UT-4000 Warehouse Door Contact or Doorbell Push Button with 5,000 ft. Range

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The UT-4000 is a commercial-grade, wireless push button (or door contact) compatible with Dakota’s 4000 series of products. Pair the push button with the receiver, mount it on the door, and it will transmit a wireless signal up to 5000 ft. Use it as a door/window contact to alert you when the door is open. Please note that it IS NOT compatible with the Dakota Alert 2500 series or the ERA series by Safeguard Supply.

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The UT-4000 is a transmitter compatible with the Dakota Alert 4000 series of products and is the push-button transmitter in the LH-4000 warehouse doorbell kit.  This transmitter may be a long-range wireless push button or a door window contact.  As a long-range wireless warehouse doorbell push button, the unit will transmit a wireless signal when a visitor presses the push button.  As a long-range wireless warehouse entrance alert, the unit will transmit when a door is opened.

Please note that it IS NOT compatible with the Dakota Alert 2500 series or the ERA series by Safeguard Supply.

When the sensor is triggered (push button or contact), the unit will transmit a radio signal up to 5,000 ft. (line of sight) to the compatible plugin door chime receiver, the DCR-4000.   The transmitter may be mounted to an exterior wall next to the door as a push button or on the door frame and door when used as the door magnetic contact in a wireless entrance alert system.

Will This Warehouse Push Button Work in My Warehouse?

Although all environments are different, I would bet this product would be one of the only wireless doorbell products available today that would work in almost every situation.  Why?  Because of the long-range transmission capability of this transmitter.  Most products available are designed for residential home usage, meaning the wireless range will top out at around 300 ft. – 1000 ft. 

This may sound like an adequate distance, but the reality is that in most commercial environments, whether a large warehouse or smaller convenience store, or gas station, wireless products have a significant amount of interference through concrete, rebar, metal, etc.  For example, did you know a concrete wall could diminish a radio doorbell signal by almost 50% and standard interior drywall by about 20%?  So every time this radio signal has to penetrate a wall, the signal is degraded.  This leads to an unreliable product.

How is this business-grade push button powered?

A long-life 3V lithium battery powers the push-button.  Within normal business operations, the battery should last 12-18 months before replacement.

Can you use more than one push button or door entry alert?

Yes.  You may use up to 16 different transmitters with this system, with each transmitter playing a different melody or tune on the receiver.  This allows you to distinguish between the door that triggered the alert quickly.  Sound one for the front door and two for the back door.  Like every product in the 4000 series, you can add additional DCR-4000 plug-in receivers.

UT-4000 Specs & Features:
  • Rugged, outdoor-rated push button or door/window magnetic sensor
  • Silicon gasket around the case and over screw holes prevents moisture from entering the unit
  • Red LED indicator lights when the unit is transmitting to the receiver
  • Power source: CR2 battery (included).  This high-powered lithium battery should last approximately 18-24 months.  The receiver indicates when the battery is weak.
  • Transmitter range: up to about 1 mile (1.6 km)*
  • Frequency: 433 MHz
  • Dimensions: (W × H × D ) 2 × 3.75 × .875 in. (50.8 × 95.3 × 22.2 mm)

Dakota Alert



Wireless Range

5000 ft.


1 Year


Dakota Alert 4000 Series

Kit Or Accessory

Transmitter Only

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