ERA-PRXPG Kit, Motion Triggers Receiver Up to 4,000 ft. Away


Do you have a business, warehouse, or shop and want to know when someone enters your facility or even passes through a hallway?  The ERA-PRXPG is a powerful long-range entrance alert, and doorbell kit that features a motion activated, PIR sensor, and one plug-in receiver.  The kit is expandable by adding additional receivers and transmitters/sensors.

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Do You Need to Know When Someone Enters Your Business, Shop, or Warehouse?

The ERA-PRXPG is an excellent solution. The kit includes a passive infrared motion sensor and a plugin receiver. When someone passes through the monitored zone, the sensor triggers and sends a wireless signal up to 4,000 ft. away to the receiver. The sensor/transmitter is mounted using the included bracket and is typically mounted over a doorway, in a hallway, or virtually anywhere you want to monitor movement.

This kit is very similar to the ERA-PRDCR, with the difference being the receiver. This kit features a receiver that plugs directly into a standard wall outlet and features an optional flashing strobe light. The ERA-PRDCR Motion Alarm Kit features a desktop/wall mount receiver with a plugin adaptor.

When to Use This Type of Sensor

The sensor in this kit is the ERA-PIR, Passive Infrared Motion Sensor. As a PIR motion sensor, it is triggered when the combination of heat and motion is detected. It works great over doorways that sometimes stay open or in open-type areas. Compare this to a similar kit; the ERA-UTRXPG features a magnetic door contact sensor triggered when a door is opened. If you have a door that stays closed, choose the ERA-UTRXPG, if you have a door that sometimes stays open, a hallway, or other open areas you want to cover, use the ERA-PRXPG featured on this page.

What’s In the Kit?

  • ERA-RXPG plugin receiver
  • ERA-PIR – passive infrared receiver
  • Mounting bracket & screws for PIR sensor/transmitter
  • User Manual

The ERA-PRXPG Plugin Receiver

The ERA-RXPG is an easy-to-use wireless entry alert plugin receiver. The receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet and plays a chime, flashing strobe, or chime & strobe when triggered by the sensor.

The receiver has three different modes of operation:

  • 1) sound only
  • 2) flashing strobe only
  • 3) sound and strobe

It features four (4) levels of volume + mute. When the strobe option is selected, the receiver will flash brightly for approximately 15 seconds. This is an excellent choice in loud areas where a visual notification is needed or in a quiet area where you don’t want to play a chime sound and would rather see the flashing strobe.

Like all products in the ERA series, the ERA-RXPG works with all ERA-compatible sensors/transmitters, such as the ERA-PBTX push button, the ERA-UTX magnetic door contact, the ERA-PIR (featured in this kit) and the ERA-DSTX driveway sensor. It is important to note that you can also mix and match different ERA receivers with different ERA transmitters. You can also add additional receivers to this kit to spread the sound around a large facility. For example, program an additional ER-RXPG to the motion sensor and add another receiver in other parts of your facility.

The ERA-PIR Motion Activated Sensor

The ERA-PIR is a passive infrared sensor, commonly called a motion sensor. The sensor is triggered when the combination of heat and movement is detected in the monitored zone. This combination, requiring heat and movement to trigger, helps eliminate false triggers.

This type of sensor works great mounted above doors to detect entry through the door. If the door sometimes stays open, a magnetic door contact will not work in this situation because a magnetic contact works when the two pieces of the sensor are separated. If the door stays open and someone passes through, a magnetic contact won’t work well, which is how the passive infrared sensor, as the ERA-PIR works better.

This sensor also works well for glass doors where attaching the magnetic door sensor isn’t feasible. Although you can attach the ERA-UTX magnetic sensor to a glass door using double-sided tape, you might not want to use it for aesthetic reasons.

The sensor mounts using the aluminum bracket that allows you to pivot and rotate the sensor to create the desired monitored zone. In a typical scenario, the sensor mounts above the door and is rotated on the bracket to cover the areas the visitor would walk through. The sensor emits an invisible beam in a conical shape, and the higher you mount the sensor, the larger the zone it will create.

