Store Door Chimes & Door Chimes for Business

These business door chimes & Commercial Doorbells, and alerts are designed for businesses, warehouses & other shops that need a long-range wireless doorbell guaranteed to work. A Door Chime for Business works as a store door chime and needs a more extended range to cover large warehouses, offices, or retail centers.

These business chimes are expandable, meaning you can easily add additional push buttons (or other compatible sensor types) and different receivers such as the ERA-DCRX doorbell desktop receiver, the ERA-DCRXS plugin commercial doorbell receiver, and the ERA-VPRX portable business door chime receiver.

Guaranteed to Work at Your Business

The #1 Door Chime for Business is the ERA-UTDCR. With a range of 4,000 ft. from the transmitter (push button or door contact) to the business door chime receiver, the ERA-UTDCR will have the power and range needed for large businesses, warehouses, and retail stores.

This door chime for business is expandable, not only by adding more receivers & push buttons, but with portable business door chime receivers, motion sensors, and loud add-on accessories such as a siren strobe, fire alarm bell, or siren.

A Store Doorbell Is Designed for Warehouses Door Chime Use, Store Door Chimes Use, and Other Retail Buzzer Operations.

These wireless business door chimes & business entrance alert products listed in this category work well in larger areas such as warehouses, retail stores, shops, and offices.

With a more extended wireless range and penetrating power, we guarantee these commercial doorbells will have enough power to reach from the transmitter to the receiver.

Virtually all the business door chime products you might purchase at large hardware stores or even on Amazon are designed for residential use and will not have the range you’ll need in a commercial location.

Our products are GUARANTEED to work in your location or get your money back!

  • ERA-DCKIT Wireless Door Chime Kit Guaranteed to Work in Your LocationERA-RXPG 4,000 Ft. Range Plugin Door Chime Receiver 2

    ERA-DCKIT Wireless Door Chime Kit Guaranteed to Work in Your Location


    With the success of the ERA-DCRX receiver with 12V outputs & the ERA-VPRX portable receiver, Safeguard Supply is happy to announce the ERA-DCKIT, which includes a long-range push button & plugin receiver with a flashing strobe.  Although it looks more residential in design, don’t be fooled.  The kit still packs the long-range power of 4000 ft., that’s standard with all ERA products.

    Model: ERA-DCKIT
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  • Sale! ERA-PBDCR Commercial Door Chime KitERA-DCRX Commercial Door Chime Desktop Receiver

    ERA-PBDCR Commercial Door Chime Kit with Push Button & Desktop Receiver


    The ERA-PBDCR is a commercial door chime kit that features a nicely styled wireless doorbell push button and a robust desktop receiver.  With a range of up to 4,000 feet, this kit is guaranteed to work in your location or your money back.  Compatible with all ERA sensors & receivers, this kit is easily expandable.  Choose from 12 different chime songs to fit your needs.

    Model: ERA-PBDCR
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  • ERA-PBDCR-STROBE-B Door Buzzer for BusinessERA-PBDCR-STROBE-G Wireless Door Buzzer for Business

    ERA-PBDCR-STROBE Wireless Door Buzzer for Business


    The ERA-PBDCR-STROBE is a door buzzer for business designed to work in commercial environments, warehouses, shops, retails stores, and more. With range of up to 4,000 ft., this kit is guaranteed to work in your location our your money back.  The kit includes everything you need to have a reliable wireless door buzzer system up and running in your location in merely minutes.

    The kit ships with a wireless push button, a desktop receiver, a wire, and your choice of bright flashing strobe light color.  The strobe light is a great addition for loud areas where you want to provide a visual indicator and environments where you don’t want a loud system but want a flashing strobe to notify you when a visitor arrives at your door.

    Expandable by adding desktop, plugin, portable receivers, and all ERA sensors like the ERA-PIR motion sensor, the ERA-DSTX outdoor driveway sensor, and the ERA-UTX door magnetic contact.

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  • ERA-PRDCR Motion Alarm Kit Designed for Businesses & Warehouses Desktop ReceiverERA-PRDCR Motion Alarm Kit Designed for Businesses & Warehouses

    ERA-PRDCR Motion Alarm Kit Designed for Businesses & Warehouses


    Always know when a customer or visitor enters your space with a 4,000 FOOT RANGE commercial entrance alert.  Our most popular Motion Alarm Kit Designed for Businesses & Warehouses comes with 1 Motion Sensor and 1 Chime Receiver.  Simply mount the sensor over (or beside) the entrance to be monitored and plug in the chime receiver wherever you need to hear the notification.

