Find a Wireless Door Chime

For this category, wireless is defined from the transmitter (push button) to the receiver.  These kits typically come in one of two flavors; plug-in or battery operated receivers.  We carry both models with plug-in & battery operated receivers, as well as specialty chimes that have a longer range, flashing lights, and more.

Wireless door chimes are used synonymously with the terms wireless doorbell.  The important thing to remember when purchasing a wireless doorbell is that the wireless push buttons and receivers only work within the brand's eco-system.  For example, if you see the popular "ERA" series by Safeguard Supply, all the wireless push buttons and wireless doorbell receivers work with one another.  Those same receivers and buttons would not work with other brands.

Browse these wireless categories below to find the specific type of product you are looking for.  Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance.

How to Select the Right Wireless Door Chime Product for Your Needs

There are several factors you need to know prior to selecting the right wireless products. The best thing you can do it give us a call and we would be happy to help you. You can also consult the article titled "Reviews & Advice on Choosing the Best Wireless Doorbell."

Below are some items you need to consider when choosing your chime.

Step 1: determine the range you need?

The most important thing to consider is the distance from the transmitter (push button) to the receiver (speaker). Most manufacturers publish a range when tested in ideal environments, which usually means line-of-site and no interference. Any walls will diminish the signal by 20%-30%.

  • Standard chimes: have a range of up to 150 ft. For standard chimes, you should feel comfortable selecting any of the products in the plug-in or battery operated products.
  • Long range chimes: have distances up to 5,000 ft. (depending on the model).  We have a good article you can read regarding long range chimes.
Step 2: Are there any special requirements?
  • We covered long range chimes above, but we would also consider that to be a specialty type of chime.  If so, we recommend you select the long range category.
  • If you are hard of hearing or in a loud environment, you might want to consider a wireless chime with some sort of visual indicator.  For standard chimes we have the WC180 flashing chime.  If you need a long range chime and also a flashing light, there are two choices, the DC-1000 with a range of 1,000 ft. , and the WDK-4000-STROBE, which has a range of up to4000 ft.  For a standard chime with a visual indicator, you can also choose the RC4120 which is compatible with other Carlon chimes.
Step 3: Battery powered or plug-in receivers?
  • The only real difference between these two different categories is whether the receiver is battery powered or plugs into a wall outlet.  Other than that, the functionality is basically the same.
  • Battery operated door chime kits usually operate using C-sized or D-sized alkaline batteries.  The DC-1000 is battery operated, however, an plug-in transformer is available for additional purchase.  Battery operated chimes may either be hung on the wall, while some models can sit on a desk or flat surface.
  • Plug-in chimes plug into a standard wall outlet.
  • An important note is that "most" brands are compatible with one-another, regardless if they are plug-in or battery operated.  The exception to this rule is the Honeywell brand, which has A, B, C, and D versions you need to consider.

I need a replacement part for an existing wireless product?

If you have an existing product, your choices are little more limiting.  First, determine the brand.  In most cases you can purchase additional receivers, plugin or battery operated.  There are compatibility issue with older models, so we encourage you to give us a call.

For example, if you have the Dimango, Carlon, or Lamson & Sessions brand names, the technology changed in 2000 making the older models non-compatible with the more recent models.

More About Different Wireless Chimes

Plugin Models:

Installation is a snap with plug-in chime kits. Simply mount the push button transmitter to the outside door and plug-in the door chime receiver into a standard wall outlet. With most manufacturer's you can mix and match battery powered and plug-in receivers.

Battery Powered:

These chime kits typically contain a transmitter and a receiver. The difference between these kits and the plug-in versions is that the receivers in these kits are powered by batteries.

Don't let the fact that these are battery powered worry you. Typically, the batteries will last 12-24 months, depending on usage and environmental factors. Battery operation allows you to mount these chime higher in the wall, and allows the manufacturer to design a more aesthetic design that seen in most plug-in models. As with the plug-in version, if you stay with a particular manufacturer, like Carlon, you can mix and match plug-in and battery operated receivers.

