Dakota Alert SBB-4000 Solar Powered Break Beam Sensor/Transmitter Pair


The Dakota Alert SBB-4000 Solar Powered Break Beam Sensors are a reliable option for outdoor monitoring. Unlike traditional motion and heat sensors, these innovative sensors are triggered when an object breaks the beam between two or more break beam sensors. With a solar-powered battery that holds a charge for up to 1 month, these sensors are perfect for driveway monitor sensors, entrance alerts, and perimeter security devices. Plus, their durable outdoor rating ensures that you can rely on them in all weather conditions. Try the Dakota Alert Solar Powered Break Beam Sensors today and experience the peace of mind that comes with reliable and effective monitoring.

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Solar Powered Break Beam Sensors with 1-Month Standby Time on Recharge Batteries!

Used in conjunction with the DCR-4000, the RE-4K PLUS receiver by Dakota Alert, or the PR-4000 Portable Receiver, the SBB-4000 Break Beam Sensors are Solar Powered Break Beam Sensors that will enhance your security by providing you with a larger monitored area to fit your needs. 

SBB-4000 Break Beam Sensor Transmitters by Dakota Alert

Not to say that the two standard sensors that come with the break beam system are not good enough; they are. Right out of the box, the system can do anything you want and more.  These solar-powered break beam sensors are wireless, so installation can be done in mere minutes as no electrical wiring needs to be done.  The sensors are powered by a lithium-ion battery that will recharge in the sun and hold a charge for up to 1-month. Want to use them indoors? That’s okay, too. The sensor features a charging port for USB microcharging.

The sensors may be set at a maximum distance of 300 feet apart and used with up to 14 other sensors (a total 16).  When both beams between the sensors are broken, the sensors will send a wireless signal up to 5,000 feet away to the DCR-4000 receiver or other Dakota Alert 4,000 series receiver.

Most entrance chimes on the market today use one PIR beam per sensor to detect motion or movement.  These sensors (SBB-4000) are called “break beam” sensors.  Beams are sent between a set of sensors. When something passes between them, an alarm is triggered (only when both beams are “broken.”)  This eliminates false alarms sometimes created by falling objects like leaves, for example.  However, small animals may break both beams, so sensors in a set should be mounted off the ground, at least 3-4 feet high.

SBB-4000 Feature Highlights

  • Up to 16 sensors/transmitters may be paired to any Dakota Alert 4000 series receiver.
  • Easy setup and programming.
  • Large solar panels work in areas that don’t receive constant sunlight.
  • Rechargeable batteries power units for up to 1 month on a full charge.
  • A Micro USB port is available to charge manually for indoor use.
  • Alert notice is triggered if beams are continuously uninterrupted. For example, if something constantly breaks the beam between the two sensors, an alert will be sent every 5 or 20 seconds (duration is set on sensors).
  • Break beams prevent false alarms as they are only triggered when the beams between the sensors are broken or interrupted.
  • Included industrial hardware included for sensor mounting. It may be mounted on a flat surface, pole, pipe, or support using the “c” bracket on the back of the units.

What’s Included with the SSB-4000 Beam Sensors?

  • 2 x SSB-4000 break beam sensor pair (A & B sensor).
  • Mounting screws, nuts, washers
  • Metal pipe mounts
  • Pipe mount rubber adaptors
  • “C” mounting brackets
  • User guide

What You’ll Need

  • A compatible Dakota Alert 4000 series receiver
  • Phillips head screwdriver and 7mm or an adjustable wrench for mounting
  • USB micro charger (not mandatory)

Dakota Alert




1 Year

Wireless Range

5000 ft.


Dakota Alert 4000 Series

Kit Or Accessory

Transmitter Only

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h. (Buchanan, US)
seamless and all just as they said and perfect for me

they shipped right when they said, they delivered as they said, they sent exact product, and it works just like i expected

Thank you for your positive feedback on our DCR-4000 Dakota Alert Desktop Chime Receiver! We are thrilled to hear that the product was seamless and met all of your expectations. Our team takes great pride in providing accurate shipping and delivery information, as well as delivering the exact product you were looking for.


Lost power 2 days ago due to the blizzard.. haven’t been able to get to fully connect everything yet but thanks for checking in on me

D.P. (Henderson, US)

I boughjt the 1800 Doorbell and i'll put it up when I get ready.
Your as naggy as my wife, I'll get to it!

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DCMA-4000 Dakota Alert Premier Driveway Monitor


Great consumer support, you guys are the best.

Thanks for the kind words! We're glad to hear that you're happy with the product and the customer support we provide.

J.F. (Dunnellon, US)

Haven’t Installed the product, but it arrived a few days after the order was placed and appears to be intact

T.D. (El Paso, US)
Works well!

This works well and it was easy to jnstall

t.P. (Moorestown, US)
Works as advertised

Excellent customer service. Did not oversell so I got exactly what I needed. Product was easy to set up. Now I receive an alert anytime someone enters our driveway. Would recommend this product.

Thank you for your kind words! We're glad to hear that the product worked as advertised and that you were happy with the customer service. We hope you'll continue to use our products in the future.

Drive Way.

Works great.

C.P. (Denver, US)

DCMA-4000 Dakota Alert Premier Driveway Monitor

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