JASCO LH-51107 GE Wireless Home Security Alarm Kit Entrance Alert

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3 Magnetic window alarms and 1 keypad controlled door alarm that installs in seconds?  Yes, the GE Smarthome 51007 is just that.  A simple alarm system you can set up in seconds.

You don’t need to pay a monthly fee or hire an installer to set up this system.  This is a basic kit by GE that is effective and easy to use.

The SmartHome 51107 is a basic home security alarm system that you can set up in seconds.  When a monitored door or window is opened a loud 120 dB is emitted.  The kit ships with 3 x door/window door alarms and 1 x keypad.

Although this is an inexpensive home security system it contains many of the features seen in more expensive system.  For example, you can set the product to chime mode or alarm mode.  Chime mode will sound a gentle alarm sound when a door or window is opened.  Alarm mode sounds the ear-piercing 120 dB sound when opened.

You can also set the unit to “Home Mode” or “Away Mode.”  In home mode the alarm sounds instantly when the door or window contact is separated by more than 1/2”.  In “away mode” there is a 45-second delay before the alarm sounds in order to give you time to enter your security code on the controller pad.

The unit also features a function that will provide a visual and audible notice when an incorrect code is entered.


  • 3 Magnetic window alarms and 1 keypad controlled door alarm.
  • 120dB Alarm sounds when window or door is opened (when magnetic contact is broken).
  • 4-digit keypad code activates and deactivates door alarm.
  • Door alarm has a 45-second exit delay and a 30-second entry delay.
  • Door alarm delay feature allows you to enter and leave without false triggering.
  • Door alarm operates in both alarm and chime mode.
  • Low battery indicator light.
  • Easy to install – no wiring necessary.
  • Door alarm requires 3 “AAA” batteries (not included)
  • Window alarm requires 4 “LR44” batteries each (included)


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