Wired Doorbell Push Buttons

Thank you for visiting our collection of wired doorbell push buttons.  We realize the options you see below may be overwhelming, so we have created product filters to help you select the right button for your needs. If you have a wireless doorbell and need a compatible push button visit our wireless doorbell category page. If you have specific questions about our wireless door chime buttons or wired doorbell push buttons, please do not hesitate to give us a call or send an email.  We would be happy to help.

How Do Wired Doorbell Pushbuttons Work?

Most wired doorbell systems in a home feature three major components:

All three of the components listed above are connected in a loop using a wire commonly known as bell wire. A door bell transformer is small electrical device that steps down the power from your home into something the doorbell can handle, typically 16V. A wire from the transformer is connected to the wired doorbell button and another wire from the transformer is connected to the wired doorbell. The doorbell button and doorbell chime will each have another wire available (one from each connects to the transformer) and will essentially connect to each other.

When a visitor pushes the wired button, the circuit is interrupted, causing a small plunger inside the wired door chime box to strike a metallic plate, creating the “ding-dong” sound.

Doorbell Replacement Button

These replace the center push button on your wired doorbell button. Available in lighted pushbutton and non lighted push buttons with different finishes. Rather than throwing away your doorbell button, replace the center with LED lighted pushbutton center part.

*Single Wired Push Button Ship for a Low Flat Rate of $3.50 (other options available).  Multiple buttons ship for $7.50

More Wired Doorbell Button Information

Door chime buttons are an easy way to dress up your entry and make a stylish statement before guests walk into your home.  Whatever your style, you can find a push-button to meet your needs and your budget!   Install a wired button on a new home or easily and quickly replace your old button with a new one, for a fresh look. Shop our wide selection of doorbell buttons and decorative plates. Whether you prefer a light, fancy, or traditional look, we have what you are searching for!

Can I use a lighted doorbell pushbutton?


Lighted products will use LED or incandescent bulbs to illuminate the circular or rectangular shaped push in the middle of the faceplate or illuminate the outer rim of the button (a halo effect). It is important to know that you must use a doorbell transformer to power a lighted push button as the power draw of the light would quickly drain the batteries on a battery-powered doorbell. Even if you have a wired doorbell, sometimes (rarely )they are powered by batteries versus a transformer. Before using a lighted push-button, make sure you are using a wired transformer, or else you are going to be replacing batteries every other day.

How are wired push buttons mounted?

BS8 BZ Surface Mount Rectangle Lighted Push Button in Bronze

There are three mounting style="content-visibility:auto; contain-intrinsic-size:1px 1000px;"s the products come in; a) flush-mounted, b) recessed mounted, and c) surface mounted. For additional information about the different mounting style="content-visibility:auto; contain-intrinsic-size:1px 1000px;"s, visit the wired doorbell button page.

  • Surface mount - these will mount directly against the wall using the pre-drilled holes in the push button case.  Typically this is the easiest way to mount a push button, as you should not have to cut into the outer wall surface, other than the mounting screws
  • Recessed mount - this is when the entire push button box will go "in the wall" and be level, or even, with the wall.  This will require a mounting box slightly larger than the push button housing cut into the wall itself.  If you are replacing an existing flush-mounted button, measure the button you are replacing.  If the new button is larger you will need to ensure you have enough room to cut a large "box" in the wall to install the button
  • Flush - This is a combination of a surface mount and flush mount.  The frame of the push button sites on the wall and the electrical components of the button itself recess into the wall
  • Concealed - mounting hardware is hidden at bottom of the button.

Do you carry different wired doorbell button styles?

Yes, we classify the style based on the different shapes which we outline below: a) Decorative Wired Buttons -We have pineapple-shaped, Gecko shaped, contemporary, rustic, and a wide range of shapes, colors, finishes, etc. in this category. b) Rectangular Shaped Wired Push Buttons - Just as the name implies the products listed here tend to have a rectangular shape; c)Circular Shaped Wired Doorbell Push Buttons - Many push buttons are circular or round and many of those will be decorative door chime buttons. b) Circular buttons are exactly as the name implies...they are circular shaped.  The circle doorbell buttons are mounted the same way, depending on mounting style, and function like the rectangular and decorative style buttons. c) Rectangular-shaped doorbell buttons - these are the most common shape for a wired button.