DA50L-A Business Grade Wireless 500 ft. Range Entry Alert Kit To Detect Entry

DA50L-A Business Grade Wireless 500 ft. Range Entry Alert Kit To Detect Entry

When the off the shelf entry alert from the big box store retailers simply won’t due, look to the DA50L-A.  Simple to install but powerful, this product has the range you are going to need to get the job done right!  An alert is sent to a remote receiver whenever a person passes through the Passive Infrared Receiver.  Install multiple sensor and transmitter to extend the kit.

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Do you need Instant Notification when Motion is Detected, or when Customers enter your Office or Store?

The DA50L-A, or the Rodann TX/RX-1000A is long range wireless entrance alert product that uses a PIR based transmitter and plug-in receiver.  This is our best selling, flagship product at 1800doorbell.com In our opinion, this is one of the best entrance alerts we offer. This entry alarm has been used to alert store owners when a customer enters a store, alert homeowners when kids open the basement door,or notify offices and warehouses when a stock room door has been opened. The DA50L-A Wireless Door Chime Set is a high-quality passive infrared (PIR) door chime that detects infrared waves whenever something crosses its path. Because it does not use light beam projectors or reflectors, the DA50L-A is resistant to false alarms triggered by light. Works with both open or closed doors. The DA50L-A Wireless Door Chime is battery operated – no wiring required. It is perfect for both personal use in the home as well as commercial use in warehouses or other restricted areas.

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DA50L-A Entrance Alert Kit Features:

  • Will work on all doors, including metal
  • Infrared sensor reliably detects motion
  • Wireless system with volume control
  • Easy to install
  • Wide range – receiver can plug into a wall outlet within a 500-foot range
  • Battery-powered transmitter (3 “AA” batteries)
  • Receiver operates on 110 volts
  • Designed to prevent false alarms
  • Four chime options available
  • Counters available
  • One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Additional information






kit or accessory


wireless features

Volume Control, Expandable, Multi-Zone, Live 12V DC Output, External Speaker Output

wireless range

500 ft.

sensor type

Passive-Infrared (PIR)

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Easy to use and install.


It was very useful


DA50L-A Business Grade Wireless 500 ft. Range Entry Alert Kit To Detect Entry

Bedroom chime

We have a mentally handicapped child who tends to roam. We placed this door chime by his bedroom door. If he leaves his room, we know immediately. This works perfectly for our needs. It was, however, a little to program the sound.


Just got this item. Works perfectly !!

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