Long Range Wireless Bells:

Long Range Door Chimes are wireless systems designed to work over long distances and locations where standard wireless products have trouble working.

When to use a longer range product:

  • when distances from push button to receiver is over 100 ft.
  • when building materials will interfere with standard products
  • when you have tried products from box retail stores but they don't have the power need
  • for special situations when you need speakers, strobe lights, or visual indicators for your commercial application
Flashing Strobe Light Products:

Whether you're hard of hearing or need to hear a door chime in a loud area, our flashing wireless chimes are an inexpensive way to ensure you never miss a visitor to your door. We carry a line of products designed for residential and commercial use that are easy to install, easy to maintain, and work great.

Plug In Receivers: Simply it into a Wall Outlet

This category shows our "plug-in" wireless door chime products. All of these products are wireless from the transmitter (a.k.a. push button) to the receiver. The receivers in this category plug into a standard wall outlet.

Choosing the Right Door Chime
  • Do you need a certain brand for compatibility reasons?
  • What range do you need? (push button to receiver)
  • Do you need additional push buttons and receivers to expand the kit?
  • Cost
Do You Need A Particular Brand

Most products from the same manufacturer will be compatible, except when it comes to the Honeywell brand of door chimes. Honeywell brands are listed as "A.B,C,D, or E" compatibility. All other brands on this page are compatible with one another. If compatibility is not a factor, then choose the model you want based on other factors.

Wireless Range of Wireless Chimes

This is one of the most important factors when choosing your wireless door chime. When the range of a product is listed on a website, it's typically the published range the manufacturer provides. This wireless range is typically "line of sight," in an unobstructed environment, meaning no interference.

Brand Compatibility

A majority of the plug in wireless door chimes, in this category, are the Carlon, Thomas and Betts brands of cordless door chimes. If you are looking for the "Dimango" or "Lamson & Sessions" brands, they are now known as Carlon or Thomas and Betts. All the Wireless Doorbells from Dimango are compatible with Dimango doorbells and most Dimango products work together. We also offer Dakota Alert, Broan and Honeywell wireless doorbell systems. Please note: Most wireless door chime manufacturers make their products cross-compatible. Meaning, a Carlon RC3253 receiver will work with all other wireless door chime products by Carlon. The Honeywell chimes listed on this site are also cross-compatible with one another, which allows you to mix and match battery and plug-in operated models, as well as plug-in door alarms, door alarms, and plug in door sensors.

LRA DCRXS Tilt View 7

Battery Operated Door Chimes

Do you need a new doorbell but don’t want to run expensive wiring?  Maybe you just have trouble hearing your existing chime? Using a battery operated wireless unit is something to consider.  Some folks have a negative view of wireless products like this, but more often than not, it’s because the products they have used in the past are of the highest quality. The truth is, the products you find at most local hardware stores, the major box store retailers won’t have the features and power they need to operate effectively in your home or business.  Even some online stores will sell cheap models that are not effective. At 1800Doorbell, we’ve done a good job vetting products to ensure they do what they say they will do. Feel confident when you shop on our website based on our experience and the fact that we stand behind our products with a complete 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


  • Easy to set up and install wireless products allow for more mounting options
  • Most products play more than one melody or note, allowing you to add wireless buttons on other doors
  • Easily add additional receivers to expand the listening range of your current system
  • Many modern and beautiful styles to choose from
  • New technology means a longer transmission range to ensure the product is reliable
  • Battery draw is not as high as you would expect.  Most systems will work for 1-2 years prior to a battery change

Battery operated models are easy to use and even quicker to install. They come in a wide variety of designs, styles, and operating ranges, as well as sounds, to meet a variety of needs and style preferences.

How the systems work: All the wireless systems carried on 1800doorbell use a wireless push-button (a transmitter) to send a wireless signal to a receiver.