    Perfect for retail locations or offices to improve customer service and employee safety.  Add on additional sensors (ERA-PIR) to monitor multiple doors.  Plug-in additional chime receivers (ERA-DCRX, ERA-RXPG, & ERA-VPRX) to hear the chime in multiple locations – stock rooms, offices, and warehouses.  Consider the ERA-UTDCR Warehouse & Business Wireless Doorbell Kit Designed for Business Use if you have an entrance where the door is usually closed.  Never be caught off guard again.  

    Model: ERA-PRDCR
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  • ERA-RXPG Motion Alarm Kit Designed for Businesses & Warehouses Plugin ReceiverERA-RXPG Operations Mode Switch

    ERA-PRXPG Kit, Motion Triggers Receiver Up to 4,000 ft. Away


    Do you have a business, warehouse, or shop and want to know when someone enters your facility or even passes through a hallway?  The ERA-PRXPG is a powerful long-range entrance alert, and doorbell kit that features a motion activated, PIR sensor, and one plug-in receiver.  The kit is expandable by adding additional receivers and transmitters/sensors.

    Model: ERA-PRXPG
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  • ERA-UTRXPG Business Wireless Door Chime with Plugin ReceiverERA-RXPG 4,000 Ft. Range Plugin Door Chime Receiver

    ERA-UTRXPG Door Entry Chime for Business – Plug In Chime Receiver


    Looking for an easy-to-install, expandable door entry chime for a business entrance alert system?

    Look no further than the ERA-UTRXPG! This robust system features a ruggedized outdoor pushbutton transmitter (or door contact) and a plugin receiver with a flashing strobe option. With a whopping 4,000 ft. range, it’s perfect for industrial or warehouse use, retail stores, or even your home.

    Plus, the receiver and transmitter are compatible with all other ERA products, so you can easily add to your system as needed.

    Model: ERA-UTRXPG
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  • ERA-UTDCR Door Chime with 4000 Feet Range, Ideal Wireless Doorbell for Business & WarehousesERA UTDCR CONTACT 4 1

    ERA-UTDCR Door Chime with 4000 Feet Range, Ideal Wireless Doorbell for Business & War...


    Our most popular Warehouse & Business Entry and Doorbell Kit.  Power through the steel, concrete, and other building materials present in commercial applications with a range of 4,000 feet. This wireless warehouse door chime receiver features 4 x 12V DC outputs allowing the use of various accessories, including strobes (siren, buzzer, etc.), sirens, bells, etc., for each zone.  Pair up to 12 transmitters (push buttons, door contacts, motion sensor, or outdoor driveway sensor).  Use as many receiver chimes as necessary to hear the alert in multiple locations.


    Model: ERA-UTDCR
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    WDK-ERA-STROBE Warehouse Doorbell with Strobe – Entrance Alert Chime for Businesses


    Our popular Warehouse Kit is back and better than ever! Now with an extended range of up to 4,000 feet. The receiver chime has also been updated to feature 4 x 12V outputs, allowing each zone a different strobe (siren, buzzer, etc.). Choose from 5 different strobe light colors. 

    The kit has one plugin chime receiver, one transmitter (which can be used as a push button or door contact), bell wire, and a strobe light.  Add additional receivers to hear in multiple locations or additional transmitters for more than one door: excellent range and a fantastic product for large or hard-to-hear areas.

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  • ERA-DCRX Desktop/Wall Mount Receiver on WallERA DCRX FLAT ANGLE 18 1

    ERA-DCRX Wireless Warehouse Doorbell Receiver Compatible with All ERA Transmitters/Sensors...


    The ERA-DCRX is a long-range wireless chime receiver compatible with the ERA series of products, except for the ERA-PIR-SPK which is a standalone product.  Purchased as a kit, this receiver is featured in the ERA-UTDCR & the WDK-ERA-STROBE.

  • ERA UTX 3ERA-UTX 4000 ft. Wireless Business Doorbell Button & Magnetic Door Chime Contact Transmitter

    ERA-UTX 4000 ft. Doorbell Sensor Push Button or Magnetic Contact


    This universal transmitter is compatible with the Safeguard Supply “ERA” line of products.  It may be a door/window contact or a wireless push button.  When triggered, it will transmit a wireless signal up to 4,000 ft. to an ERA receiver – the ERA-DCRX or the ERA-RXPG.  The transmitter is powered by a 3-volt lithium-ion battery included with the purchase.  To purchase the complete kit, please see the ERA-UTDCR Warehouse & Business Wireless Doorbell Kit Designed for Business Use and the WDK-ERA-STROBE Warehouse Wireless Doorbell Kit / Entry Alert & Strobe Light For Large, Loud Areas.

