Store Door Chimes & Door Chimes for Business

These business door chimes & Commercial Doorbells, and alerts are designed for businesses, warehouses & other shops that need a long-range wireless doorbell guaranteed to work. A Door Chime for Business works as a store door chime and needs a more extended range to cover large warehouses, offices, or retail centers.

These business chimes are expandable, meaning you can easily add additional push buttons (or other compatible sensor types) and different receivers such as the ERA-DCRX doorbell desktop receiver, the ERA-DCRXS plugin commercial doorbell receiver, and the ERA-VPRX portable business door chime receiver.

Our Best Selling Business Doorbell Designed for Warehouses, Shops & Stores

Below are the top 3 selling business chimes & store alerts. With a 4,000 ft. range, a robust set of features, expandability & add-ons available, the ERA line of products is guaranteed to work in your location, or you get your money back!

Guaranteed to Work at Your Business

The #1 Door Chime for Business is the ERA-UTDCR. With a range of 4,000 ft. from the transmitter (push button or door contact) to the business door chime receiver, the ERA-UTDCR will have the power and range needed for large businesses, warehouses, and retail stores.

This business door chime is expandable, not only by adding more receivers and push buttons but also with portable business door chime receivers, motion sensors, and loud add-on accessories such as a siren strobe, fire alarm bell, or siren.

A Store Doorbell Is Designed for Warehouses Door Chime Use, Store Door Chimes Use, and Other Retail Buzzer Operations.

These wireless business door chimes & business entrance alert products listed in this category work well in larger areas such as warehouses, retail stores, shops, and offices.

With a more extended wireless range and penetrating power, we guarantee these commercial doorbells will have enough power to reach from the transmitter to the receiver.

Virtually all the business door chime products you might purchase at large hardware stores or even on Amazon are designed for residential use and will not have the range you’ll need in a commercial location.

Our products are GUARANTEED to work in your location or get your money back!

Discover the Perfect Door Chime for Your Business Needs

Welcome to our comprehensive collection of door chimes curated for business, store, and warehouse owners. Our selection emphasizes wireless door chimes, renowned for their flexibility and extensive coverage, making them an excellent choice for various commercial settings. Each product is chosen for its ability to meet the demanding needs of a busy business environment.

Why Opt for Wireless Door Chimes?

Wireless door chimes offer unmatched convenience and adaptability for business settings. Their extended wireless range suits them for different business layouts, from cozy boutique stores to sprawling warehouse spaces. The absence of cumbersome wiring means these systems can be easily integrated into any business environment without the hassle of complex installation processes.

Essential Features of Business Door Chimes

  • Extended Wireless Range: Ideal for large areas, ensuring no visitor goes unnoticed.
  • Customizable Chime Options: A variety of tones to suit the ambiance of your business.
  • User-Friendly Installation: Quick and straightforward setup, perfect for busy business owners.
  • Durability for Commercial Use: Each chime is built to withstand the daily rigors of business operations.

Enhancing Security and Customer Service with Door Chimes

Door chimes play a dual role in businesses. They are vital for security, alerting staff to incoming customers or unauthorized entries. In customer-centric businesses like retail stores, a door chime is a welcoming sound, prompting staff to provide immediate service, thus enhancing customer experience and potentially increasing sales.

Selecting the Right Door Chime

The choice of a door chime depends on the size of your premises, your business type, and specific security requirements. It’s vital to assess these factors to ensure you select a door chime system that aligns with your business’s unique needs.

Featured Models: The Best in Business Door Chimes

We spotlight models like the ERA-UTDCR by Safeguard Supply, which is praised for its versatility and long-range capabilities. These models are examples of what our collection offers, combining functionality with reliability, which is ideal for various business environments.

Your Business Deserves the Best in Door Chime Technology

Investing in a high-quality door chime system is not just about security; it’s about enhancing your business operations’ overall functionality and efficiency. Explore our selection to find the door chime that best suits your business requirements and enjoy peace of mind with a secure, welcoming business environment.

WDK-ERA-KIT is our best-selling Store door bell & door chime for businesses & warehouses.

Designed for warehouses, shops, larger homes, and other business locations, we have created long-range doorbell kits that function as store door chimes and work excellently as Door Chimes for Business, exclusive to 

These kits combine our best products to fit the needs of our warehouse customers. In the past, wireless door chimes were unreliable for businesses because most systems were designed for ranges up to 150 feet max. These systems didn’t have the power to penetrate the building materials often associated with commercial locations & weren’t good candidates for Door Chimes for Business.

The products in this category, door chimes for business, are long-range, ranging from the push button to the receiver greater than the standard 150ft.  These products have a range of 300 ft. at a minimum, with one model having a max range of up to 4,00 ft.

This kit is perfect for large shops and warehouses or any location where you need a visual indicator, such as a flashing strobe light. This kit has what you need to signal over a large area and offers a visual, bright strobe light you can’t miss.

Our newest kit is the WDK-ERA-STROBE. It is a long-range unit with a range of up to 4000 ft. and a bright strobe light that flashes when triggered. Perfect for loud workshops or warehouses, this is easy to install and maintain the product.

The kit ships with everything you need to install, operate, and use it as a quality Commercial Doorbell.

  • ERA-DCRX plug-in receiver – adjustable volume doorbell chimes with 12V DC outputs and multi-zone capability.
  • ERA-UTX long-range transmitter: Add this door bell (or use it as magnetic door contact) to your outside door to receive alerts when a visitor is at your door or the door is opened.
  • Flashing strobe light

Bell wire, doorbell wire (to wire strobe to receiver)

Why Our Door Chime for Business Are Better

The standard range for a wireless chime is approximately 75-150 feet from the push button to the chime. However, this range is sometimes insufficient, especially in an office or industrial setting.

We offer products that range up to 5000 feet while providing you the ease and convenience of a quick installation.

Is your business missing UPS or FedEx deliveries? Do you have a quality door chime for visitors to ring if you lock your business doors?

Our long-range wireless door chime products are quick and easy to install, allowing you to place them anywhere you need in your home or business. Add a doorbell to a garage, workshop, or basement in minutes.

Wireless chimes are also an efficient and attractive way to replace a broken chime without a fuss. They are an excellent solution for back doors where your business receives deliveries.