Motion Activated Entry Alert Over Door with Built In Speaker

Motion Activated Entry Alert Over Door with Built In Speaker


The ERA-PIR-SPK is a wireless, battery operated entrance alert with a built-in speaker that plays a sound when someone passes through the monitored zone emitted by the sensor. Simply install the batteries, mount the sensor above the area you want to monitor (typically a door),  and adjust the angle. Choose one of three sounds you want the unit to chime.

This is a great alert to use in a convenience store, shop, or other location where you need a gentle sounding device, ideal for up to 3,000 sq ft. Perfect easy solution for doorways, hallways, or other areas where a door does not typically stay shut.

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When you need a motion activated entry alert over the door or other area, the ERA-PIR-SPK is a great choice.

Simply to install and requires no maintenance, this unit produces a non-offensive chime sound to notify you that someone has entered or passed through the monitored zone.

Simply mount the sensor over the door way using the included mounting bracket, adjust the lens angle to cover the area you want to cover, install the battery and choose the sound (or use default sound), and the installation is complete.  When the sensor detects the combination of movement and heat (passive infrared, PIR) , it triggers the unit to emit a sound.

The product works great for door that aren’t always closed or a hallway area where a magnetic contact would typically be used.  With this product,the sound emits from the device itself using the enclosed speaker.  What makes it different than it’s sister product, the ERA-PRDCR, is that with THIS UNIT, a signal is not sent to remote location, rather, the sound comes from the unit itself.  With the ERA-PRDCR, the sensor sends a remote radio signal up to 4,000 ft. away to the chime receiver, where the sound is hear.

SL-40 Battery Powered Motion Sensor Entrance Alert Over Door

When a visitor passes through the monitored zone, the sensor unit will play the chime sound selected at setup (or simply use the default sound).

Product Features:

  • Passive Infrared sensor is triggered by the combination of heat and movement.
  • Powered by 9V alkaline battery (not included) that should last approximately 1-2 years based on usage.
  • Low battery indicator: when battery level is low, unit will play short “beep-beep” sounds (see user manual for details).
  • Three different sounds to choose from, giving you the ability to use multiple units and determine which location is triggered.
  • Unit is programmed at factory to play “ding-dong” sound at highest level.
  • Four sound levels.
  • Unit reset 5 seconds after trigger.
  • Mounting height will set dimensions of monitored zone (see table below for details).
  • Manufactured by Safeguard Supply.
  • One year manufacture warranty.
ERA-PIR Mounted Over Doorway

Another feature of this product that distinguishes it from other PIR sensors on the market is the simple, but unique mounting bracket.  The mounting bracket is an aluminum bracket that allows you to tile the sensor lens approximately 160 degrees to ensure the invisible beam covers the area you want to pick up.  For example, in a retail store, you may want to rotate the unit so that the lens is angle in towards the door to minimize “bleed” into area with a lot of foot traffic.


This table shows the size of the monitored zone created.  As the mounting height increases, the width and depth of the monitored zone increases.

The unit was designed to have a narrow zone depth in order to eliminate bleed into areas you do not want to monitor.

In addition to the size of the zone, adjusting the angle of the sensor angle will also help.

Additional information

Sensor Type

Passive-Infrared (PIR)



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