  • ERA-PRDCR-STROBE Warehouse & Business Motion Entry Alert Strobe Chime KitERA PRDCR STROBE B 1

    ERA-PRDCR-STROBE Warehouse & Business Motion Entry Alert Strobe Chime Kit


    When you have a door that sometimes stays open, have an open area you would like to monitor, or simply prefer a motion-based sensor rather than a door/window contact, the ERA-PRDCR-STROBE is a great choice.  When triggered by heat and motion, the PIR sensor will transmit a wireless signal up to 4,000 ft. to the remote plug-in receiver where a selected chime sound will play and the connected strobe will flash.  The product is great when you need a bright visual indication when motion is detected. 

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    Get the WDK-ERA-KIT Premium Long Range Warehouse Doorbell with Loud Sound – It’...


    Our  Warehouse Kit includes your choice of a 12VDC accessory to increase the listening range. The 12V DC accessories featured in this kit have sound levels from 90dba to 115dba. These accessories connect to the 12V DC outputs located on the receiver.

    This product is terrific for a larger area or an especially loud workshop. Add more receivers to this kit so offices within the workspace can have chime sounds (with volume control) while using the loud accessories in the workshop.

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  • ERA VPRX Kit 1200px 1 1Get the ERA-UTPVR Portable Warehouse Doorbell Kit for Business Use by Safeguard Supply

    ERA-UTPVR Portable Doorbell for Business & Warehouse Use


    The ERA-VPRX vibrating portable receiver paired with the ERA-UTX push button/door contact creates a Portable Doorbell for a variety of business needs –  such as warehouses, retail stores, shops, restaurants, and more.  When a door is opened, or a visitor pushes the push button, users carrying the ERA-VPRX will instantly receive an alert (vibrating, melody, or both).  Use this receiver in conjunction with any of the ERA sensor/transmitters and also with the ERA-DCRX desktop receiver.

    Model: ERA-UTVPR
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  • ERA-VPRX Portable Business Doorbell Receiver with 4,000 ft. Range - Works with All ERA ProductsERA VPRX 3 1200px 7 1

    ERA-VPRX Portable Business Doorbell Receiver with 4,000 ft. Range – Works with All E...


    The ERA-VPRX is a rechargeable, PORTABLE receiver that vibrates & plays a melody when triggered by a compatible ERA transmitter/sensor.  This receiver allows users to roam up to 4,000 ft. from an ERA transmitter such as the ERA-UTX push button, a driveway sensor such as the ERA-DSTX, or a motion sensor like the ERA-PIR.  Great for warehouse workers, managers, or others who want a portable business doorbell receiver & that cannot be tied down to their desk.  This receiver has a standby battery life of 6-7 days and can be recharged with the included charger.

  • ERA-RXPG 4,000 Ft. Range Plugin Door Chime ReceiverERA-RXPG 4,000 Ft. Range Plugin Door Chime Receiver 2

    ERA-RXPG 4,000 Ft. Range Plugin Wireless Door Chime Receiver


    By popular demand, Safeguard Supply is proud to introduce the wireless long-range plug-in receiver, the ERA-RXPG.  Compatible with all the ERA series of sensors and the ERA-DCRX.  Mix and match them to create a solution for your environment.  This receiver provides the flexibility of simply plugging the chime into a standard wall outlet.  With three modes of operation –  strobe, strobe & sound, or sound only, with handy volume control, it offers a loud sound and a bright flashing strobe to provide an audible and visual notification when a guest, delivery, or customer trigger the sensor.

  • ERA-PBTX Wireless Push Button with Almost 1 Mile RangeERA-PBTX Long Range Wireless Door Chime Button

    ERA-PBTX Wireless Push Button with Almost 1 Mile Range


    Safeguard Supply is happy to introduce the ERA-PBTX wireless door chime push button to complement the ERA line of products. With the same range as the rugged ERA-UTX push button, the ERA-PBTX offers more appealing styling and a warm LED that illuminates nighttime visitors. Although this push button works excellently in warehouses and industrial locations, we recommend this push button in locations where you may have retail visitors and visitors to your home.

  • ERA PIR Sensor Transmitter scaled 2ERA-PIR Motion Sensor Alarm for ERA Business Chime Kits

    ERA-PIR Motion Sensor Alarm for ERA Business Chime Kits


    A new edition to the ERA product line, the ERA-PIR, adds a motion sensor.   Using the included mounting bracket, the sensor emits a PIR to cover the area you want to monitor.  When motion and heat are detected, the sensor sends a wireless signal to the ERA-DCRX  or the ERA-VPRX to play the selected melody.

