SS250 Kinetic No Power Need for Push Button Chime Kit

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The SS250 Kinetic No Power Need for Push Button Chime Kit is a revolutionary product that requires no batteries or electricity, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for your doorbell needs. Its key feature is the kinetic energy technology, which powers the chime every time the button is pushed. This kit is easy to install, with no wiring required, making it a hassle-free addition to any home. It has a long-range operation of up to 500 feet, ensuring you never miss a visitor. The chime unit offers multiple ring tones, allowing customization to suit your preference. The product’s unique selling point is its self-powering capability, providing a reliable and sustainable doorbell solution.

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Wireless Kinetic Door Chime Kit: A Revolutionary Doorbell that Requires No Batteries

Step into the future of home technology with the Wireless Kinetic Door Chime Kit. This innovative doorbell system is not just another home gadget, but a revolutionary device designed to make your life easier and more sustainable. Unlike traditional doorbells, this kit is a marvel in energy efficiency and convenience, ensuring that you never miss a visitor. The standout feature? Its wireless push button doesn’t require batteries. Instead, it harnesses the kinetic energy generated when someone pushes the button, using it to transmit the signal to the receiver. This not only makes it incredibly eco-friendly but also ensures that you won’t be left scrambling for batteries at inopportune moments.

No Batteries Required: Harnessing the Power of Kinetic Energy

How the SS250 Kintec Doorbell Works

The Wireless Kinetic Door Chime Kit is ingeniously designed to utilize the kinetic energy produced by pushing the button. When a visitor presses the button, the energy generated is converted into an electrical charge that powers the transmission of the signal to the receiver, causing the chime to sound. This means the push button requires no batteries or external power sources, making it a marvel of green technology.

Easy Installation and Operation

Setting up the Wireless Kinetic Door Chime Kit is a breeze. Its wireless design means no complicated wires, allowing for a smooth and straightforward installation process. The kit is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that it can be easily operated by individuals of all ages and tech-savviness levels.

Elegant Design

The Wireless Kinetic Door Chime Kit boasts an elegant and sleek design that will complement the aesthetics of your home. It doesn’t just perform exceptionally—it looks great, too, blending seamlessly with various architectural and interior styles.

Make a smart, sustainable choice for your home with the Wireless Kinetic Door Chime Kit. Its battery-free design, ease of installation, reliability, and elegant appearance make it an exceptional addition to any home, enhancing convenience and sustainability. Experience the future of home technology today with this revolutionary doorbell system.

Kinetic Push Button Chime Kit Features:

  • 52 ringtones
  • Four levels of adjustable volume
  • waterproof push button
  • LED light
  • made with environmentally friendly ABS materials
  • compatible with multiple receivers and transmitters
  • built-in memory remembers door chime selection
  • The forward and backward buttons can easily change the chime sound
  • easy installation

This Door Chime Kit Uses a Kinetic Push Button & Plugin Receiver. To set up, plug in the receiver in a standard wall outlet, and mount the push button using double-sided tape or mounting screws.

SS251-Safeguard Supply Kinetic Push Button that Works without Batteries, uses kinetic energy


  • Voltage of Plug-In Smart Receiver: AC 110V ~ AC 220V 50Hz/60Hz
  • Power Consumption (Transmitter): < 10mW
  • Wireless Range: 600 ft in Open Air; 150-300 ft w/ Metal Security doors and Walls
  • Selectable Ring Tone: 52 Options
  • Volume Range: 4 Levels
  • Expandable to Multiple Smart Receiver or Transmitter: Up to 50
  • Working Frequency: 433.92 MHz±280KHz
  • Working Temperature: -30℃~70℃
SS250-Safeguard-Supply Door Chime Kit Uses a Kinetic Push Button & Plugin Receiver.  To set up, plugin the receiver, Use Double Sided Tape to Stick Button to Wall


Wireless Features

Expandable, Volume Control

Wireless Range

1000 ft.


Safeguard Supply


1 Year


Safeguard Supply – SS Series

Battery Or Plug In

Plug-in Receiver

Kit Or Accessory

Receiver Only

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
j. (Cortland, US)

Easy to install. Works great so far. Wish it had 2 buttons for front and back doors. Will probably order another to get a 2nd button. Very pleased so far.

J. (Santa Rosa, US)

The third try for a wireless doorbell is at last a success! Constantly failing batteries and buzzer failure to connect were frustrating, leading to the search for this great product. Highly recommend!

R.B. (Albuquerque, US)
Great doorbell and great concept

Easy to set up and install. I recommend it.