Rodann TX1000A/DA50LT-A Wireless Motion Sensor Entrance Alert System

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Never miss a visitor again with the Rodann TX1000A/DA50LT-A wireless entrance alert system. This innovative solution utilizes passive infrared (PIR) motion sensing technology to detect when someone enters through a door or gateway. An impressive 500-foot range eliminates the hassle of installing wired doorbell systems.

Place the TX1000A sensor near the entrance point. When detected, motion instantly transmits a wireless signal to the compatible chime receiver (sold separately), alerting you to arriving visitors. The plug-and-play installation makes setup a breeze. Expandable design allows connecting up to 4 receivers with multiple sensors for comprehensive coverage.

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Original price was: $75.00.Current price is: $65.99.

Long-Range Wireless Coverage Without Limitations

Control monitoring entrances with the Rodann TX1000A/DA50LT-A wireless PIR motion sensor. This industry-leading product offers unparalleled freedom and flexibility compared to traditional doorbell systems.

Reliable Long-Distance Detection

The standout feature is its ability to detect motion up to 500 feet away using passive infrared (PIR) sensing. When the sensor is triggered by a heat signature, such as a person walking into the monitored area, it sends an instant wireless notification to the chime receivers. This allows you to be alerted regardless of your location, whether at home, in a warehouse, store, or office.

Eliminate Restrictions and Wiring Hassles

With its wireless functionality, you can easily add the TX1000A/DA50LT-A system without costly wiring or construction. There is no running cables through walls or ceilings. The versatile wireless design enables placement anywhere, even in hard-to-wire areas like basements or warehouses. This makes installation and setup incredibly easy.

Expandable System Grows with Your Needs

Start with a single transmitter and receiver to cover one entrance point. The system seamlessly scales with your business or home as your security needs grow. Connect up to 4 receivers with additional transmitters to monitor multiple entry points like front doors, back doors, and hallways.

Endless Placement Possibilities & Applications

Business owners and managers gain unmatched flexibility for monitoring main entrances, warehouses, retail stores, offices, and more—secure large facilities by strategically placing transmitters to create PIR detection zones around entry areas.

For homeowners, the possibilities are just as unlimited. Generate alerts when visitors arrive at the front door, gate, patio, or side entrance. Cover every potential access point to ensure peace of mind. Plus, it eliminates unsightly wiring and damage from doorbell installations.

Easy DIY Setup: No Tools Required

Setting up the TX1000A/DA50LT-A couldn’t be simpler. It leverages plug-and-play operation without any tools or wiring know-how. Just install the battery, mount the transmitter near the desired entrance using the adhesive strips or screws, and sync it to the receivers. The system is ready to start providing wireless motion alerts in minutes.

When battery power gets low, the sensors indicate it’s time for easy battery replacement, keeping your entrance alerts functioning optimally. With rock-solid transmission and weather-resistant housing, you can count on the TX1000A for long-lasting performance.

Product managers streamline business operations while improving customer service. Home and property owners benefit from enhanced security and convenience without compromising aesthetics. With this game-changing entrance alert system, the possibilities are endless.

Model TX1000A/DA50LT-A Product Features & Specifications:

  • 500-foot wireless motion detection range
  • Passive infrared (PIR) heat sensing technology
  • LED low battery indicator
  • Simple plug-and-play installation
  • Connects up to 4 receivers (RX1000A not included)
  • Expandable with additional transmitters
  • Requires 9V battery (not included)
  • Dimensions: 4.5″ x 2.7″ x 2.3″

Bring professional-grade visitor awareness to your residential or commercial property. Order the Rodann TX1000A/DA50LT-A wireless PIR motion sensor entrance alert system today!


Safeguard Supply



Wireless Features

Multi-Zone, Visual Indicator


1 Year

Wireless Range

500 ft.



Kit Or Accessory

Transmitter Only

Customer Reviews

Based on 267 reviews
P.S. (Valparaiso, US)
Driveway alarm

We love it and have had it several years. Highly recommend it!

Thank you for leaving a review for our Rodann DI2000R-A Receiver. We are glad to hear that you have been enjoying it for several years and highly recommend it. We appreciate your support and hope that it continues to serve you well.

R.Y.S. (Sunset, US)
Driveway alarm

Glad you still offer the transmitter since I have two receivers one in house and one in shop. Shipping was good received in good condition

Thank you for your review! We are happy to hear that you are satisfied with your purchase of the TX2000A driveway sensor. We strive to provide reliable products and efficient shipping. Thank you for choosing our Driveway Informer Kit.

M.C. (Saint Paul, US)
Much better than previous brand

I had a different brand for past 12 years but after 3 units failed over this time, I decided to try a different brand, 1800 doorbell. Worked right out of the box. Picks up deer, coyotes, turkey flocks and autos and trucks. I'm very happy with this unit. I got a receiver for house and garage and one transmitter for drive.

B.A. (Cleveland, US)

Great service

Thank you for the kind words! We're glad to have been of help.

M.D. (Portersville, US)
Excellent Service

Always a pleasure to deal with. Thank You!

t.c. (Georgetown, US)
TX2000A Driveway Sensor Motion Alarm

Excellent product and very prompt delivery...excellent transaction!!!

Thank you for your positive review of the TX2000A Driveway Sensor Motion Alarm! We're glad to hear that you're pleased with the product and the prompt delivery. Thanks again for being a customer and we look forward to serving you in the future.

A.G. (Chino, US)

Good service

C.M. (Colville, US)
Great Driveway Visitor Announcement System!

Great range and reliability. Solved problem of never knowing if someone drove up.

B.B. (Dayton, US)

Great service and response time

Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that you're happy with the TX2000A (DI2000T-A) driveway sensor and the great customer service and response time.

C. (Grants Pass, US)
would purchase again

Works as advertised. I've since ordered another transmitter to put in another location in our 8000 sqft shop to insure notification is heard throughout the shop. I like the ability for long-range.

Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that the DA50L-A (TXRX1000A) Motion Detector Chime works as advertised and you would purchase it again.