HS4313 Keyed Entry Contact Exit Alarm, Loud 100db Siren Sound


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HS4313 Keyed Entry Contact Exit Alarm, Loud 100db Siren Sound

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The HS4313 is a small, do-it-yourself exit alarm that will sound an ear-piercing 105dB alarm when the unit is armed and the magnetic contacts are separated.  Don't let the fact that this unit is a DIY product fool you.  It is a solid performer that can be used in just about any application, whether you want to use it on a warehouse door or a supply closet, this exit alarm device is a great choice.

This product is versatile too!  It is designed so that you could place the magnetic contacts on either side of the unit.  Powered by two AAA alkaline batteries, it does not require an electrician to install.

  • Alarm Sounds When Magnetic Contact is Separated
  • Key Used to Arm/Disarm Unit
  • Instant or Delayed Option
  • Entrance Delay - 10 seconds
  • Exit Delay - 25 seconds
  • Alarm Output - 105 dB
  • Power Supply - AAA Batteries

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Effective and Affordable

Excellent Stop-Gap for preventing house prowls and burglary. Brings peace of mind. I can get to sleep without fear of an intruder.


This is just what we were looking for at a reasonable price. I also needed to call the company and they were very friendly and helpful. We will be placing another order very soon since this product fits our needs.


Carlon HS4313 Carlon Key Entry Contact Exit Alarm

Happy Feet

We are a household with teenagers that feel that their parents are expired in their thinking and rules are made to be broken; making windows a escape route with out detection. We have ADT but for that to work alarm must be on all the time, we was needing 24 hour notices and the Carlon Key Entry Contact Exit Alarm does just that... There is no switch off or anything make sure to place close together so they that they cant stick a magnets in between so the connection wont be broken when opening window or door giving that we have them on both the alarm is loud loud enough to wake one to alert. Love the prosucts- Thanks 1800Doorbell for helping us

After I came back from the Middle East in 2008, I was sent to Atlanta, Georgia for the company I ...

After I came back from the Middle East in 2008, I was sent to Atlanta, Georgia for the company I worked for. I was advised to have an alarm on my doors and windows or some type of overall alarm system. I purchased the Key Entry Contact Alarm and it was exactly what I needed. Very easy to install, and it WORKS! There is a short delay that allows you to turn it off before it activates, which is very nice. My first experience with the activation was when I forgot about the alarm and had two large bags of groceries in my arms, and before I set the groceries down (the apartment was dark and no lights on) the alarm went off and groceries went everywhere. It worked great, beyond what I could have hoped for! This is a MUST HAVE for apartment renters or anyone wanting an alarm that will be heard in the whole house. I thought that these were not made anymore, but I found this company on-line and it is still available.The customer service at 1800-Doorbell was above excellent - they have my business from now on.

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