Which Door Chime Extender Do I Choose?

Do you have a wired doorbell you simply cannot hear in other rooms of your home? Or maybe your hearing has diminished and you are having problems hearing your chime in other parts of your home. What Are Door Chime Extenders? They extend the listening range of your EXISTING wired chime, through the use of a wireless transmitter that will communicate with battery operated or plugin door chimes you place throughout your home or office. With different door chime relay extenders to choose from, which one is best for me?  Click this link to help you decide!

Find the Right Door Chime Extender

What Are Doorbell Extenders or "Extend-A-Chime"

From a functionality perspective, these products have the same objective in mind--that's to add wireless capability to your existing wired doorbell. The primary differences between all of these products comes down to three main issues. Main feature of extenders:

  • The product has a small transmitters that will send a radio signal to a compatible receiver.
  • The transmitter will wire directly into your existing doorbell.
  • Communicates with wireless door chime receivers, LRA-DCRX, LRA-DCRXA, LRA-DCRXS, LRA-VPRX

Which of these products would you recommend?

Directly wiring into your existing doorbell transform is the most reliable, therefore, the LRA-EX1000 doorbell extender is our recommendation.  There are other versions on the market that "listen" for doorbell sounds.  The wired in method is better because it does not have to "listen" and there won't be any false alarms.

Never miss a delivery or visitor because you can't hear your Doorbell.

Do you have problems hearing your door chime ring?  Have you ever been out on the back porch waiting on your friends to arrive but never hear the "ding-dong" sound from your current system? What about that cable installer who claims they rang the front bell but you did not hear it, because you were in the back bedroom? An extender connects your existing wired doorbell system with a wireless door chime receiver. When someone pushes the button at your front door, your existing chime unit, with the help of an extender, generates a wireless signal to make a wireless receiver chime that is plugged into a standard outlet. Many people feel like they are stuck with the unit currently installed in their home. Often it isn't economically feasible to run new wires to install a product, or you may have a beautiful system that you just don't want to part with. Perhaps your current chime just isn't loud enough.   Whatever your problem is, the wireless extender is the solution!

Benefits of Chime Extenders

  • Provides you the benefit of a wireless system without having to replace your wired system.
  • Requires no additional wiring in your home (other than small transmitter at setup).
  • Allows you to purchase an add-on receivers, flashing chimes, and other products to meet your specific needs.
  • Installs in minutes; no need to hire a licensed electrician.
  • Turns a product you cannot hear into one you can hear in a matter of minutes.

If you have a wired system in your home and find there are certain areas in your home where you cannot hear it, the LRA-EX1000 is the solution to your problem! The "Extend-A-Chime" is a unique system that works when a small wireless device hooked into your existing unit sends a wireless signal to a wireless receiver.  This is an easy to install product that is truly a do-it-yourself job. When you purchase the extend-a-chime, it will come with two components; a transmitter LRA-EXTX, and a wireless receiver, usually the LRA-DCRX.  Simply take the LRA-EXTX and connect it into the existing wired doorbell.  Now, when someone presses your push button, this transmitter will send a wireless signal to the receiver, causing it to chime alongside your existing doorbell.

Do you never hear visitors at the front door when you are upstairs or in the basement?

Purchase an extend-a-chime set and an additional receiver and you can now hear the doorbell ring in the basement AND in the upstairs bedroom.  How many times have you been on your back porch cooking on the grill or at the pool and worry you will miss your guests at the front door?