Safeguard Supply LRA-VPRX Long Range Portable Vibrating Chime Receiver

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A hand portable receiver that will play a melody, and/or vibrate when a signal is received by a compatible LRA series transmitter.  Use in conjunction with the LRA-DCRX or instead of it for more mobility.

This Small, Portable Receiver Allows You the Freedom to Move About Your Business and Stay Connected and Notified of Visitors!

The LRA-VPRX is a small, portable chime receiver compatible with all Safeguard Supply LRA transmitters and receivers.  Simply pair this receiver to a compatible transmitter and when the sensor or push button sends the wireless signal, the receiver will play a chime sound, vibrate, or both.  Once paired to the sensor, simply clip the receiver on your belt or pants and you will receive instant notifications when the sensor is triggered.

LRA-VPRX Portable Chime Receiver Features:

  • Unit will play a chime sound and/or vibrate when it receives a wireless signal from a compatible transmitter/sensor.
  • Operates at 915MHz and pair with the transmitter using a random code to prevent interference.
  • Pair up to 4 compatible transmitters with each receiver.  Each receiver will play a distinct sound for each paired transmitter.
  • Built-in belt clip.
  • LED lights each zone with the respective sensor triggers it, giving you a visual indicator along with sound.
  • Powered by 2 x AA-size alkaline batteries.
  • 1- year manufacturer’s warranty

Product Dimensions:

LRA-VPRX Receiver: 3.62”(H) x 2.56”(W) x 1.16”(D)



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First experience with 1800Doorbell.

Always leary of using a new web-based service for the first time. This one was top notch. Was having trouble finding a simple but effective method for my wife on hospice to reach me immediately if I was out of calling out reach. The LRA-VPRX turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. A great simple system that is reliable, long-range, and delivered quickly & securely. I copied the directions sheet and gave it to my hospice nurse to see if other are search for the same solution from a reliable company.