  • AV200 Wired Motion Entrance Alert Kit for Door Hallwayav200-entry-alert-transmitter-

    Wired Entrance Alert Kit Alerts You When Someone Enters Door…No Batteries Needed


    The AV-200 is a hard-wired entrance alert kit for those who do not want to use a wireless notification system. Like the popular DA50L-A, this kit uses a passive infrared sensor (PIR) that triggers a chime alert when heat and movement are detected. Wired to the sensor is a speaker chime box that plays a chime sound when activated. This kit has everything you need to install, operate, and maintain the system. Great for doors that remain open or hallways.  Reliability and ease of installation make this a great product to improve customer service and increase safety.

  • LRA D1000A View 3 1LRA-D1000A-View-Wireless Battery Operated Chime

    LRA-D1000 Loud Wireless Door Chime Kit with Flashing Strobe


    BEST SELLER!  Great for large homes and businesses that need to transmit over long distances, the LRA-D1000 has the power to penetrate walls that typical products cannot. A selector switch on the side of the door chime can be set to “flash,” “chime,” or “flash and chime.” An excellent choice for use in residential applications for the hard of hearing or in noisy, commercial environments. This is a good product for homes of all sizes and mid-sized businesses.  For large retail spaces or a business door chime system with external accessories such as Fire Alarm Bells, Loud Sirens, or Strobe Lights, visit the ERA-UTDCR Business Doorbell.

    Model: LRA-D1000
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  • Sale! LRA-DCRX Battery Operated Door Chime ReceiverLRA DCRXA Side View 13 1

    LRA-DCRX Loud Flashing Strobe Battery Operated Receiver


    The LRA-DCRX is a wireless doorbell/door chime receiver compatible with the Safeguard Supply line of notification devices.  This product will receive signals from up to four compatible long-range transmitters/sensors, featuring loud volume control and a bright strobe that adds a visual display. Use the push button, door contact, motion sensor, or driveway sensor.

    Model: LRA-DCRX-L
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  • Sale! ezchime ez tone mechanical entry alert chimeEZCHIME Entrance Alert Requires No Power

    EZCHIME EZ Tone Entrance Alert Requires No Power


    This mechanical alert (Entrance Alert Requires No Power) sends a gentle tone when a door is opened.  Great for small to medium-sized stores & offices.  Simply mount the unit on the door frame (& a small magnet on the door), and when the door is opened a non-alarming alert sound is generated.   This is a great alert device if the door generally stays closed.  If the door (or use in a hallway) is sometimes opened, we recommend the Safeguard Supply ERA-PIR-SPK.

  • Sale! lra vprx 1lra vprx top 3

    Safeguard Supply LRA-VPRX Long Range Portable Vibrating Chime Receiver


    Safeguard Supply LRA-VPRX Long Range Portable Vibrating Chime Receiver

  • Sale! lra repeater 1 1lra rpx top v 5 1 1

    Safeguard Supply LRA-RPX 1000 Ft. Range Extender Battery Operated


    Extend the range of your LRA wireless system by another 1000 feet.  For an extended range, place this “repeater” between your transmitter and chime receiver.  The receiver is battery-operated, and no setup or pairing is required.

  • Sale! LH-4000 Commercial Doorbell Kit with 5000 ft Range by Dakota Alertdcr4000 2 1

    Warehouse Wireless Door Buzzer Chime with 5,000 Ft. Range


    You won’t find a wireless warehouse doorbell that is more reliable and easy to use than the UTDCR-4000 (LH-4000).  Great for warehouses and businesses who need an extended range of products. Amazing 4000-5000 foot range from the transmitter (push button or door window contact) to the chime receiver. With the ability to expand this kit, you’ll have a wireless doorbell with multiple receivers.  Never miss a customer or delivery again.

    Model: UTDCR-4000
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  • Sale! ut 4000 long range push button 1 1ut 2500 door contact doorview 2 1

    UT-4000 Warehouse Door Contact or Doorbell Push Button with 5,000 ft. Range


    The UT-4000 is a commercial-grade, wireless push button (or door contact) compatible with Dakota’s 4000 series of products. Pair the push button with the receiver, mount it on the door, and it will transmit a wireless signal up to 5000 ft. Use it as a door/window contact to alert you when the door is open. Please note that it IS NOT compatible with the Dakota Alert 2500 series or the ERA series by Safeguard Supply.

