GE Battery Operated 8-Chime Door Chime Kit

GE Battery Operated 8-Chime Door Chime Kit

This GE doorbell product plays eight different notes and ships with two wireless doorbell push buttons.  Simple installation and virtually no maintenance makes this kit a great choice.


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Take the complication out of your next doorbell system installation with the JASCO GE 19248 and 19297 battery operated wirleess doorbell kits.  For home Do-it-Yourself projects, simplicity is sometimes hard to find.  That’s often true when home improvement folks try to install a doorbell system in their home or office.   GE has taken simplicity to the next level with this effective, high quality wireless door chime kit.

No wires needed to install these systems.  The unit ships with batteries installed in the transmitters and pre-paired with the receiver.  Simply install three AAA batteries in the receiver and you have a working system.  The 19297 kit ships with two push buttons (for two doors), and the 19248 ships with one button. Both units may be expanded for up to four doors by adding more wireless buttons.

Here’s how the door chime kits by GE work:

The receiver is capable of playing 8 different tunes or melodies and up to four wireless push button transmitters.  When a visitor pushes the push button, it transmits a wireless signal to the receiver.  The receiver then plays the tune you have associated with this push button the visitor just pressed.  Identifying the doorbell sound with the respective door enables you to easily determine which door your new visitor rang, so you can go greet them.

What’s in the GE Wireless Systems:

The 19297 and 19248 by GE JASCO is a complete wireless doorbell kit that ships with one battery operated receiver (batteries not included) and two wireless push buttons (batteries included).  Simply mount the wireless push buttons, hang the receiver (or set it on the table) and you have a working system.

The range of this product, which is measured from the push button to where the receiver is located, is up to 150 ft.  For most residential locations, this distance is typically perfectly acceptable.   Walls, construction material, and other environmental factors can decrease the transmission range of the product.  If you are mounting the pushbuttons on metal siding or metal door frame, we recommend placing a wooden shim under the push button as the metal could bounce the transmitted signal.

  • 19297 Kit ships with one battery powered chime receiver and two wireless push button transmitters, 19248 Ships with one receiver and one pushbutton.
  • Receiver will play eight different melodies our tunes.  See our doorbell sounds page to hear these tunes.
  • Transmission range from push buttons to receiver is up to 150 feet.  Environmental factors and building materials of your home or office will decrease this range.  Metal, concrete and brick will reduce the range more than other materials
  • High/Medium/Low volume control
  • System will work with up to 4 wireless pushbuttons
  • Door chime receiver is powered by 3 x “AAA”  alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Each wireless button transmitters are powered by 1 x “CR2032” batteries (included)
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty from date of purchase
  • Manufactured by JASCO under a license from GE

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