RC3250 Carlon Wireless Door Chime Kit Great for Residential Use

RC3250 Carlon Wireless Door Chime Kit Great for Residential Use


No wiring needed. The RC3250 (also known as the RC8250) is a completely wireless chime that installs in minutes.   Set includes a wireless push button and a chime that plugs into a standard outlet.  Add multiple push buttons and chime receivers to cover more doors and increase the listening range.  Also available is the RC3252, which is a wireless plug-in kit with 2 x doorbell push buttons.


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Trouble hearing your doorbell in certain areas of your home?

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear your door chime in the basement, back bedroom or out on your back deck?  The RC3250 by Carlon is simple to use and easy to install wherever you need to hear it most.

  • The set features the RC3301 wireless door chime button and the RC3253 plug in receiver.
  • The range from the doorbell button to the plug-in receiver is up to 150 feet.
  • The receiver will play one of 13 melodies.  These melodies are easily selected by pushing a small button on the outdoor pushbutton.
  • The wireless pushbutton is shipped with a battery already installed and the receiver plugs into a standard 120-V wall outlet.

Features of the RC3250 & RC3252 Wireless Plugin Door Chime Sets

  • Receiver measures 2 1/4″
  • High-quality sound
  • Three options for volume control
  • 13 sound options available.  To hear sound options, please select this link and scroll down till you see “For Models with 13 Sound Options:“.
  • Product plugs into a simple 120V AC outlet
  • Operates within a 150-foot range
  • Sound option set at transmitter
  • 32 privacy codes available
  • RC3250 ships with 1 x push button & the RC3252 ships with 2 x push buttons ( batteries included and already installed)
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty
  • The RC3250 may also be listed on other sites as the RC8250.  (They are the same product)

If you need a wireless plug indoor chime with two wireless push buttons, consider the Carlon RC3252 which is virtually the same kit as the RC3250, however, this set features two push buttons.

The RC3252 wireless door chime kit with two push buttons contains all you need to install a quality wireless system in a matter of minutes.  The kit contains the best-in-class Carlon RC3253 wireless receiver and two RC3301 wireless buttons.

The RC3253 is the workhorse of the Carlon and Dimango product line.  Using the patented SAW technology, this system has a range from receiver to button of up to 150 ft.

The RC3253 wireless receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet. The two included push buttons should be mounted outside, on the door frame or wall of the doors you want a doorbell chime to originate from. When someone pushes the button, a musical chime is played on the wireless plug in receiver.  These systems are fully expandable meaning you can add more wireless push buttons (RC3301) and wireless plug-in receivers (RC3253.)

Set up literally takes a matter of minutes.  The wireless transmitters (push buttons) may be mounted with double sided tape or screws, both of which are included.  The receiver plugs into a wall outlet.  All you would need to do is push the small button that protrudes on the surface of the push button to choose the sound option that you want to hear. You would then do the same on the other button so they are both playing a different sound.  This allows you to determine which door is ringing when a guest arrives.

You have 13 different sound options with this kit which you can sample by visiting the RC3253 sound options page.

For additional information about the transmitters (push buttons) featured in this kit, please click here: RC3301

If you need additional range, up to 300 feet from transmitter to receiver, or if there will be metal or brick interference, we recommend you add the RC4121, long range wireless door chime button to the kit.  This button will give  you a range of up to 300 ft. versus the 150 ft. that the RC3301 offers.

  • This kit includes 1 x RC3253 plug-in receiver and 2 x RC3301 transmitter push button.
  • Maximum range from transmitters to receiver 150 ft.  This is line of site with no interference.  Walls, doors, windows, etc. will reduce the operating range of all wireless products.
  • Receiverwill play 13 different melodies and tunes, selectable by pushing tune selector on transmitters.
  • You can associate a different tune with each transmitter (push button).
  • 32 privacy codes available to reduce interference from neighboring wireless devices.
  • Manufactured by Carlon, a Thomas and Betts company.
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Learn to Set Up Your RC3250 Doorbell Kit

Additional information




Number Of Buttons

1 x Push Button
2 x Push Buttons


Carlon /Dimango / Thomas & Betts

Kit Or Accessory


Wireless Features


Wireless Range

150 ft.

Sensor Type

Push Button

Battery Or Plug In

Plug-in Receiver

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

RC3250 Carlon Wireless Door Chime Kit Great for Residential Use

Door Bell

Item was as described However instruction were printed extremely small and needed a magnifying glass to read. Also they were a little confusing.

RC3250 wireless doorbell

My first buttons were faulty and the company immediately shipped me two more which work perfectly. It's easy to install and the chime loudness is adequate though it could be louder. I would love an ornate button, but I was told that wireless buttons can not send a signal if they are made of metals. So the button does the job and is attractively plain. The customer service at 1800Doorbell is absolutely wonderful and amazingly cheerful and helpful. thank you!

Door Chimes

It is a little early to place the review. We received the door chime with 2 doorbells. One did not work. Customer Service was very nice and is suppose to be mailing me out another doorbell. So that was all excellent. There just has not been enough time to have received it yet. So for now everything is good!

Hi Lisa,Sorry to hear there was a problem with one of the chimes, but I am glad to hear customer service was responsive. Please let us know how it works when you get the replacement.
Great Doorbell

This order was a replacement for a doorbell purchased back in 2007 from a local hardware store. They no longer carry this brand of doorbell. Very happy to find we could still purchase the same brand and model. Also, my mother was happy with the additional tunes it plays. Is this a good purchase.....YES!

Hi Dawn, thanks for the nice words and glad you found what you wanted!

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