Push Buttons

Choosing the Right Wired Push Button or Wireless Doorbell Button

Wired push buttons - these typically connect to the doorbell transformer.   With battery powered wired doorbells you would connect the button directly to the chime.  Do not use lighted buttons with battery powered chimes.  For lighted buttons, use a wired transformer.

Push Button Compatibility

  • In general terms, most wired buttons will work in any wired doorbell system, regardless of manufacturer.
  • Most wireless buttons (transmitters) are only compatible with other products by the same manufacturers.   Even if you are using the same manufacturer, double-check compatibility.

Please browse the sections below to choose the right wired or wireless product to fit your needs.  Call or email us for assistance.

Top Doorbell Push Button Questions:

r6 doorbell side view

r6 doorbell side view

What's the difference between wired & wireless buttons?

A wired button wires directly to the doorbell transformer using "bellwire." If your wired doorbell using batteries vs. a transformer, it wires directly to the doorbell. When a visitor pushes the button, an electrical signal is generated and the chime sounds. Virtually all wireless buttons use a battery, inside the button, for a power supply. It sends a radio wave signal to a compatible receiver. When a visitor pushes the button, a signal is generated and then transmitted.

Can I mix & match wired & wireless buttons?

Not in a literal since. Wireless buttons send a radio signal to a compatible receiver. Wired ones close and electrical loop that cause the chime to ring. The only exception to this is to use a doorbell extender. An extender kit uses a small transmitter that wires into the doorbell transformer. When a visitor pushes the button outside, a radio signal is generated from the installed transmitter, which will send a radio signal to a compatible receiver. In this set up, your existing wired system should function normally, with the added benefit of a wireless system.

The Two Classes of Doorbell Buttons We Offer:

Wireless Buttons:

Wireless systems allow you to easily add both transmitters (push buttons) and receivers to expand your system or replace broken pieces. Typically, these products will be compatible with other wireless devices by the same manufacturer.

Wired Buttons:

Whether you need to replace an existing button, or you want to expand or install a new system, a wired push-button is a necessary part of a complete system. Browse our selection of over 100 wired products, and call or email with any questions.

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