and requires no maintenance. It produces a pleasant chime sound to notify you that someone has entered or passed through the monitored zone.

    ERA-PIR-SPK Motion Alert with Built-in Speaker
    ERA-PIR-SPK Motion Alert with Built-in Speaker

    This is a great product for smaller businesses, retail shops, gas stations, etc., that want to know when a door is opened. Using a motion-activated door alarm entry alert over the door with a built-in speaker is simple, provides effective customer service, and provides security at a low cost.

    Mount the sensor over the door using the included mounting bracket, adjust the lens angle to cover the area you want to monitor, install the battery, choose the sound (or use default sound), and complete the installation. When the sensor detects the combination of movement and heat (passive infrared, PIR), it triggers the unit to emit a sound.

    Need to Hear the Sound at a Remote Location?

    What makes it different from its sister product, the ERA-PRDCR, is that with THIS UNIT, a signal is not sent to a remote location; instead, the sound comes from the unit itself.

    When a visitor passes through the monitored zone, the sensor unit will play the chime sound selected at setup (or use the default sound).

    Click Here to Hear the Sounds of the ERA-PIR-SPK Overdoor Motion Sensor

    Mounting the Height of the Entrance Alert Above the Door Affects the Coverage Zone

    Another feature of this product that distinguishes it from other PIR sensors on the market is the simple but unique mounting bracket.

    The aluminum mounting bracket allows you to tilt the sensor lens approximately 160 degrees to ensure the invisible beam covers the area you want to pick up.

    For example, in a retail store, you may want to rotate the unit so that the lens is angled towards the door to minimize “bleeding” into the area with a lot of foot traffic.

    ERA-PIR-The monitored zone expands has the mounting height=
    ERA PIR Monitored Zone Size

    This table shows the size of the monitored zone created. The monitored zone’s width and depth increase as the mounting height increases.

    The unit was designed with a narrow zone depth (see chart above) to eliminate bleeding into areas you do not want to monitor and false triggers.

    In addition to the size of the zone, adjusting the sensor angle will also help.

    ERA-PIR Motion Sensor Over Door with Adjustable Bracket
    ERA-PIR Sensor Mounting Over Door on Bracket

    Take Control of Your Business Security Today!

    Invest in the safety and security of your business with our Motion Activated Entry Alert Over Door with Built-In Speaker. Experience peace of mind knowing you’ll be promptly notified of any activity in your entrance area, allowing you to take proactive measures to ensure the safety of your premises and customers. Shop now and enjoy reliable, hassle-free security with Safeguard Supply.



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 61 reviews
    J.S. (Kennesaw, US)
    Simple and Easy!

    Works as described. Simple, easy to use and install. Alerts us whenever a visitor passes through the door.

    R.F. (Memphis, US)

    Got this for an office. Easy to install, works as described and arrived super fast. I highly recommend it. Thank you

    Great review! We're glad to hear that this product works as described and arrived super fast. Thanks for the recommendation!

    B.D. (East Fremantle, AU)
    Entry Alert

    The device remains tamper proof by its good design and by its location above the door frame. It’s also unobtrusive and leaves the side walls free for shelving and pallets. Finally a neat, battery operated, alert with pleasant ring tones that allows businesses to know that customers have entered the premises. Customers also feel welcomed and announced. (Just a nice Ding dong not a damn burglar alarm). How easy!

    Thank you very much for taking the time to write us a review.

    Yes, this is a great entry alert! It's unobtrusive and battery-operated, so it's great for businesses. The ringtones are also pleasant, so customers feel welcomed and announced. Easy to use!

    D.D. (Opp, US)

    Very good company.

    N. (Alexandria, US)
    As expected

    The battery-operated ERA-PIR-SPK motion-activated over-door entry chime has been functioning exactly as expected. It is basic, but fairly easy to set up and install. And it's consistently letting us know when someone enters through the double doors around the corner. We turned down the volume as our office is fairly quiet most of the time. It doesn't have the prettiest sounds. We went with the standard electronically reproduced "ding-dong" you've heard in countless convenience stores, but it's not an ugly sound, and there doesn't seem to be anything better sounding on the market unless you want to pay double. Seemed like a good price and easy install to match our simple needs.

    A.B. (Boulder, US)


    M.W. (Littleton, US)

    so far so good. loud enough to hear in my big office

    M.A.R. (Littleton, US)
    Door bell alarm

    This product works wonderfully. My dog can open our door and let himself inside. With the alarm, I know when I need to go close the door to keep the house warm.

    T.W. (Davenport, US)
    Good business

    Nice doing business with you guys there will be a next time soon
    Thanks Terrell
    God Bless

    P. (North Augusta, US)

    Easy to install and work great