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Wired Doorbell Push Buttons

Thank you for visiting our collection of wired doorbell push buttons.  We realize the options you see below may be overwhelming, so we have created product filters to help you select the right button for your needs.

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  • Bs8 Bz Surface Mount Rectangle Lighted Push Button In Bronze
    0 out of 5

    BS8-BZ Bronze Finish Surface Mounted Wired Doorbell by Cr...

    This simple, rectangular surface mount push button comes with a long lasting LED bulb.  Your guests will be drawn to it's smooth beveled edges, bronze finish and excellent Craftmade workmanship.Measurements: 1.81"W x 2.88"H x 0.63"D
    SKU: BS8-BZ
  • Bscs Bn Wired Doorbell With Curved Shape
    0 out of 5

    BSCS-BN Brushed Nickel Curved Lighted Wired Doorbell Butt...

    This curved, contemporary push button by Craftmade will enhance any entrance way.  The brushed satin nickel finish and appealing shape combined with the LED bulb will delight your guests for years!Measurements: 0.75"W x 4. 13"L x 0.75"DHole spacing: 3.5"
  • Bsrt Az 2
    0 out of 5

    BSRT-AZ Racetrack Shaped w/ Antique Bronze Finish Wired D...

    Classic oval shaped push button in antique bronze with an LED button.  This push button is surface mount and has a soft rounded finish.Measurements: Width - 1.38" x Height - 4.68" x Depth - 0.75"Hole Spacing: 3.25"
  • Tb1010 Ai Touch ButtonTb1010 Bn Touch Button
    5.00 out of 5

    Industrial Finish Lighted Wired Doorbell Touch Button in ...

    SKU: TB1010
  • Bsoo Ap Surface Mount Oval Ornate Lighted Push Button In Antique PewterBsoo Az Surface Mount Oval Ornate Lighted Push Button In Antique Bronze
    0 out of 5

    Oval Ornate Design LED Push Button in Aged Pewter or Aged...

    Surface mounted, oval shaped wired doorbell button with an ornate decoration around the edge and an ornament on the top and the bottom.  Powered by a LED bulb, this wired push button is available in two color choices.
  • Pb3034 Pb Surface Mount Designer Lighted Push Button In Antique PewterPb3034 Az Surface Mount Designer Lighted Push Button In Antique Bronze
    0 out of 5

    PB3034 Designer Lighted Push Button in Multiple Finishes ...

    This is a surface mounted LED lighted wired doorbell button by Craftmade.  Rectangular shaped with rounded ends, the button is decorated with a stamped designed around the edges and a stamped design on the front.
    SKU: PB3034
  • r1 doorbell front viewr1 doorbell side view
    0 out of 5

    R1 – Large Rectangle Stainless Steel Wired Push But...

    Beautiful, sleek and modern all come to mind when looking at this non-lighted push button.  The minimalist design and clean, classic, brushed finish fuse seamlessly with the solid grade 304 stainless steel to give you an appealing and durable wired doorbell that will last for years.Measurements: 1.57" x 5.11" x 5/32"
    SKU: 854848008045
  • S1 Stainless Steel Wired Push Button - Front ViewS1 Stainless Steel Wired Push Button Front Angle View
    0 out of 5

    S1 – Large Square, Modern Stainless Steel Wired Pus...

    Beautiful, stainless steel design gives this wired push button a minimalist design. Made of solid grade 304 stainless steel, this button will add an expensive, look and feel to any entrance way, while also holding up to the elements. Because it won't rust or tarnish, you can expect years of beauty and function from this wired, non-lighted button. Measurements: 3.54" x 3.54" x 5/32"
    SKU: 854848008007
  • s2 doorbell front view 2 1 1s2 doorbell side view
    0 out of 5

    S2 – Small Square, Modern Wired Stainless Steel Pus...

    Gorgeous Stainless Steel wired push button with a classic brushed finish and non-lighted button.  The solid grade 304 stainless steel and 4 mm thickness ensures that this push button will delight your guests for years.  The modern design, hidden screws and clean, fresh appearance will be sure to add allure to any entrance way.  Measurments: 2.36" x 2.36" x 5/32"
    SKU: 854848008014
  • Tb1000 Bn Beveled Cylinder Lighted Touch Button
    0 out of 5

    TB1000-BN Beveled Cylinder LED Touch Button Brushed Nicke...

