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Business Rated Wireless Door Chimes

These doorbells and alerts are designed for business applications.  They have a longer range to cover large warehouses, offices or retail centers.  These chimes allow you to add on a variety of accessories to suit your specific needs, or choose one of our kits that come with a chime and flashing strobe light.

Wireless door chimes that work well in commercial environments are important enough for us to create a special category for these products.  Although many of the products that are listed in this category appear in other categories, they may be listed here because we feel they are products that would also work in a commercial location.

A lot times, business owners shy away from using wireless door chime or entrance alert products because they've had a negative experience with them.  In most of these examples, owners & managers purchased a product at the local box store retailer.  Products at the local hardware stores are residential based, meaning the range or power of the doorbell won't be sufficient to overcome the negative environmental facts that could block a signal.  The rule-of-thumb, is that each exterior wall will diminish the signal up to 30%-70% (depending on material), while interior walls have a 20% affect.

Whenever you purchase a wireless product, of any kind, the manufacturer will publish the "wireless range."  The is a line-of-sight measurement or calculation of the product.  That's the only real apples-to-apples way for all manufacturers to let user know the range.

However, in a real-world environment there are several factors that WILL interfere with the wireless range.  Metal, concrete, stucco, etc., are just a few materials that will bring that line of sight distance down.  When you go to HomeDepot and purchase wireless chime with a range of 300 ft., for example, you reasonable think the product would work in your location.   But mounting the transmitting push button on an exterior wall, that happens to be brick concrete, will immediately cut down on the signal by  70%.  A 300ft signal is already cut down to 90 ft.  You can already see the problem.  That's not to say that some of the lower-ranged products won't work in your location.  It really depends on the distance you need and other environmental factors.

If the product is wireless, we do not list it in this category unless it has a wireless range of at least 500 ft.  We even have products here, like the LH-4000 wireless door chime kit that has a range of more than 5,000 ft.  It would be hard to find a common location where this product would not work.

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