Safeguard Supply Long Range Alert Series

Safeguard Supply Long Range Alert Series

LRA-D1000 Wireless Door Chime Kit

A wireless door bell that actually goes the distance!  This commercial grade chime has an impressive 1000 ft. range with all of the options you would expect from Safeguard Supply.  18 chime sounds and a flashing strobe light allows you to never miss a visitor, delivery or customer again.  Add on additional pieces to personalize the system to meet your needs.  All LRA Series products are compatible.

LRA-DS1000S Door Chime for the Hard of Hearing Featuring a Bright Strobe Light

LRA-D1000S Wireless Door Chime Kit

The LRA-D1000S is a wireless door chime kit that features a plugin door chime receiver and a white wireless push button.  The receiver plus into a standard wall outlet and has three modes of operation; strobe on, sound on, strobe & sound on.  The strobe is bright and the sound loud, up to 90 dB.  This receiver, the LRA-DCRXS, works with up to two transmitters.  Spread these receivers throughout your home to ensure you never miss a visitor again!


LRA-DRV1000 Wireless Door Chime Kit

The LRA-DRV1000 is a wireless driveway alarm kit that includes an outdoor rated driveway alarm sensor and one battery operated (plugin is optionally available) wireless chime receiver.  When motion is detected in the monitored zone, the sensor triggers the receiver, up to 1,000 ft. away to play one of 18 available wireless melodies.  Add additional receivers like this one, or the LRA-DCRXS plugin receiver.

LRA-EX1000S & LRA-EX1000 Doorbell Extender Kit with Plugin Receiver

Do you a wired doorbell in your home you have trouble hearing?  This product, the LRA-EX1000S is a kit that features a wireless extender and a plugin receiver.  The extender wires into your existing home doorbell.  When a visitor pushes the wired doorbell button, your doorbell rings and also triggers the extender to signal the plug receiver to flash and/or play a selected melody.  Spread multiple receivers throughout your home and and hear the sound throughout your home.

LRA-C1000 Door/Window Contact Entry Alert Kit

Use the magnetic door contact included in this kit to alert you when a monitored door is opened.  When the two pieces are separated, the sensor/transmitter sends a wireless signal, up to 1,000 ft away, to the receiver.  The receiver will play the selected melody and/or a bright, flashing strobe light to alert you.  Like all products in the LRA Series by Safeguard Supply, all transmitters & receivers a compatible with one another.

LRA-M1000 Door/Window Contact Entry Alert Kit

The small, compact passive infrared motion sensor (PIR) featured in this kit will send a wireless signal to the compatible LRA-DCRX and LRA-DCRXS receivers.  Great for hallways, entrances, or doors that some times stays open, this kit is ideal when you need to monitored visitors in and out of a monitored zone.  Available with a battery operated and plugin receiver, this kit is expandable by adding receivers and transmitters.