Door Chime Receiver, Wireless Entrance Alerts, & Wired Doorbell Sounds

Door Chime & Doorbell, Entrance Alert & Driveway Alarm Sounds

Below is an on-going list we have compiled of wired doorbell,wireless door chime, entrance alert, and driveway alarm sounds carried on our website.

To hear the sounds, click the link below to jump to that section, and click the play sound button, or simply scroll down the page to find your section.

If it IS NOT on this page, we do not have a sound file for that product.  But we are always working to add more, so please check back or call us!

SS Series 52 Melodies Receiver Sounds

LRA Series of Products Receiver Sound Options

The LRA (Long Range Alerts) series of products by Safeguard Supply features two different receivers you can mix and match with different transmitters.  The LRA-DCRX is the desktop or wall-hanging receiver while the LRA-VPRX is a portable receiver.  Most “kits” will feature the LRA-DCRX, but you can add the portable receiver as well.  Each receiver will play one of the  18 tunes below paired to a zone on the receiver.

LRA Kits that Feature the LRA-DCRX Receiver:


EZChime Magnetic Entry Alert by Safeguard Supply

The EZChime is a mechanical (no wires, no electricity needed) entry alert that mounts over a door (in or out-swing).  When the door opens, the unit plays a gentle, but loud, tone sound.  Best for areas 2,000 sqft and under.

Craftmade Wired Doorbell Sounds

C102L. C102L-BZ,  C102X2L, C105L-DW, C105L-W, CAB-RC, CABW-RC, CAC-FZ, CAR-RCCBB-PR,CBGW-CNV, CBR-DW, CB-REC, CBR-W, CC-BN, CH1201-AWD, CH1201-BK, CH1202-DO, CH1405-PT, CH1415-OBG, CH1505-BK, CH1515-BK, CH1801-ST, CH1901-SS, CH1902-DM, CH2401-UO, CH2601-AZ, ICH1405-PT, ICH1415-OBG, ICH1505-BK, ICH1515-BK, ICH1520-OB, ICH1600-AI, ICH1605-AI, ICH1615-PR, ICH1620-BN, ICH1630-OB, ICH1635-AG, ICH1660-OB

JASCO 8-Note Door Chime Receiver

Hear the GE 8-Sound Chimes right here. You can listen to a 4-sound sampling of the GE 8 full, deep and rich sound effects. You will hear: Dong bell sound, Gong sound, Cuckoo Clock and Lighthouse Foghorn with Ocean Waves. For feature list - and to purchase one of the GE 8-sound doorbells, click here.

To hear the 8 sounds included on the Instant Wireless Door Chime Kit by GE, manufactured by JASCO - just watch the short video below. The sounds include: Knock-knock, Fanfare, Patriotic (Star Spangled Banner), Mozart and 4 more. To get more details - or to purchase this GE 8-sound doorbell, click here.

EX-1, STI-6400 Door Exit Alarm

2500 Series of Products Receiver Sounds

Click the play button below to hear sounds for the LH-2500, WDK-2500-STROBE, and other products with "-2500" in the model number.

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