Motion Based Entry Alert Kit with PIR Sensor and Plugin Receiver

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Set up and usage is a breeze with the SS140 motion sensor entry alert kit by Safeguard Supply.  When the motion sensor detects movement, it will send a wireless radio signal up to 900 ft. (line of site) to the compatible plug in receiver.  Choose from 52 different sounds and use the volume control button to adjust the volume from low volume to 90 dB.  Expand the system by adding additional push buttons, door contacts or receivers to the system.

Do you have a doorway, hall, or other area you would like to monitor and receive notification when a visitor arrives?

The SS140 by Safeguard Supply is a wireless sensor entrance kit.  The kit features a battery powered PIR motion sensor and one plug-in receiver.  Simply mount the sensor using the supplier mounting screws and pivot bracket, pair the sensor to the receiver, and you’re up and running.  When motion is detected in the monitored area, the plug in receiver will instantly play the selected melody.

The small, plugin receiver plugs into a standard 120V electrical outlet.  The front of the receiver features a stylish horizontal LED light that flashes blue to indicate a melody is playing (when triggered).  A volume controls knob enables you to toggle the volume from low volume to 90dB.  What’s also great about this product is you can add as many plugin receivers throughout your home or office as needed.

Kit includes:

  • 1 x SS135 plugin wireless chime receiver
  • 1 x SS141 wireless PIR sensor / transmitter
  • Mounting screws and mounting pivot bracket for sensor


  • Range from sensor to receiver is up to 900 ft., line of site.  Obstacles such as wall material, door material, and other environmental factors may reduce the total wireless distance.
  • Receiver plays 52 different melodies
  • Volume control button
  • Add-on capability by adding transmitters and / or receivers
  • Receiver plugs into standard wall outlet
  • Sensor is powered by 2 x aa alkaline batteries (included)




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