EZCHIME Mechanical No Batteries Entry Door Chime (EZ TONE)- Easy Setup & No Maintenance


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This mechanical alert (no electricity or wiring required) sends a gentle tone when a door is opened.  Great for small to medium sized stores & offices.  Simply mount the unit on the door frame (& small magnet on door), and when the door is opened a non-alarming alert sound is generated.   This is a great alert device if the door generally stays closed.  If the door (or use in a hallway) is sometimes opened, we recommend the Safeguard Supply ERA-PIR-SPK .

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Easy to Install Entrance Alert…No Batteries, No Wires, Will Last for Years!

No Batteries Entry Door Chime

Are you a store owner who wants to know when a customer enters your store?  The EZ Chime, a No Batteries Entry Door Chime, does that by sounding a simple “Ding” sound when someone opens a monitored door.  There are no wires, no electricity, and installation is simple and easy.  You may have seen these devices in a deli, or even your local gas station, as these products are used by commercial buildings all over the world.  The EZ Chime is an easy to use, maintenance free entry door alarm sensor that works great for smaller businesses and shops. 

Why & Who Uses this No Batteries Entry Door Chime:

The 1800Doorbell EZ Chime Entrance Alert Chime is a popular choice for businesses, gas stations, convenience stores, or other retail locations who want a quality entrance alert that requires no wires or batteries to operate.  The unit installs on the door frame and a small magnet is installed on the door. A plunger with a metal end sticks out of the chime box and sticks to the magnet (when the door is shut.)  As the door is opened, the plunger is pulled, until the force is too much for the magnet. This causes the plunger to retract back inside the box where it strikes a metallic plate, producing a loud, but gentle “ding” sound.  This entrance alert is effective and ideal for areas with 2,000 square feet or less.

Many people choose this product over other entry alert products due to the fact it does not require batteries, wiring, or any electricity to operate.  Maintenance free at a great price point makes this a standout product.  We would not recommend this for areas larger than 2,000 ft. because it is not extremely loud.  It plays a gentle “ding” sound that you can hear easily in smaller retail locations such as gas stations, fast foot locations, or in smaller offices.  

The EZ Chime (same product as the EZ Tone) Door Chime Entrance Alert is loud enough to be heard in stores or offices up to 2,000 sq. ft. in size.  This one of our best selling products! EZ Chime customers include, Subway, Blockbuster, Winn-Dixie, US Postal Service, KFC, Dollar General Stores, Little Caesars, and many professional offices nationwide. The EZ Chime is exactly the same as this Entry Door Chime can usually be installed within 15 minutes, and has a long, maintenance free life.

The standard EZ Chime is dark brown / bronze in color.

EZ Chime Mechanical Alert Product Features:

  • The unit measures 5-1/2” L X 2” H X 2-1/2” W
  • One year warranty
  • Installs on in-swinging and out-swinging doors
  • Kit ships with the chime, a mounting bracket, mounting screws, and a drill bit

EZ Chime Mechanical Entry Alert Sound:

This mechanical door chime alert works on doors that typically stays closed.  The chime action of this device works when the door is opened.  The strike pen inside the unit is attached to a small doughnut shaped magnet screwed into the door.  When the door opens, the striking pin is pulled by a spring until it is pulled away from the magnet and the force of the spring forces it to strike a small metal plate inside the unit producing the chime sound.

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Customer Reviews

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D. (Monroe, US)


V.P. (Hackettstown, US)
Easy to install

Perfect for 1500 sqft space

B.B. (Marysville, US)

I have used this product in the past and now again....good price, fast shipping, easy installation and the product works great !

R.H. (Dallas, US)

EZ Chime Mechanical Entry Door Alert Sensor With No Batteries or Wires Needed Similar to the EZTone DC1

J.M. (Kansas City, US)
Such a great product!

No power needed, it never needs maintenance and no lining up annoying laser beams!

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