DA50L-A (TXRX1000A) Motion Detector Chime


When off-the-shelf entry alerts from the big box store retailers won’t due, look to the DA50L-A.  Simple to install but mighty, this product has the range you need to get the job done right!  An alert is sent to a remote receiver whenever a person passes through the Passive Infrared Sensor.  Install multiple sensors for several doors and up to 4 chime receivers to hear the alert in different locations.

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Do you need Instant Notification when Motion is Detected or when Customers enter your Office or Store?

The DA50L-A or the Rodann TX/RX-1000A is a Business Grade Wireless Entry Alert Kit that uses a PIR-based transmitter and plug-in receiver.  This is one of our best-selling flagship products at The entry alarm has been used to alert store owners when a customer enters a store, alert homeowners when kids open the basement door, or notify offices and warehouses when a stock room door has been opened. The DA50L-A Wireless Door Chime Set is a high-quality passive infrared (PIR) door chime that detects infrared waves whenever something crosses its path. Because it does not use light beam projectors or reflectors, the DA50L-A is resistant to false alarms triggered by light. Works with both open and closed doors. The DA50L-A Wireless Door Chime is battery operated – no wiring required. It is perfect for both personal and commercial use in the home and in warehouses or other commercial settings.

*Please notice the newest product to the Safeguard Series of ERA products, the ERA-PRDCR Kit.  This kit offers additional features to this product, with a range of 4,000 ft., at a lower introductory price:  ERA-PRDCR Motion Based Entrance Alert Kit by Safeguard Supply.

RX1000A DA50LT-A entry informer transmitter
RX1000A DA50LR A entry informer receiver 450px

DA50L-A Business Grade Wireless Entry Alert:

  • Kit includes 1 x DA50LT-A (TX1000A) and 1 x DA50LR-A (RX1000A)
  • It will work on all doors, including metal
  • Infrared sensor reliably detects motion
  • Wireless system with volume control
  • Easy to install
  • Wide range – the receiver can plug into a wall outlet within a 500-foot range
  • Battery-powered transmitter (3 “AA” batteries)
  • Receiver operates on 110 volts
  • Designed to prevent false alarms
  • Four chime sound options are available.
  • One-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Hear the DA50L-A Sounds

DA50L-A, RX1000A/2000A, Di2000S-A Sounds

Weight 1.7 lbs
Dimensions 7.25 × 7.25 × 3.5 in



Safeguard Supply

Wireless Features

Expandable, External Speaker Output, Live 12V DC Output, Multi-Zone, Volume Control


1 Year

Wireless Range

500 ft.



Battery Or Plug In

Plug-in Receiver

Kit Or Accessory


Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
a.s. (San Francisco, US)

DA50L-A (TXRX1000A) Motion Detector Chime

r.s. (Las Vegas, US)

DA50L-A (TXRX1000A) Motion Detector Chime

K.S. (Dearborn, US)

DA50L-A (TXRX1000A) Motion Detector Chime

R.K. (Waldorf, US)
motion detector chime

We have tried many other door bell entry systems for our shop. All the cheaper ones only lasted a month or two. Also they only worked when the doors were physically opened. Now the new unit works as people cross into the thresh hold by movement alone so we can open the doors and still hear people walking in. It was very easy to set up and so far so good. The only very slight drawback was a limited choice of ringer sounds but the normal "ding dong" is fine. No one sneeking up on us any more!

H.G. (Aurora, US)

Ordering was easy, shipping time was quick, and installation was simple. product works great and I recommend this productsfor anyone who runs small business like mine. But, I wish the transmitter was power operated instead of battery. I would go nowhereelse if I need one in the future.

M.F. (Kemp, US)
Works great!

This is exactly what we needed for our therapy clinic. I purchased another brand first but it was very annoying. It had only three volumes and the low volume was way too loud. It had 52 chimes but all except for one were tunes/songs which were completely unacceptable for our situation. This unit has a volume **** which gives you complete control over the volume. It also has more sounds that are appropriate for a therapy clinic instead of tunes/songs.

B.G. (Aurora, US)
Door Bell

Works well with three receivers.

R.R. (Toledo, US)
5 stars

Fast shipping. Worked well for the intended purpose (annunciate when customers walk up to a sales counter area when salespeople aren't present).

D.G. (Buffalo, US)
General contractor 7-11 sites

Great product We changed over from MR Chime units we service (100) 7-11 sites and we love this unit . David P Gringer DPG

M.M. (Pardeeville, US)

The sending unit I received had a defect. I contacted you by email. Almost immediately you replied that you would send me a replacement. I repaired the defect and telephoned you and said do not send me a replacement. All is working as designed and I thank you for your immediate (10 minute) responce. You stated that you will inspect all the rest of the units before shipping to other customers, unusual service, keep it up.

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