    Beveled edges, brushed nickel touch sense wired doorbell button by Craftmade. MOdern, stylish, and back lighted by LED bulb.
    SKU: TB1000-BN
  • Tb1030 Ai Touch Activated Aged Iron Wired Button
    0 out of 5

    TB1030-AI Tiered Mission Lighted Touch Button in Aged Iro...

    SKU: TB1030-AI
  • Silver Gecko On Travertine Stone Wired Doorbell Button Dh1711l V 1 1Gecko Doorbell Back V 1 1
    4.69 out of 5

    Carlon DH1711L LED Button w/ Gecko Lizard, Stone Traverti...

    Made of solid stone travertine with a silver Gecko artfully wrapping around the lighted push button.   Truly a unique touch to any entrance.  Does NOT require screws due to the stone backing, but comes with glue required to adhere to any entrance.
    SKU: DH1711L
  • Pb3039 Obg Surface Mount Lighted Push Button In Oiled Bronze GildedPb3039 Ap Surface Mount Lighted Push Button In Antique Pewter
    0 out of 5

    PB3039 Lighted Push Button in w/ Multiple Finishes by Cra...

    SKU: PB3039
  • Tb1020 Bn Contemporary Curved Lighted Touch Button Brushed NickelTb1020 Ai Contemporary Curved Lighted Touch Button Aged Iron
    0 out of 5

    TB1020 Contemporary Curved Lighted Touch Button

    SKU: TB1020
  • Br2 Pw Stepped Rectangle Lighted Push Button In PewterBr2 Bz Stepped Rectangle Lighted Push Button In Bronze
    0 out of 5

    BR2 Stepped Rectangle Lighted Push Button-2 Finish Availa...

    SKU: BR2
  • Wired Doorbell Button Gold Color Rim Dh1202 V 1Db800 Wired Doorbell Button Silver Color Rim Dh1201 V 1
    5.00 out of 5

    Carlon Push Replacement for Wired Doorbell in 2 Color Cho...

    When you need to replace the worn out wired doorbell button, this gold rim finished white doorbell button is available in lighted and non lighted versions.
    SKU: DH1200
  • Bsms Az Surface Mount Mission Lighted Push Button In Antique Bronze
    0 out of 5

    BSMS-AZ Surface Mount Mission-Antique Bronze by Craftmade...

    Decorative surface mount mission decor push button in antique bronze.  This lighted button comes with a LED bulb and is made of durable ABS plastic.  Will be sure to add style to your entrance way for years.Measurements: 0.75"W x 0.75"D x 4.13HMounting screw placement: 2.37"
  • Tei Tb1060 Bn V 1 2Illuminated Touch Button For Wired Doorbells W Lined Design Tb1060 Az V 1 2
    2.33 out of 5

    Craftmade TB1060 LED Wired Button Lined Design in 2 Color...

    Craftmade continues to innovate with style and technology with a touch button line of wired doorbell buttons.  Available in two color finishes, these touch button are illuminated by LED's, provide visual feedback on successful triggers, and are adorned with a whimsical cross pattern of lines.
    SKU: TB1060
  • Bs3 Pw Slim Style Wired ButtonBs3 Rb Slim Wired Doorbell W Lighted Led
    5.00 out of 5

    Craftmade BS3 Slim Wired Doorbell Lighted LED in 2 Finish...

    When you need a full sized wired doorbell button that is slim, or has a thin profile, consider the beautifully understated BS3, available in two different finishes.
    SKU: BS3
  • Dh1203 1204 1207Dh1203l
    5.00 out of 5

    Carlon Wired Push Button Center Replacement Part in 3 Col...

    When you need to replace the center push button on your wired doorbell button, these are great choices.  Available in three color choices, the center has a colored finish and the outer rim is lighted by a LED light, producing a sort of halo effect.
    SKU: DH1200L
  • Unique Modern Design Touch Button For Wired Doorbells Tb1040 Ai V 1 2Tb1040 Bn V 1 2
    5.00 out of 5

    Craftmade TB1040 Unique Modern Design Touch Button for Wi...