For example, mounting the sensor at 8 feet will produce a zone approximately 9.2 feet wide and 0.6 feet deep, while mounted at 13 ft. will create an 18.4 ft x 1.2 ft. zone. Adjusting the height, in combination with the tilt or rotation of the sensor itself, allows you to fine-tune the monitored zone, ensuring you pick up the desired movement and eliminate false alarms.

How the Mounted Height of the Sensor Changes the Size of the Monitored Zone

ERA-PIR-The monitored zone expands has the mounting height=
ERA PIR Monitored Zone Size

Hear the Sounds of the ERA-RXPG Plugin Strobe Receiver

Ding-Dong 2
Westminster Chime
Bird Chirping
Twinkle Twinkle
William Tell
Fur Elise
Coo-coo Clock
Cannon in D
Morning Mood
Toreador March
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

Safeguard Supply



Wireless Features

Expandable, Flashing Strobe, Multi-Zone, Visual Indicator, Volume Control

Wireless Range

4000 ft.

Best Use

Home Use, Long Distance – Thick Walls, Small Business


Safeguard Supply – ERA Series

Sensor Type

Passive-Infrared (PIR)

Battery Or Plug In

Plug-in Receiver

Kit Or Accessory


Receiver Type


Customer Reviews

Based on 424 reviews
C.P. (Newark, US)


We're happy to hear that the doorbell is working well so far!


Kudos that it reached farther to the target zone than my existing alarms but short of my hopeful goal. I live in the woods of northern Michigan. The alarm is active at about the 1000 foot mark which is short of the target distance for incoming intruders. For those looking for a clear line of sight alarm this should work for you, but for those living in the woods it has a hard time reaching out through the forest.

Good morning,

The line of sight distance is 4,000 ft. Trees and other objects will interfere with the signal. Also, exterior walls that separate the sensor and the receiver, will also cut down on the signal. This will happen with all wireless products, which is why the ERA product line, at 4,000 ft. tends to work better than other products.

S.C. (Chicago, US)
Simplicity is best!

The original doorbell system with chime was so great and easy to program, we decided to get another receiver for our warehouse. It was so simple to pair with the existing chimes and loud enough to hear back there. We have tried a couple of different options in the past, but due to signal issues and them being more complex, they did not work for us. This system is so basic and easy to use, it just works great for our needs.

Thanks for the great review! We're glad to hear that this receiver was a great choice for your needs - simplicity is best!

B.g. (Dallas, US)

My order was placed via phone call. The sales lady was professional with good product knowledge. I found the products to be well designed, easy to set up and install, at a small business. I would definitely recommend 1800doorbell products.

Thank you for your feedback! We're glad to hear that you're happy with our products and service.

D.W. (Virginia Beach, US)

This ‘driveway’ was a path through about 2000’ trees to house. Alarm works well but sounds for deer as well as cars. :)
Good purchase.

Thank you for your feedback! We're glad to hear that the alarm works well and that you're pleased with the purchase.

J.S. (Severn, US)

Best door bell ever bought!

L.M. (Palestine, US)
Great doorbell!

We purchased this for a rather unorthodox reason. My FIL lives next door and is elderly. So the bell is at our house (over 100 yds away), and the button is at his house. He just pushes the button when he needs us if his phone isn't handy. It's great! We think we need a few more buttons though. It's easy to program/set up, and works like a charm! We definitely recommend it!

S.G. (Troy, US)
Best help in a long time!

I finally have a door bell I can hear and alerts me with lights that the door bell is ringing I usually have to depend on my service dog to alert me. Thank you. I am now going to order two more of the plug in units for to other rooms.

Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that our ERA-DCKIT Door Bell for Hearing Impaired is providing you with the best help in a long time. We hope that you'll continue to use our product and recommend it to your friends.

Anonymous (Freeburg, US)
Great Product

The door bell system works great. We have 3 of them in the plant and all work perfect. Good company to deal with Thank You

Thank you for your review. We're glad to hear that the doorbell system works great and that you had good experiences with our company.

K.S. (Minneapolis, US)
Good Product, Good Service

Everything works as advertised. I was sceptical that the signal would travel though our warehouse and through concrete block walls, but it did. 1 receiver is 400 feet away and it works fine. Service was good - it shipped right away and I was informed all along the way.

Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that you're happy with the product and the service. We hope you have a great day!