What are in the kits: Cordless products feature receivers that are either battery powered or plugged into a standard wall outlet. Double sided mounting tape can be used to place the wireless button on the door. In normal conditions, the receivers will have a battery life of one to two year. Because the receivers are battery powered, you have tremendous flexibility mounting them. Battery operated systems are truly portable and may be easily moved from location to location.

Are you are hard of hearing or have a loved one who is hard of hearing and struggles to hear when someone is at the door?  If so, take a moment to visit our category of flashing doorbells for the hearing impaired by 1800doorbell. These are easy to use, are extra loud, and feature a flashing strobe light that provides a good visual indicator when some is at the door.

1800Doorbell's WC180 Flashing Chime

The door chimes listed on this page were designed to be used for the hard of hearing or in a loud, noisy environment.  All of these products have a visual indicator that will flash or blink when the push button is pressed giving you something other than a sound to alert you to a visitor.

Flashing Lamp for a Visual Notification:

1800doorbell also carries a line of products that provide a flashing visual alert or notification.  The Bellman & Symfon line is our newest edition, and we continue to add more daily.  These products provide not only a doorbell (similar to ones on this page), but also a full range or compatible products that will create a full notification system for the hearing impaired.

WC180 Full Components web

LRA D1000S Kit View
The LRA-D1000S Flashing Long Range Chime

In our offices, we use the LRA-D1000S.  We like to keep our front and back doors locked but do not want to miss a delivery from USPS and FedEx.   For example, USPS comes to the front door at our business.  When the driver pushes the button out front, "ZONE I" illuminates on the chime.  FedEx delivers to the back and will illuminate ZONE II on the receiver. For more information about any of these products and more, please select the link to the products.  If you want a more robust notification system for the hearing impaired, we invite you to visit our category named: Hearing Impaired Products and Solutions for a wide selection of products specifically designed for the hard of hearing.

WDK-ERA-KIT is our best selling long range doorbell/door chime for businesses & Warehouses Designed for warehouses, shops, larger homes and other business locations, we have created long range doorbell kits exclusive to  These kits combine our best products to fit the needs of our warehouse customers. In the past, wireless door chimes were unreliable for businesses, because most systems where designed for ranges up to 150 feet max.  These systems didn't have the power to penetrate the building materials often associated with commercial locations. The products located in this category are long range, meaning they have a range from the push button to the receiver greater than the standard 150ft.   These products have a range of 300 ft. at a minimum with one model having a max range of up to 4,00 ft. WDK ERA KIT FIREBELL 2

This kit is perfect for large shops and warehouses, or really any location where you need a visual indicator, such as a flashing strobe light. Not only does this kit have what you need to send signals over a large area, it also offers a visual, bright strobe light you can't miss.

Our newest kit is the WDK-ERA-STROBE.  It is a long range unit with a range or up to 4000 ft. and a bright strobe light that flashes when triggered.  Perfect for loud workshops or warehouses, this is an easy to install and maintain product.

The kit ships with everything you need to install and operate the kit.

  • ERA-DCRX plug-in receiver
  • ERA-UTX long range transmitter
  • Flashing strobe light

Bellwire, doorbell wire, (to wire strobe to receiver)

Why Our Long Range Chimes Are Better

The standard range for a wireless chime is approximately 75-150 feet from the push button to the chime. However, sometimes this range is simply not enough, especially in office or industrial settings. We offers product with ranges up to 5000 feet, while still offering you the ease and convenience of a quick installation.

Is your business missing deliveries from UPS or FedEx? If you are keeping your business doors locked, do you have a quality door chime for visitors to ring?

Our long range products are quick and easy to install, allowing you the flexibility of placing them anywhere you need to in your home or business. Add a doorbell to a garage, workshop, or basement in minutes. Wireless chimes are also an efficient and attractive way to replace a broken chime without a fuss. They are an excellent solution for back doors where your business receives deliveries.