    You see the LED illuminating these rectangular shaped doorbell buttons by Craftmade. Rather than having to press a button, these modern, LED lighted wired buttons only require a simple touch to activate.  Available in two finishes.
    SKU: TB1040
  • Bs6 Bz Surface Mount Rectangle Lighted Push Button In BronzeBs6 W Surface Mount Rectangle Lighted Push Button In White
    5.00 out of 5

    BS6 Rectangle Lighted Push Button in Bronze or White by C...

    The BS6-BZ and BS6-W are rectangular shaped, surface mounted LED doorbell push buttons by Craftmade. Surface mounted wired buttons are very easy to install as it sits directly on top of the surface. The pushbutton is lighted by a LED bulb.
    SKU: BS6
  • Die Cast Builder Grade Led Wired Buttons Bscb Ab V 1 2Tei Bscb B V 1 2
    0 out of 5

    Craftmade BSCB Builder Grade Die-Cast LED Wired Buttons i...

    Available in five different finishes, these die-cast wired doorbells are builder grade, which means they are durable, tough, and built to last.  Lighted by a LED, these push buttons will last for years to come and offer an elegant touch to the front door.
  • Dh1260l Push Button 2
    0 out of 5

    Carlon Wired Stucco Push Button in 2 Color Choices

    Lighted push button designed for Stucco walls. For use with wired chimes, bells and buzzers.
    SKU: DH1260
  • Br7 B Large Spindle Lighted Push Button In Hammered Black
    0 out of 5

    BR7-B Recessed Spindle Wired Doorbell Button in Hammered ...

    SKU: BR7-B
  • Pb4042 Ap Die Cast Builder Plus Series Surface Mount Lighted Push Button In Antique Pewter
    0 out of 5

    PB4042-AP Push Button in Antique Pewter Finish Push-butto...

    Sturdy and stylish, this surface mounted push button is a perfect upgrade!  Made of real metal with a LED push button, this antique pewter door bell will hold up to the elements and the LED bulb will last for years.Measurements: 1.50"W x 0.81"D x 3.50"HHole spacing: 3"
    SKU: PB4042-AP
  • Ionic Column Design Lighted Wired Doorbell Button Bscol Ap V 1 1 1Tei Bscol Az V 1 1 1
    0 out of 5

    Craftmade BSCOL Ionic Column LED Wired Doorbell Button 3 ...

    Gorgeous Roman Ionic Column designed wired doorbell button, lighted by LED, available in two finishes, antique pewter and antique bronze.  Surface mounted for easy installation, lifetime warranty on LED.
  • Wired Doorbell Button Black And White Dh1407 V 1 3Dh1405l Push Button V 1 1 1
    5.00 out of 5

    Carlon Faux Foil Stamped Plastic Wired Button

    White Button. Black Housing.
    SKU: DH1400-SERIES
  • Pb4043 Wb Die Cast Builder Plus 1
    0 out of 5

    PB4043-WB Lighted Push Button in Weathered Black by Craft...

    SKU: PB4043-WB
  • Bsmed Az Wired Button V 1 2
    0 out of 5

    Craftmade BSMED LED Circular Push Button w/ Medallion in ...

    Lovely circular shaped, surface mounted push buttons from Craftmade has a detailed medallion stamped into the dome shaped wired button.  LED lighted, beautiful, and featuring Craftmade's
  • Wired Doorbell Button White Dh1408 V 2 1
    0 out of 5

    Carlon DH1408-LNL Wired Doorbell Button White

    A basic white push button that's available in lighted and non lighted versions. This is a very inexpensive push button that's great for apartment owners and managers, contractors, and builders alike.
    SKU: DH1408-LNL
  • Aged Pewter Octagon Doorbell Push Button Bsoct Rb V 1 2Bsoct Rb 1
    0 out of 5

    Craftmade BSOCT Slim Rectangular Octagon Lighted Wired Bu...

    This rustic brick, octagon doorbell push button is the perfect accent to complete your home!  With a LED bulb that will last forever, this push button will welcome any guest into your home.  For a more modern look, this push button is also available in a attractive aged pewter.
  • Wired Doorbell Button Silver Color Dh1504l V 1 3Wired Doorbell Button Gold Color Dh1505l V 1 3
    0 out of 5

    Carlon Metal Housing Polished Pewter or Brass Lighted Wir...

