LRA-DCRX Loud Flashing Strobe Battery Operated Receiver

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The LRA-DCRX is a wireless doorbell/door chime receiver compatible with the Safeguard Supply line of notification devices.  This product will receive signals from up to four compatible long-range transmitters/sensors, featuring loud volume control and a bright strobe that adds a visual display. Use the push button, door contact, motion sensor, or driveway sensor.

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    This is the LRA-DCRX receiver by Safeguard Supply included in the following kits:

    Expand your listening areas by adding more LRA-DCRX receivers to your existing system:

    You can add another receiver to your existing system if you already have existing LRA products (sensor/transmitters and receivers).  For example, you may have an existing receiver (LRA-DCRX) in your warehouse to alert you when USPS or FEDEX arrives at your back door for a delivery.  However, you may not hear that receiver in your office when your door is closed.  By pairing another LRA-DCRX with your existing sensors, you can close the door, adjust the volume, and now hear the receiver in your office when you receive an alert.

    LRA-DCRX Quick Feature Guide

    • Range of up to 1,000 ft. from sensor/transmitter to receiver.  Please note this distance is measured, like all manufacturer’s published ranges, is line of sight.  This means in optimal environments, you will get 1,000 ft. of range.  However, environmental factors WILL reduce the actual range you may get.  Most wireless products you purchase range from 100 – 300 ft., which won’t suffice in commercial environments.  There’s also a repeater, the LRA-RPX, that may extend the range of your system up to 1,000 additional feet.
    • Volume control: inside the receiver’s front cover is a volume control dial allowing you to turn the volume down or up to max.  This is the loudest wireless door chime receiver we carry.
    • Optional Strobe Light: great for the hard of hearing or in loud environments, the bright strobe light on this receiver provides an excellent visual indicator.  The selector switch on the side of the receiver allows you to turn the strobe on or off.
    • 32 Different Melodies:   The LRA-DCRX provides 32 different melodies or sounds.
    • LED Zone Indicator:  Even when the strobe is turned off, and the volume is down, a colored LED lights the zone corresponding to the transmitter/sensor that triggered the receiver.

    Product Dimensions:

    LRA-DCRX Receiver: 6.60”(H) x 5.30” (W) x 1.70”(D)

    The LRA-DCRX receiver is battery powered or optional plug. 1,000 ft. range, works with 4 transmitters, bright strobe light and is very loud.

    Click to Hear the LRA-DCRX Sounds

    Ding Dong
    Wind Chimes
    Ding Dong (short)
    Birds Chirping
    Ding Dong (played twice)
    Westminster Chime
    Indiana Jones Theme
    Jingle Bells
    Ambulance Siren
    Police Siren
    Dog Barking
    Car Horn
    Organ Chords
    Telephone Ringing
    All the Lonely People
    Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
    Oh My Darling
    Streets of Cairo
    Greeting Sounds
    Coming Around the Mountain
    Frere Jacques




    Wireless Features

    , , , ,

    Battery Or Plug In


    Wireless Range

    Kit Or Accessory

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 264 reviews
    M. (Willis, US)
    Good to have for deaf people

    Hi I am deaf. Thats help me out with this doorbell as I can see flash when someone out the doorbell is here. I’m glad to have this. Love it! 😊

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are so happy to hear that our LRA-D1000S doorbell kit with strobe light is helpful for you as a deaf individual. Our goal is to provide products that cater to all individuals and we are glad it has made a positive impact for you. Thank you for choosing our product and for your kind words. We appreciate it!

    J.E. (Rockford, US)
    Great Loud Doorbell!

    We love the variety of ringtones, and how loud it is!

    Thank you for your feedback on our LRA-D1000 Loud Wireless Door Chime Kit with Flashing Strobe. We are glad to hear that you are enjoying the variety of ringtones and the loudness of the doorbell. We hope it continues to meet your needs.

    J.J. (Springfield, US)
    Just what I needed for my mother

    This doorbell RINGS, AND LIGHTS UP when the door bell is pushed, so mom can See and HEAR the doorbell. I bought an extra doorbell for the back door and was able to program it to a different sound so she could tell Front or Back door rings. Thanks so much for this product a GREST Thumbs UP

    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us! We're so glad to hear that our LRA-DCRX Loud Flashing Strobe Battery Operated Receiver is meeting your needs and making it easier for your mother to answer the door. It's great to know that the ability to program different sounds for the front and back door has been helpful. Thank you for choosing our product and for the enthusiastic thumbs up! We appreciate your support.

    J.F. (Sewell, US)
    Kudos 1800 Door Bell

    Purchased this product for my 92 year old aunt, who is hearing impaired. The easy to follow instructions were instrumental to ring tone selection and setup!

    Thank you for your positive feedback! We are so happy to hear that our LRA-D1000S Loud Doorbell Plugin Kit with Bright Strobe Light was able to assist your aunt with her hearing impairment. We take pride in providing easy-to-follow instructions and are glad they were helpful in selecting a suitable ring tone and setting up the doorbell. Thank you for choosing our product!

    W.B. (Los Angeles, US)
    A true doorbell

    The1800Doorbell is an excellent doorbell. It has many chimes and strobes lights. It is very loud. It can be set up without the strobe lights. It is the perfect doorbell. A true doorbell.

    R.P. (Houston, US)
    Star Wars looks

    The high tech appearance of the receiver adds to our living room decor nicely. We’re very happy with it. Simple to set up.

    Thank you for your review. We are happy that you like the look of the LRA-D1000-A wireless door chime kit!

    J.M. (Fresno, US)
    Customer Service!

    Unfortunately, the product was not the right application for my doorbell problem. While Marilee in customer service is truly the best!

    J.J. (Springfield, US)
    WOW + WOW

    We installed this door bell while mom was on vacation. Went by upon her return and said, I think we need to test the door bell, she said OK. Well to her shock, she said "what its that" and I said it's your new door bell. We tested in several locations and she could hear the bell. I don't think I will have to call her on the phone to get her to answer the door. Too bad they don't make a bell for the phone, because that is a hit and miss still for the phone ringing. This product is great. Don't buy the 20 dollar door bell you can't hear anyway. This is well worth the price.

    We're so glad to hear that this doorbell worked well for you! We love that it was easy to set up and that it was able to be heard even in loud environments.

    B.G. (Findlay, US)

    Just what we needed for my elderly Mom.

    Thanks for the review! We're glad to hear that our door chime kit was able to meet your needs.

    V.S. (Aurora, US)
    1800 Doorbell

    Absolutely love this doorbell and receiver set-up. I ordered the doorbell transmitter unit along with three receivers to place in various rooms of the house. My mother, who is hearing impaired due to age, loves this system as well -- she can't complain that she can't hear the door bell any more. We can select a chime of our liking, I like that; AND, the receiver light flashes as well, so if you can't hear at all, you certainly will notice the light flashing on and off. Love this doorbell set-up.

    We're so glad to hear that this doorbell system is working well for you and your mother! The flashing light is a great addition, and we're glad that you're happy with the purchase. Thanks for letting us know!

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