Safeguard Supply Long Range Alert Series

The LRA Series of long range, wireless notification products by Safeguard Supply are affordable, reliable, DIY alert products designed for businesses and larger homes.  

The Family of LRA Products



The LRA-DCRX is the main receiver featured in the LRA Series of products and is found in the following kits; LRA-D1000, LRA-C1000, LRA-DRV1000, and the LRA-M1000.  The receiver receives a signal from a paired sensor & will provide a visual strobe and/or a selected melody.

Each receiver has four zones and is capable of pairing with four (4) different transmitters.  Each transmitter paired with the receiver will make the receiver play a selected sound as well as flash to the corresponding zone, 1, 2, 3, or 4.  The receiver also has a bright flashing strobe light that you can turn on or off.



The LRA-PBTX is the wireless push button featured in the LRA-D1000 wireless doorbell kit.  This button transmits a wireless signal up to 1,000 ft. to a compatible receiver, the LRA-DCRX or the LRA-VPRX.

Each LRA-DCRX or LRA-VPRC is capable of pairing with four (4) different compatible receivers.



Useful for doors/windows that remain closed.  When door opens, a signal is transmitted up to 1,000 ft. to LRA-DCRX  or LRA-VPRX vibration portable receiver.

This transmitter is available in the LRA-C1000 kit.  Up to four (4) transmitters may be paired with one (1) receiver.



The MSTX is a motion-heat (PIR) sensor that is triggered when a combination of heat and movement are detected.  The sensor will transmit a wireless signal up to 1,000 ft. to a compatible receiver, either the LRA-DCRX and/or the LRA-VPRX.

This sensor is useful in hallways, larger areas, or areas where the door will typically remain opened.

6V DC plug in transformer for LRA products
6V DC plug in transformer for LRA products


The LRA-PLUG is a 6V DC plug-in transformer compatible with the LRA-DCRX receiver.  By default the receiver is powered by C-sized alkaline batteries.  This plug-in transformer plugs into the back of the LRA-DCRX receiver.


The LRA-DSTX is a Passive-Infrared (PIR) based motion sensor that sends a wireless radio signal up to 1,000 ft. to a compatible receiver.  This sensor sends out a narrow beam across a given area and when something passes through this monitored zone, sends a wireless signal to the receiver.
LRA-VPRX Portable Vibrating Receiver


The LRA-VPRX is a portable receiver designed to clip on a belt or sit on a table top.  When an alert is received, a LED lights on this receiver to show the zone the respective transmitter is paired to, and the receiver vibrates.

The receiver is powered by AA Alkaline batteries.  The receiver may be set to vibration, melody, or vibration & melody.



The LRA-RPX is a signal repeater designed to extend the operating range of the LRA series of products up to an additional 1,000 ft.  Environmental and other materials will diminish the published range (1,000 ft.) of any of the LRA series of products.  This extender will help improve the range and allow the signal to extend.

Set up is simple.  Simply place the extender/repeater between the transmitter/sensor and the receiver, and turn it on…that’s it!

Long Range Alerts (LRA) Series of Products

LRA-D1000 Long Range

A wireless door bell that actually goes the distance!  This commercial grade chime has an impressive 1000 ft. range with all of the options you would expect from Safeguard Supply.  18 chime sounds and a flashing strobe light allows you to never miss a visitor, delivery or customer again.  Add on additional pieces to personalize the system to meet your needs.  All LRA Series products are compatible.

LRA-DRV1000 Driveway Alarm System


Wireless Long Range Driveway Monitoring System

Reliability, effectiveness, and ease of installation are hallmarks of the LRA-DRV1000 driveway security monitoring system by Safeguard Supply.

LRA-C1000 Long Range Door Window Contact Sensor

LRA-C1000 Long Range

The LRA-C1000 is an door/window based entrance alert kit designed for warehouses, shops, stores, and long distances.  The kit ships with one door/window contact that will send a wireless signal up to 1,000 ft. when the door is opened, and one door chime receiver.  Like all products in the LRA series, all receivers and transmitters are cross-compatible allowing you to easily expand the system to cover other doors, walkways, etc.

LRA-M1000 Long Range Wireless Motion Sensor Alert

LRA-M1000 Long Range

The LRA-M100 is a PIR motion based entry alert kit.  Simply place the heat and motion activated sensor over a door, hallway, or other area you want to monitor, and when triggered the sensor will transmit a radio signal up to 1,000 ft. to the LRA-DCRX receiver included in this kit.  The type of system works great in areas where there is no door or where the door stays open.  Us the LRA-MSTX. the PIR motion sensor included in this kit, in conjunction with a push button, door/window contact, or other device to cover other areas you would like to monitor.