    Lighted Silver and Gold Colored Push Buttons in a Metal Housing.
    SKU: DH1500L
  • Rustic Brick Doorbell Push Button Bsovl Rb V 1 2
    0 out of 5

    BSOVL-RB Oval Ornate w/ Rustic Brick Finish Button by Cra...

    An oval shaped lighted doorbell button with a rustic finish by Craftmade is finished in a rustic-type antique bronze finish.  Surface mount and LED lighted makes this a great choice for easy installation and easy maintenance.
  • Wired Push Button Multi Family Dh1602 V 1 1 1
    0 out of 5

    Carlon DH1602 Multi-Unit Brass Wired Doorbell Button

    Multi-Family Push Button, Gold Finish. 8-24V max.
    SKU: DH1602
  • Ornate Design Wired Doorbell Button W Led Bsso Ap V 4 3Bsso Az V 1 3
    0 out of 5

    Craftmade BSSO Ornate Design Lighted Wired Doorbell Butto...

    Two color choices with these very ornate wired doorbell buttons by Craftmade.  Available in a Antique Pewter finish (BSSO-AP) and an Antique Bronze (BSSO-AZ) finish, these buttons are surface mounted and feature a long lasting LED bulb.
  • Wired Doorbell Button Brass Base Dh1605 V 1 1
    0 out of 5

    Carlon DH1605 Wired Doorbell Button Brass Wired Doorbell ...

    The DH1605 is a stylish wired doorbell button with a polished brass base and a sleek looking black button.

    SKU: DH1605
  • Dh1670lGl Wired Button Lighted Button Dh1670l V 1 3
    4.92 out of 5

    Pineapple Shaped Lighted Wired Doorbell Button in Two Fin...

    Set your home apart and welcome friends, family and visitors with this solid brass push button - available in a brass or silver finish.   This heavy duty, yet whimsical button features a lighted button to help locate it in the dark, along with the message "Welcome" inscribed at the bottom.  Don't settle for plain and boring when this affordable choice will add an instant touch of personality to any entrance.
    SKU: PB1670
  • Wired Doorbell Button Stamped Brass Dh1608l V 1 1Wired Doorbell Button Stamped Brass Dh1608l Package 1
    0 out of 5

    DH1608L Carlon All Brass Lighted Wired Doorbell Push Butt...

    Stamped Brass. Lighted Button.

    SKU: DH1608L
  • 0 out of 5

    Craftmade PB3031-AZ Antique Bronze Wired Doorbell Button ...

    This is a surface mounted, wired doorbell button illuminated with an LED that will last a lifetime.  Victorian in design, this antiqued bronze doorbell button will adorn any home.
    SKU: PB3031-AZ
  • Wired Button Brass Wrought Iron Housing Dh1610l V 1 2Gl Wired Button Brass Wrought Iron Housing Dh1610l V 1 2
    0 out of 5

    Carlon Hammered Brass Wrought Iron Doorbell Button Mutli ...

    Reminiscent of the Victorian era this wrought iron wired push button features a white button that illuminated at night by a LED bulb.  Flush mounts and a 5-year manufacturer's warranty

    SKU: DH1610
  • Contemporary Antique Pewter Push Button Pb3032 Ap V 2 2Tei Pb3032 Az V 1 2
    0 out of 5

    Craftmade Contemporary Art-Deco Style Wired Doorbell Push...

    Choose this sleek contemporary. art-deco style design push button to complete your home design.!  This surface mount push button comes with an antique pewter finish or an antique bronze finish with an illuminated button powered by an LED light.
    SKU: PB3032
  • Wired Doorbell Button Solid Antique Brass Base Dh1631l V 1 2Dh1636l Lores V 1 3
    2.33 out of 5

    Carlon Solid Brass Wired Buttons Halo LED in Different Fi...

