Safeguard Supply LRA-DCRX Flashing Receiver Battery Operated Wireless Chime


The LRA-DCRX is a wireless doorbell/door chime receiver compatible with the Safeguard Supply line of notification devices.  Featuring loud volume control and a bright strobe that adds a visual display, this product will receive signals from up to four compatible long range transmitters/sensors. Use with the push button, door contact, motion sensor or driveway sensor.

This is the LRA-DCRX receiver by Safeguard supply included in the following kits:

LRA-D1000 Door Chime Kit

LRA-DR1000 Driveway Alert Kit

LRA-C1000 Door/Window Entry Alert Kit

LRA-M1000 Motion Entry Alert Kit

Expand your listening areas by adding more LRA-DCRX receivers to your existing system:

If you already have existing LRA products (sensor/transmitters and receivers) you can add another receiver to your existing system.  For example, you may have an existing receiver (LRA-DCRX) in your warehouse to alert you when USPS or FEDEX arrives at your back door for a delivery.  However, maybe you cannot hear that receiver in your office when your door is closed.  By adding another LRA-DCRX and pairing it with your existing sensors, you can close the door, adjust the volume, and now hear the receiver in your office when you receive an alert.


  • Range of up to 1,000 ft. from sensor/transmitter to receiver.  Please note, this distance is measures, like all manufacturer’s published ranges, pure line of sight.  This means, in optimal environments, you are going to get 1,000 ft. of range.  However, environmental factors WILL reduce the actual range you may get.  Most wireless products you purchase will have a range of 100 – 300 ft. and in commercial environments, this simply won’t suffice.  There’s also a repeater, the LRA-RPX that may be used to extend the range of your system up to 1,000 additional feet.
  • Volume control: inside the front cover of the receiver is a volume control dial allowing you turn the volume all the way down, or up to max.  This is the loudest wireless door chime receiver we carry.
  • Optional Strobe Light: great for the hard of hearing, or in loud environments, the bright strobe light on this receiver provides an excellent visual indicator.  The selector switch on the side of the receiver allows you to turn the strobe on or off.
  • 18 Different Melodies:   The LRA-DCRX provides 18 different melodies or sounds to choose from.
  • LED Zone Indicator:  Even when the strobe is turned off and the volume is down, a colored LED lights the zone corresponding to the transmitter/sensor that triggered the receiver.

Product Dimensions:

LRA-DCRX Receiver: 6.60”(H) x 5.30” (W) x 1.70”(D)



Kit Or Accessory


Battery Or Plug In

Customer Reviews

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driveway alarm

I was very happy with your customer service and the new receiver is working great. Thank You

Great Products, Good Service

I called 1-800 Doorbell with a question about ordering a specific product. They were knowledgeable and helpful. The product arrived in great condition and was easy to install. I have bought from them several times in the past and will continue to do so. Great Products, Good Service.

Works as designed

The receivers are being used on three levels of my home so I wouldn’t miss hearing the door bell. The first real test was recently when I was in the basement and the pizza guy came to the house. It works as designed.

The setup was a little tricky to get three receivers in sync with the transmitter. Once synced, I had to test by pushing doorbell button three times for all three receivers to acknowledge the signal and chime. All in all, I am more confident that I won’t miss a visitor when I’m not in the main area of the house.


I really like my 1800 door bell. thank you so much.


What I was looking for, was a method of extending the reach, so to speak, of my doorbell so that folks within the building could be alerted to persons seeking to gain entrance. It has worked as advertised, and I am pleased.