Safeguard Supply LRA-D1000 Long Range Wireless Doorbell-1000 ft Range That’s Great for Businesses

Safeguard Supply LRA-D1000 Long Range Wireless Doorbell-1000 ft Range That’s Great for Businesses

BEST SELLER!  Great for large homes and businesses that need to transmit over long distances, the LRA-D1000 has the power you need to penetrate walls that typical products cannot. A selector switch on the side of the door chime can be set to “flash,” “chime,” or “flash and chime.”  A great choice for use in residential applications for the hard of hearing or in noisy, commercial environments.

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If you have been searching for a long range wireless doorbell, you probably know how difficult they are to find!  Most wireless door chimes will top out with a maximum wireless range of 150 ft.  That is why we are thrilled with this chime! This wireless long range door chime has a range of up to 1,000 feet, and is packed with great features.  We use this wireless door chime with wireless door chime buttons on the front and back doors of our offices.  In our 10,000 square foot warehouse, constructed of metal and cinder block, this door chime has the necessary power to work at ranges most wireless chime products simply cannot.

You may also expand the door chime by adding additional push buttons and/or the new door/window magnetic contacts.  Not only do you have a long range wireless door chime, you can also have a door or window sensor that triggers the chime when the door or window is opened.  Because the LRA-D1000 is capable of playing up to 18 different melodies, you will be able to distinguish which push button is being pushed or which window is being opened.

Another great feature of the LRA-D1000, is the bright LED that can be set to flash when the bell is triggered.   A selector switch on the side of the door chime can be set to “flash,” “chime,” or “flash and chime.”  This makes the door chime a great product for use in residential applications for the hard of hearing or in noisy, commercial environments.  This door chime has four zones.  You can assign one push button per zone, or other types of sensor/transmitters to each zone.

This is a great long range wireless doorbell for shops, businesses and warehouses.  If you have a significant amount of concrete, steel, or other interference and the distance from the transmitter to the receiver is over 700 ft., we recommend the LH-2500 Long Range Door Chime.

LRA-D1000 Product Features:

  • Add up to four transmitters (sensors) per receiver
  • Long Range up to 1,000 Feet * Please note, this is a line-of-site estimate.  Environmental factors such as exterior and interior walls, metal, construction materials, etc. will reduce the effective range of the product.
  • Product ships with one receiver (batteries not included) and one wireless push button (batteries included)
  • 915 Mhz Operating Frequency
  • Volume Control.  Can turn volume off with side selector switch. Maximum volume is 90dB.
  • 18 User Selectable Melodies
  • Flexible Learning Codes
  • Power Saving LED Flasher
  • 4 Bright Zone Indicator Lights
  • Powered by 3 C Batteries or a plug-in wall transformer (not included)
  • Compatible with sensors like the LRA-DCTX wireless window/door contacts, LRA-MSTX PIR motion sensor,  available at additional cost
  • Additional push buttons are available at an additional cost
  • LRA-VPRX portable receiver with belt clip available at additional cost

Kit Dimensions:

  • The push button (LRA-PBTX) is 3.48”(H) x 1.34”(W) x .73”(D)
  • LRA-DCRX Receiver: 6.60”(H) x 5.30” (W) x 1.70”(D)

The LRA-D1000 is Expandable

Need to hear the chime in other rooms?  Add more receivers.  Need to add a button to another door?  Add more push buttons.

Lra Dcrx Lra Pbtxx2
Lra Dcrxx2 Lra Pbtx

Add Compatible Transmitters (Sensor) or a Portable Receiver

Need a push button at the front door, or a motion sensor in the hallway? The LRA series of products can do it all!

Sensor Working Lra Dcrx

The LRA-D1000 is compatible with up to four transmitters.  Each transmitter will correspond to a zone that will illuminate when the transmitter is triggered.

Available transmitters:

  • LRA-PBTX (black) or DCPB-1000 (White) add-on push button
  • LRA-DCTX door/window contact.  This door/window contact will trigger the chime when the monitored door or window is opened.  The alarm or chime sound will sound at the door or window itself as well as the receiver.
  • When you want additional receivers, to hear the chime sound in more than one location, you can add another receiver to the system.

Available Receivers:

  • LRA-VPRX portable receiver. Compact 3.75″X2.5″ portable receiver may be belt clip mounted (included), desktop mount or wall mount (fastener not included). Chime mode, vibrate mode & chime and vibrate mode as well as visual indicators. Great for people on the move in retail stores, warehouses, & offices. Home owners like this product too, as it allows them portability in the yard, by the pool, etc.

Need Help Programming?

Watch the video here, scan the QR Code with your phone, or give us a call and we would be happy to help!

Lradr100 Qr 300x300

Quick Video of the Product

Video About the LRA-D1000 Series of Doorbells

LRA-D1000 Wireless Door Chimes for Businesses offers a full line of wireless door chimes for your home and business. One of our most popular long range door chimes is the Safeguard Supply LRA-D1000.  The LRA-D1000 offers a simple do-it-yourself solution for mounting a doorbell in a home or business.

The wireless push button will send a signal up to 1000 feet back to the base. Actual range will vary depending upon the local terrain. The base can play any of 18 different tunes to alert you that the button has been pushed.

The 18 tunes are available at the end of this video for you to listen to. You can use up to four different push buttons with the LRA-D1000 base. Each push button can be set to play different tunes so you can distinguish which door you have a visitor at.

The base also has four indicator lights that you can see at a glance which zone or door was activated. The push button operates on one CR-2450 battery. The base operates on three C-cell batteries. The base unit can be mounted on a wall or door frame or just set on a table top or counter.

Additional push buttons are available for the LRA-D1000. It is item number LRA-PBTX.  Remember, the 18 melodies will be coming right up.

For more information on our complete line of wireless door chimes, please visit us at or give us a call at 1-800-366-7235.

[Tune plays]

Additional information

kit or accessory



Safeguard Supply – LRA Series




wireless range

1000 ft.

wireless features

Flashing Strobe, Volume Control, Expandable, Multi-Zone, Visual Indicator, C-Form Relays

battery or plug-in

Battery Operated Receiver

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Long range wireless doorbell

This is the second one I purchased for my business they work great and haven’t had any issues with them

Great delivery on promises of proformance and capability.

Its volume is advertised as "loud". And I had to turn the volume down in my 4200 squire foot house. You could have up to 4 sets of any number of doorbell buttons with 4 different ringtones. My only egret in the number of chime tunes is small and too short.


It's a doorbell! It dings, it dongs, it's awesome

Hopefully solved my problem

I had a senior customer who was extremely hard of hearing. Installed about a week ago and seems to be satisfied after 2 other units.

So far everything is as I was told it would be.

So far everything is as I was told it would be. We put the receiver in our sound control booth at the rear of the church. We pressed the button from various locations and it connected every time. I do not expect any problems when everything is in final position. This will make it possible to know when someone with a handicap is entering building that needs assistance.

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