ERA-PRXPG Kit, Motion Triggers Receiver Up to 4,000 ft. Away


Do you have a business, warehouse, or shop and want to know when someone enters your facility or even passes through a hallway?  The ERA-PRXPG is a powerful long-range entrance alert, and doorbell kit that features a motion activated, PIR sensor, and one plug-in receiver.  The kit is expandable by adding additional receivers and transmitters/sensors.

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Download user manualGTIN: 719243611248
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Do You Need to Know When Someone Enters Your Business, Shop, or Warehouse?

The ERA-PRXPG is an excellent solution. The kit includes a passive infrared motion sensor and a plugin receiver. When someone passes through the monitored zone, the sensor triggers and sends a wireless signal up to 4,000 ft. away to the receiver. The sensor/transmitter is mounted using the included bracket and is typically mounted over a doorway, in a hallway, or virtually anywhere you want to monitor movement.

This kit is very similar to the ERA-PRDCR, with the difference being the receiver. This kit features a receiver that plugs directly into a standard wall outlet and features an optional flashing strobe light. The ERA-PRDCR Motion Alarm Kit features a desktop/wall mount receiver with a plugin adaptor.

When to Use This Type of Sensor

The sensor in this kit is the ERA-PIR, Passive Infrared Motion Sensor. As a PIR motion sensor, it is triggered when the combination of heat and motion is detected. It works great over doorways that sometimes stay open or in open-type areas. Compare this to a similar kit; the ERA-UTRXPG features a magnetic door contact sensor triggered when a door is opened. If you have a door that stays closed, choose the ERA-UTRXPG, if you have a door that sometimes stays open, a hallway, or other open areas you want to cover, use the ERA-PRXPG featured on this page.

ERA PRDCR with ERA RXPG Motion Sensor Entry Alert for Businesses

What’s In the Kit?

  • ERA-RXPG plugin receiver
  • ERA-PIR – passive infrared receiver
  • Mounting bracket & screws for PIR sensor/transmitter
  • User Manual

The ERA-PRXPG Plugin Receiver

The ERA-RXPG is an easy-to-use wireless entry alert plugin receiver. The receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet and plays a chime, flashing strobe, or chime & strobe when triggered by the sensor.

The receiver has three different modes of operation:

  • 1) sound only
  • 2) flashing strobe only
  • 3) sound and strobe

It features four (4) levels of volume + mute. When the strobe option is selected, the receiver will flash brightly for approximately 15 seconds. This is an excellent choice in loud areas where a visual notification is needed or in a quiet area where you don’t want to play a chime sound and would rather see the flashing strobe.

Like all products in the ERA series, the ERA-RXPG works with all ERA-compatible sensors/transmitters, such as the ERA-PBTX push button, the ERA-UTX magnetic door contact, the ERA-PIR (featured in this kit) and the ERA-DSTX driveway sensor. It is important to note that you can also mix and match different ERA receivers with different ERA transmitters. You can also add additional receivers to this kit to spread the sound around a large facility. For example, program an additional ER-RXPG to the motion sensor and add another receiver in other parts of your facility.

The ERA-PIR Motion Activated Sensor

The ERA-PIR is a passive infrared sensor, commonly called a motion sensor. The sensor is triggered when the combination of heat and movement is detected in the monitored zone. This combination, requiring heat and movement to trigger, helps eliminate false triggers.

This type of sensor works great mounted above doors to detect entry through the door. If the door sometimes stays open, a magnetic door contact will not work in this situation because a magnetic contact works when the two pieces of the sensor are separated. If the door stays open and someone passes through, a magnetic contact won’t work well, which is how the passive infrared sensor, as the ERA-PIR works better.

This sensor also works well for glass doors where attaching the magnetic door sensor isn’t feasible. Although you can attach the ERA-UTX magnetic sensor to a glass door using double-sided tape, you might not want to use it for aesthetic reasons.

The sensor mounts using the aluminum bracket that allows you to pivot and rotate the sensor to create the desired monitored zone. In a typical scenario, the sensor mounts above the door and is rotated on the bracket to cover the areas the visitor would walk through. The sensor emits an invisible beam in a conical shape, and the higher you mount the sensor, the larger the zone it will create.

For example, mounting the sensor at 8 feet will produce a zone approximately 9.2 feet wide and 0.6 feet deep, while mounted at 13 ft. will create an 18.4 ft x 1.2 ft. zone. Adjusting the height, in combination with the tilt or rotation of the sensor itself, allows you to fine-tune the monitored zone, ensuring you pick up the desired movement and eliminate false alarms.

How the Mounted Height of the Sensor Changes the Size of the Monitored Zone

ERA-PIR-The monitored zone expands has the mounting height of the unit increases.  Lower the mounting height to decrease zone size.
ERA PIR Monitored Zone Size

Hear the Sounds of the ERA-RXPG Plugin Strobe Receiver

Ding-Dong 2
Westminster Chime
Bird Chirping
Twinkle Twinkle
William Tell
Fur Elise
Coo-coo Clock
Cannon in D
Morning Mood
Toreador March

Safeguard Supply



Wireless Features

Expandable, Flashing Strobe, Multi-Zone, Visual Indicator, Volume Control

Wireless Range

4000 ft.

Best Use

Home Use, Long Distance – Thick Walls, Small Business


Safeguard Supply – ERA Series

Sensor Type

Passive-Infrared (PIR)

Battery Or Plug In

Plug-in Receiver

Kit Or Accessory


Receiver Type


Customer Reviews

Based on 450 reviews
T.R. (San Ramon, US)

It’s a great door chime, my gate is 300’ away from my house. When you push the button, it’s nice and loud in my house. Now we know when someone is trying to get in. Thanks

V.B. (Cleveland, US)

Doorbells work GREAT we wouldn't order anything different and will order more 10 STARS not 5 stars

H.A. (Aledo, US)
Great Door Bell

Wow, really easy to set up and program. I had it up and running within 30 minutes after opening the box. Great product. I will be ordering another remote for a backyard building soon.

M. (Charlotte, US)
Easy & fast set up BUT...

This was simple to set up. I was disappointed that I HAD to use the screws that were provided or none of the mounts would work. Works very well. But...I have serious reservations about how long this will last in our work environment. The doorbell portion is going to be in direct sun all day. I would be shocked if it lasts 2 yrs

Thanks for the feedback. We use the same product at our warehouse and the push button has been going strong for 4 years. We did have to replace the battery a couple of years ago though. Please keep us posted!

T.K. (Columbus, US)
Great System

Easy to set up 2 transmitters.

Thank you for your review of the ERA-PBDCR Commercial Door Chime Kit with Push Button & Desktop Receiver. We're glad to hear that you're happy with the system and find it easy to set up. We hope you'll enjoy using it to signal visitors!

m.f. (Brooklyn, US)

Just what I was looking for works great

Thank you for your feedback! We're glad to hear that this door chime kit works great for you.

P.G. (Dallas, US)

Great to put in our driveway at our business to know when someone pulls in for sure.


very happy with it, work great

G.C.J. (Nashville, US)
Hiding driveway

It’s exactly what I needed. I’ve got my motion sensor over the hill on my neighbors mailbox. It gives me a safer pull out on my driveway. I wish my light was a little bit brighter. But I give it five stars


Love this product…works great!