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Door Alarms: Entrance Alerts & Exit Alarms

When you need an instant alert to notify you when someone (or something) enters or exits your home or business, our DIY door alarms are a great choice.  At, we specialize in do-it-yourself door alert and exit alert products with easy installation, but very effective and affordable.

Common uses for Door Alarms:

  • Convenience stores use these products to hear a gentle chime sound when a door is opened.
  • Make efficient use of your time…work in the stock room or office and receive a sound when a customer enters your store.
  • Prevent customer or sale rep from randomly roaming around your facility. Instant sound alerts you to their presence.
  • Instantly know when loved-one or child leaves a room.  When door or window is opened, alarm is sounded.
  • For homeowners with pool – sound alarm when gate to pool or patio door is opened.

Top Uses of Exit Alarms & Entry Alerts

Think of using these products to help monitor an area, whether it's an unauthorized zone, a customer area, or a delivery area. Both groups of products (entry and exit) work by notifying you via an audible chime or alarm when an entry or exit occurs.

  • Monitor Unauthorized door (entry or exit):  We carry simple devices like the HS4317D Keypad Exit Alert that are great to monitor a door - whether it's a door to the outside or a supply closet.  Using the keypad to arm the system, a blaring alarm emits when the door is opened without entering the code first.  This is also a great device for a door that leads to a pool or jacuzzi, to help keep kids and visitors safe.
  • Receive a notification for a delivery: Passive infrared motion sensors are great ways to receiver an instant notification when customers enter your store or a delivery truck pulls up to the back entrance.  A major retail store, for example, wants to know when a customer enters their store.  When a customer passes through the front of the store, a wireless signal is sent to the receiver, notifying employees to go out front and provide excellent customer service.
  • Keep doors locked while providing emergency exit use:  You've seen these types of devices at virtually every public facility.  These systems allow management to keep a door locked from the outside, while providing egress in emergency situations.  When armed, a loud alarm will sound notifying management that the door has been opened.  These types of devices are required by code in many public areas.
Motion Based Entrance Alert

Choosing the Right Entry Alert

There are many different entrance alerts available today, and the choices may seem overwhelming, or intimidating.  When evaluating which system is right for your home or business application, start by asking yourself a few important questions.

  • Do I need a wired or wireless alarm?   If you are looking for a wired system, we carry 2 options to choose from Wired Entrance Alert with PIR Sensor and the Beam Alert.  Due to the demand and desire for wireless systems, the choices are much greater.
  • How large is my home or building?  Entrance alerts range from 50 ft. to 2500 ft. to cover even the largest of facilities.
  • Where do I want to hear the chime?  Would you prefer the chime to sound at the door when a customer or visitor walks in?  Many of our options will produce a chime right above the door when either the door is opened, breaking a connection, or when movement is detected.
  • If you need to be in a location that is not close to the door (i.e, warehouse, office, stockroom), a system that comes with a plug in chime will be a better solution. These types of alerts will come with a sensor that is mounted above the door, and the chime receiver can be plugged in at any location where you want the chime to ring.  Our best selling system is the DA50L-A Entrance Alert Set. This alarm allows you to add additional sensors for multiple doors and as many receivers as necessary.
  • How many sound options do you need?  If you plan to monitor more than one entrance, it would be helpful for each door alarm to produce a different chime. This allows you to determine which alert was triggered.  For example, the front door alert could be set to produce a gentle "Ding" sound, where the side entrance creates a "Ding Dong". This allows you to be aware of employees, customers and visitors to your home or business, creating greater security and better customer service.

In addition to these 4 major questions, please use the options on the left hand side of the screen, highlighted in green, to help narrow down your choices.  If you find it easier to receive person assitance, please call us at 1-800-366-7235.  Our customer service representatives are experts in our products, and can help you choose the best entrance alert for your unique application.

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Choosing the Right Exit Alarm:

Many of the same critera for choosing the right entry alert will also apply to exit alarms.  Products like the DC1 or DH994 only work when a door is opened, however, the door/window contact products, and products with PIR sensor are going to alert you whether someone is coming in or going out -- allows you to use the products either way.

Emergency Exit Alarms are products that work to prevent unauthorized exit through monitored areas. A common example would be exit doors at a theater. These devices keep the door locked from the outside, but in a panic situation, allows users from the inside to push a bar or paddle to open the door, and sound an alarm.

For more information on how to choose ther right alert, click the button below for a recently written article.

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