    Stylish but simple, this lighted doorbell button by Carlon features a stepped design scrolled vertially on each side of this rectangular shapped wired button.
    SKU: DH1630
  • Dh1641l Brass Lighted Wired Buttonl 1
    5.00 out of 5

    Carlon DH1641L Brass Wired Button Floral Design

    A daisy set in brass adorns the top and bottom of this rectangular designed solid brass wired doorbell button.  The lighted LED button greats visitors at daytime or night
    SKU: DH1641L
  • Gorgeous Ornate Antique Bronze Lighted Doorbell Button Pb3035 Az V 1 1
    0 out of 5

    PB3035-AZ Traditional Wired Lighted Button by Craftmade-A...

    Words cannot describe the custom design work of this surface mounted, lighted doorbell button by Craftmade.  The antique bronze finish, scroll work on top and bottom, and beads around the edges, provide a stylish look to compliment any home.
    SKU: PB3035-AZ
  • Wired Doorbell Button Solid Brass Base Dh1650l V 1 6Wired Doorbell Button Circular V 1 6
    5.00 out of 5

    Circular Wired Doorbell Button Stamped Flower Design by T...

    Available in a brass, antique brass, oil-rubbed bronze, and pewter finsih, these circular style wired doorbell buttons from Thomas & Betts are available at a discounted rate.
    SKU: DH1650
  • Pb3036 Az Push Button 2Pb3036 Rt Push Button 2
    0 out of 5

    Craftmade Antique Lone Star Doorbell Push Button-Two Fini...

    This rustic iron star is the perfect doorbell push button for you home, espcially if you have a western theme to your home.
    SKU: PB3036
  • Dh1665l Wired Push Button 1
    0 out of 5

    Carlon DH1665L Age Brass Lighted Push Button Wired Chimes...

    Solid Brass Escutcheon, Sculptured Design. Brass Plated Push Button, Lighted Rim powerd by a LED bulb .Don't let the low cost fool you; this is a beautiful bell button that solid and backed by a long warranty.

    SKU: DH1665L
  • Hammered Metal Wired Doorbells W Led Light Pb3037 Bb V 1 2Tei Pb3037 Ap V 1 2
    5.00 out of 5

    Hammered Metal Wired Push Button LED With Three Finishes ...

    The three finishes available with these wired doorbell buttons stand out as high-end choices for any home.  All have a weathered, hammered metal look with an inscribed design on the face plate. The center button is white and is back lit by an LED light.
    SKU: PB3037
  • Wired Button Rope Border Design Dh1667l V 1 1
    5.00 out of 5

    Thomas & Betts Wired Brass Door Bell Button w/ Rope E...

    This classy, wired door bell button by Thomas and Betts features a lighted rim around the button. As functional as it is beautiful.
    SKU: DH1667
  • Db800 Rc831l
    5.00 out of 5

    Broan RC831 Classic Brass Rectangular Shaped Button Brass...

    For a classic look, this brass lighted button by Broan is available at a price you simply won't believe.
    SKU: RC831
  • dh1651l aged brass wired lighted push buttondh1695l aged copper finish lighted pushbutton
    0 out of 5

    Craftsman Styled Antique Brass or Copper Push Button by T...

    Do you like the Four Seasons?  No, not the singing group but winter, spring, summer and fall.  This wired push button incorporates a seasonal design, Antique Finish (DH1691L) or Copper (DH1695L) into a flush mounted button with LED light.
    SKU: DH1690L
  • Dh1805 Brass Button Black Press 1
    0 out of 5

    Carlon DH1805 Brass Wired Button w/ Black Press Brass

    Wired Push Button, Gold Finish with Black Button. 8-24V max.

    SKU: DH1805
  • Wired Doorbell Button White On White Dh1814 V 1 1 1Wired Doorbell Button White On White Dh1814 Package 1
    0 out of 5

    Carlon DH1814 All White Wired Doorbell Button Black Accen...

    DH1814 All White Wired Doorbell Button.  Not a lot to say about this doorbell button.  No bells and whistles, no frills.  A simple doorbell button for wired doorbell systems.
    SKU: DH1814
  • Wired Doorbell Button White And Black Dh1824 V 2 1 1Wired Doorbell Button White And Black Dh1824 Package 1
    0 out of 5

    Carlon DH1824 Black Wired Box w/ White Button

    What an interesting design element on this black box push button with white circular button locaed in the center of this wired product by Thomas and Betts.  On sale at a terrific price.

