Wired Doorbells for Your Home

These are products that are wired from the push button (usually located outside) to either transformer or directly to the unit itself, depending on the model.

In most cases, a doorbell transformer is required, and always when the button is lighted.

With over 200 choices, making a selection may seem daunting. We have product filters to help you narrow down your selections.  Just under the category menus on the left-hand side of the screen, you will notice a green colored block of filters where you can select the style you are looking for.

More About Wired Doorbells

A wired unit is an attractive and efficient way to improve your home. Install a new modern product or replace an older/inoperable one by shopping our large selection.  You may hear a wired door chime and/or wired doorbell.  On 1800doorbell.com, we use these two phrases interchangeably.

Many come in a wide variety of wood stains, shapes, sizes, and sounds. Choose the design that best matches your needs and home décor; whether you want a modern design or a traditional wired kit. If you are installing a new product, don't forget a button, a transformer, and a bell wire.

If you do not have a doorbell, are building a home, or are replacing an existing one, please do not hesitate to call and speak to us for help selecting the right fit.

We also carry many products in this category that feature more of a decorative element of designer flare. Whether you prefer a contemporary or more traditional design, we have something to meet every decorating style!

Our Craftmade wired door chimes are not only stylish and beautiful to look at, but substantial in size, weight, and functionality! If you do not find a chime here that suits your fancy, keep checking back often as we are constantly seeking new lines and products to add to our extensive line.

A Complete Wired System

There are four components to a complete system. The doorbell (the chime that you hear), the push button (the part your press), bell wire, and a properly sized transformer.

There are wired units that are battery-operated and do not need a transformer. Please be aware if you have a battery-operated wired chime, you cannot use a lighted push button. The lighted button draws too much power and would quickly drain the batteries. If you want to replace a chime in your home, the installation requirements may be different from a new installation. For a replacement, the first step would be to ensure the transformer (if you have one) is working correctly. Next, double-check to ensure the push button is working correctly.

If installing a replacement or new product seems daunting, you might want to think about a wireless product such as a plugin wireless door chime or a battery-operated model. These products have come a long way over the years, and many models are just as stylish as traditional wired versions.