Carlon HS4370D Simple to Use Motion Sensor Entrance Alert w/ Remote Key fob

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The HS4370D is an easy to install entrance chime by Carlon.  Mounted on a swivel, you can position the motion sensor towards any area you want to monitor.  Whether using the system to announce visitors with a gentle chime sound, or scare intruders with a blaring alarm, this versatile entrance chime is a winner.

Motion detectors are an easy and effective way to improve your home security. Great for small shops, offices, and homes! Detects intruders and sounds a built-in alarm, or automatically announces customers/visitors with a chime sound. Remote control on/off operates from 25 feet away.

The HS4370D Entrance Chime uses a motion based sensor that will sound a loud, 110dB siren when motion is detected. The supplied handheld remote control allows you to turn the alarm on and off with the click of a button.

  • Motion triggers alarm or chime
  • Remote control functions in a 25-foot range
  • Flexible sensor head offers wide-range coverage up to 30 feet away (110 degrees ina180degreearea)
  • Includes 2 1.5-volt button cell batteries and one remote control
  • 10-second entry and 30-second exit delays
  • Automatic reset
  • Can be mounted on a wall or placed anywhere in a room– no wiring necessary
  • Alarm requires 3 “AA” alkaline batteries (sold separately)
  • Designated battery chamber for additional security
  • One-year warranty


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1800 Doorbell Satisfaction

I ordered a wireless chime online and received it in 2 days. No hassle and no fuss. Great service, and the product works well.