    SKU: DH1824
  • Wired Button Lighted Ss1663l V 1 1
    4.40 out of 5

    Carlon SS1663L Aged Brass Victorian Styled LED Wired Butt...

    A Victorian styled solid brass wired button in an antique brass finish.  The button is light by a powerful LED bulb.
    SKU: SS1663L
  • Gl Wired Push Button Hz 924 V 1 2Gl Wired Push Button Hz 924 V 3 1 1
    0 out of 5

    Heath Zenith 925 Wired Button Aged Brass Wired Doorbell B...

    SKU: 925
  • Wired Push Button 924 V 1 1 2Wired Push Button Hz 923 V 1 1
    0 out of 5

    Heath Zenith Recessed Brass Lighted Wired Push Buttons

    This wired push button from Heath Zenith is available in three different finishes:  Brushed Copper, Polished Brass, and Pewter. 

    SKU: HZ-900
  • Wired Circular Push Button Vjrp V 1 1
    0 out of 5

    SL-913 Wired Circular Push Button In Polished Brass Finis...

    This wired circular push button from Heath Zenith comes in either a Polished Brass. It is surface mount and will not require you to drill a hole for installation. This wired push button is compatible with a variety of  wired chimes.
    SKU: SL-913
  • Sl 307 Button 1
    0 out of 5

    Surface Mount Bronze LED Wired Push Button w/ Key finder ...

    This key finder wired push button from Heath Zenith comes with a Bronze finish. This push button is surface mount so no holes are needed for installation. This push button includes a LED lighted button and a LED key finder. It is compatible with all Heath Zenith wired chime

    SKU: SL-307

More Wired Button Info

Door chime buttons are an easy way to dress up your entry and make a stylish statement before guests walk into your home.  Whatever your style, you can can find a push button to meet your needs and your budget!   Install a wired button on a new home or easily and quickly replace your old button with a new one, for a fresh look.

Shop our wide selection of doorbell buttons and decorative plates. Whether you prefer a lighted, fancy or traditional look, we have what you are searching for!

Can I use a lighted button?

Lighted products will use LED or incandescent bulb to illuminate the circular or led lighted button craftmaderectangular shaped push in the middle of the faceplate or illuminate the outer rim of the button (a halo effect). It is important to know that you must use a doorbell transformer to power a lighted push button as the power draw of the light would quickly drain the batteries on a battery powered doorbell. Even if you have a wired doorbell, sometimes (rarely )they are powered by batteries versus a transformer. Before using a lighted push button, make sure you are using a wired transformer or else you are going to be replacing batteries every other day.

How are wired buttons mounted?

wired button diagramThere are three mounting styles the products come in; a) flush mounted, b) recessed mounted, and c) surface mounted. For additional information about the different mounting styles, visit the wired doorbell button page .

  • Surface mount - these will mount directly against the wall using the pre-drilled holes in the push button case.  Typically this is the easiest way to mount a push button, as you should not have to cut into the outer wall surface, other than the mounting screws
  • Recessed mount - this is when the entire push button box will go "in the wall" and be level, or even, with the wall.  This will require a mounting box slightly larger than the push button housing cut into the wall itself.  If you are replacing an existing flush mounted button, measure the button you are replacing.  If the new button is larger you will need to ensure you have enough room to cut a large "box" in the wall to install the button
  • Flush - This is a combination of a surface mount and flush-mount.  The frame of the push button sites on the wall and the electrical components of the button itself recess into the wall

Do you carry different styles?

Yes, we classify the style based on the different shapes which we outline below:

a) Decorative Wired Buttons -We have pineapple shaped, Gecko shaped, contemporary, rustic, and a wide range of shapes, colors, finishes, etc. in this category.

b) Rectangular Shaped Wired Push Buttons - Just as the name implies the products listed here tend to have a rectangular shape; c)Circular Shaped Wired Doorbell Push Buttons - There are many of the push buttons that are circular or round in shape and many of those will be decorative door chime buttons.

b) Circular button are exactly as the name implies...they are circular shaped.  The circle doorbell buttons are mounted the same way, depending on mounting style, and function like the rectangular and decorative style button.

c) Rectangular shaped doorbell buttons - these are the most common shape for a wired button.