  • Sale! DCR-4000-Dakota-Alert-Wireless-Receiver-2.jpg

    DCR-4000 Dakota Alert Desktop Chime Receiver for 4000 Series


    The DCR-4000 receiver by Dakota Alert is compatible with all 4000 series of products by Dakota. An effective, reliable receiver will play a selected chime sound when triggered by a transmitter/receiver. The unit plugs into a standard wall outlet and has a range (from transmitter to receiver) of up to 5,000 ft.

  • Sale! entry informer full kit 1 2DA50L-A (TXRX1000A) Motion Detector Chime

    DA50L-A (TXRX1000A) Motion Detector Chime


    When off-the-shelf entry alerts from the big box store retailers won’t due, look to the DA50L-A.  Simple to install but mighty, this product has the range you need to get the job done right!  An alert is sent to a remote receiver whenever a person passes through the Passive Infrared Sensor.  Install multiple sensors for several doors and up to 4 chime receivers to hear the alert in different locations.

  • LRA-C1000A Doorbell Entry Alert Kit with Receiver and Transmitterlra dctx top 2

    LRA-C1000 Wireless Door Contact Entry Alarm Kit with 1,000 ft. Range


    LRA-C1000 Wireless Door Contact Entry Alarm Kit with 1,000 ft. Range

    Model: LRA-C1000
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  • Sale! LRA M1000A View 3 1LRA MSTXA Side Angle 2

    Motion Sensor Entry Alert Kit with Strobe Light Receiver, 1000 ft. Range


    Motion Sensor Entry Alert Kit with Strobe Light Receiver, 1000 ft. Range.

    Model: LRA-M1000
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Door Chime for Business & Store Door Chime

Long Range Door Chimes are wireless systems designed to work over long distances and locations where standard wireless products have trouble working.

When to use a longer range product as a Door Chime for Business or for a Store Door Chime:

  • when the distance from the push button to the receiver is over 100 ft.
  • when building materials will interfere with standard products
  • when you have tried products from box retail stores but they don't have the power need
  • for special situations when you need speakers, strobe lights, or visual indicators for your commercial application

WDK-ERA-SIREN Store Door Chime & Door Chimes for Business Great For Warehouses Kit
WDK-ERA-SIREN Store Doorbell Kit with Loud Siren

WDK-ERA-KIT is our best-selling Store door bell & door chime for businesses & warehouses.

Designed for warehouses, shops, larger homes, and other business locations, we have created long-range doorbell kits, designed to function as a store door chime, that work great as Door Chimes for Business that are exclusive to 

These kits combine our best products to fit the needs of our warehouse customers. In the past, wireless door chimes were unreliable for businesses, because most systems were designed for ranges up to 150 feet max. These systems didn't have the power to penetrate the building materials often associated with commercial locations & weren't good candidates for Door Chimes for Business.

The products located in this category, door chimes for business, are long-range, meaning they have a range from the push button to the receiver greater than the standard 150ft.  These products have a range of 300 ft. at a minimum with one model having a max range of up to 4,00 ft.

This kit is perfect for large shops and warehouses, or any location where you need a visual indicator, such as a flashing strobe light. Not only does this kit have what you need to send signals over a large area, but it also offers a visual, bright strobe light you can't miss.

Our newest kit is the WDK-ERA-STROBE. It is a long-range unit with a range of up to 4000 ft. and a bright strobe light that flashes when triggered. Perfect for loud workshops or warehouses, this is easy to install and maintain the product.

The kit ships with everything you need to install and operate the kit & use it as a quality Commercial Doorbell.

  • ERA-DCRX plug-in receiver - adjustable volume doorbell chimes with 12V DC outputs and multi-zone capable.
  • ERA-UTX long-range transmitter - add this door bell (or use as magnetic door contact) to your outside door to receive alerts when a visitor is at your door OR the door is opened.
  • Flashing strobe light

Bell wire, doorbell wire, (to wire strobe to receiver)

Why Our Door Chime for Business Are Better

The standard range for a wireless chime is approximately 75-150 feet from the push button to the chime. However, sometimes this range is simply not enough, especially in an office or industrial setting.

We offer products with ranges up to 5000 feet, while still offering you the ease and convenience of a quick installation.

Is your business missing deliveries from UPS or FedEx? If you are keeping your business doors locked, do you have a quality door chime for visitors to ring?

Our long-range wireless door chime products are quick and easy to install, allowing you the flexibility of placing them anywhere you need to in your home or business. Add a doorbell to a garage, workshop, or basement in minutes.

Wireless chimes are also an efficient and attractive way to replace a broken chime without a fuss. They are an excellent solution for back doors where your business receives deliveries.