Holiday Lighting Touch Control – Turn Off Your Christmas Tree Lights with A Touch!

You know the drill!  It’s Christmas season, the tree is nicely decorated, and the lights are shining brightly.  It’s time to go to bed, and you need to turn the Christmas Tree Lights off.  The last thing you feel like doing is crawling around under the prickly needles of the Douglas Fur to unplug them.

The Solution?

Simply Touch the Ornament to Turn off Your Christmas Tree Lights!

This video will show you how to set up and use the Christmas Tree Ornament Light Controller. This device eliminates the need to reach around the back of the Christmas tree to turn off the Christmas tree lights. This light controller doubles as a beautiful Christmas ornament and with the touch of a finger will turn the tree lights off and on. To view or purchase the products, simply scroll down the page where you will see the different ornament light control products we offer.

Control your Christmas tree lights without crawling around under the tree!  Touch these beautiful ornaments, and your lights will turn on and off or dim. These ornaments look great as decorative items but are also great functional products. Although they look like simple Christmas Tree decorations, these are tiny remote controls for your Christmas Tree lights. You plug the ornament into a standard wall outlet and your tree lights into the holiday touch control.  When you want to turn on your lights, simply touch the ornament, and the lights will turn on.  To turn the lights off, tap or touch the ornament again to turn it off.