SS135 Plug-In Receiver for Use with Economy SS Series Chimes

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Add on chime receivers to expand the listening area of your SS brand doorbell or entrance alert.  Limitless receivers can be used.  At this price, place one in every room of the house! 

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Accessories & Addons

A Small, Plug-in Receiver That’s Packed with Features Seen In Larger Door Chime Products

The SS135 is the wireless, plug-in door chime receiver featured in the SS110 Chime Kit.  Like all SS series of products by Safeguard Supply, this receiver is compatible with all the SS series of products.    For the complete kit that features this receiver and a wireless push button, click here:  SS11o Chime Kit.  The receiver works with a variety of Safeguard Supply, SS Series transmitters such as the SS141 PIR Motion Sensor, the SS131 Door Contact Sensor, and the SS111 Wireless Push Button.

This receiver will play up to 52 different melodic chime sounds and may be paired with up to 50 different sensors/transmitters.  When a paired transmitter, such as a wireless push button, the receiver plays the chosen sound and flashes a blue LED across the vertical groove on the front of the receiver.  The unit features a volume control button (4 levels, very soft to approximately 95 dB).

  • SS135 wireless receiver measures 3.25” W x 3.25” L x 2.00” D
  • Manufactured by Safeguard Supply
  • 25 dB – 90dB sound levels in four increments using volume control button on the side of the receiver
  • LED light flashes when triggered
  • Plugs into a standard wall outlet
  • Compatible with SS Series by Safeguard Supply
  • 58 melodies to choose from
  • Pair with up to 50 different transmitters
  • Up to 1,000 ft. range from this receiver to a paired transmitter (walls and other interference will reduce range)
  • Easy to install
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • East to install, maintenance-free

Click to Hear Receiver Sounds

Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong
Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong 2
Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong 3
Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong 4
Corsica Doorbell
Ding-Dong 2
Ding-Dong 3
Ding-Dong 4
Ding-Dong 5
Ding-Dong 6
Ding-Dong Chime
Alarm Sound Effect
Barking Dog
Hello, Welcome
Horn Sound
Brake Sound
Westminster Chimes
Westminster Chimes 2
Westminster Chimes 3
Westminster Chimes 4
Big Ben
Alerting Ringtone
Smooth Alert Ringtone
Marimba Ringtone
Flute Sound
Harp Ringtone
Guitar Rhythm
Electric Piano
Starry Night
Gentle Alerting Ringtone
Soft Electric Ringtone
Lullaby Ringtone
Latin Beat
Butterfly Dream
Dance Beat
Twilight SMS Tone
Classic Organ
Joy to the World
Super Ringtone
Let It Snow
Fast Car
Merrily on High
Jingle Bells
Waltz of the Flowers
Fur Elise
The William Tell Overture
The Cuckoo Waltz
Going Home
Happy Birthday
Fantaisie Impromptu
Yesterday Once More
Eva’s Polka
Russe Dance
Souvernirs Denfance

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
F.P. (Starke, US)
Great Bells of Holidays

I talked with a very nice, knowledgeable, Lady on a doorbell decision, she explained how they work and explained a few models that wood do what we needed...we received them very the very short instruction sheet (so easy). We got the front door & back door paired with no problem...and each had a different bell sound (which we needed)...they have been working great all this week...And they have a 1 year warranty!! Price was a great deal also. We use them in a large commercial building for our sign shop.

L. (Denver, US)
Easy to install; ringtones okay; plug is ridiculous

Easy to set up, easy to add extra receivers (so one transmitter could go on the door, but receivers could be heard in different parts of the building), easy-ish to change the tone/chime that plays when the door opens. That said, of the gabillion tones, most are so obnoxious I'd be embarrassed to have them play when a customer enters our shop; only 4-5 felt professionally palatable. Note that even at the loudest setting, many of the palatable tones aren't going to be heard if your environment is noisy. ALSO (and this may be the most frustrating part) the receiver plug is in the middle of a large plastic piece. That means that when I tried plugging it into a 4-plug outlet, it effectively blocked all four of the outlets. Also an issue with a two-plug outlet--if you have a grounded cord going into the second plug in your wall, you can't plug this thing in. Kinda annoying to have to sacrifice an entire outlet just to plug this singular device in. Beyond that, it works as expected, and processed/shipped timely.

C.W. (Hayward, US)
Love this doorbell

This door bell is attractive and great price

A.P. (Tuckerton, US)
Great bell for those of us that are hard of hearing

I am partially deaf and can jump out of my skin when someone comes in a room and I have not heard them enter. We use this system with a sensor on the back door and another on the stairway to the second floor so that I have an idea of when my husband is entering or leaving the house. It works perfectly.

V.H. (Laredo, US)
Wireless Chime

Did not work with my doorbell wireless camera


Yes, as I mentioned, the SS135 cannot work with a video doorbell. It will only operate with other products in the SS series of products. Just because items are wireless, does not mean that they are compatible.

Thank you,
Customer Support

M.M. (Vancouver, CA)
So many choices

Loved the sounds and selections. Simple to select and set-up,

Phil H. (Seattle, US)
Works Great

Was just what I was looking for, and at a great price.

Great chime, excellent price!

Love my door chime! The sound selections are awesome and it couldn’t be any easier to set up, thank you!!