Carlon RC4120 Battery Powered Long Range Wireless Door Chime

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The Carlon RC4120 is a battery-powered, long-range wireless door chime that offers a convenient and versatile solution for your home alert needs. Its key features include a range of up to 300 feet, ensuring reliable performance even in larger homes. The unit is easy to install with no wiring required, making it a hassle-free solution. It has 13 different sound options, allowing customization to suit your preference. The door chime push button is weather-resistant, ensuring durability and long-lasting use. Its unique selling point is its portability, allowing you to take it anywhere in your home. The Carlon RC4120 provides a perfect blend of convenience, customization, and performance in a wireless door chime.

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RC4133 Carlon Wireless Doorbell Push Button in Faux Nickel Finish
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The Carlon RC4120 Battery Powered Long Range Wireless Door Chime is a product that redefines the concept of home convenience and security. This brand-new product from the renowned brand Carlon, a name synonymous with quality and innovation, is designed to cater to the needs of modern homes.

The Carlon RC4120 is a kit that comes with everything you need to set up a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly door chime system. The kit includes a push-button and a plug-in receiver, designed to work seamlessly together to provide you with a reliable alert system.

One of the critical features of the Carlon RC4120 is its long wireless range. With a range of 300 feet, this door chime ensures that you never miss a visitor, no matter where you are in your home. This feature makes it an ideal choice for large homes or properties where the distance between the door and the living areas is substantial.

The Carlon RC4120 is also expandable and multi-zone, meaning you can add more sensors or receivers to cover multiple doors or areas in your home. This feature provides you with the flexibility to customize the system according to your specific needs. Whether you want to monitor multiple entrances or ensure that you can hear the chime from any room in your house, the Carlon RC4120 has got you covered.

Another significant advantage of the Carlon RC4120 is its compatibility. It works seamlessly with products from Carlon, Dimango, and Thomas & Betts, allowing you to integrate it into your existing home systems without hassle. This compatibility feature ensures you can enjoy the benefits of the Carlon RC4120 without having to overhaul your current home setup if you currently have Carlon products.

The Carlon RC4120 is battery-powered, ensuring it remains functional during power outages. The plug-in receiver, on the other hand, eliminates the need for constant battery replacements, providing you with a hassle-free user experience.

The Carlon RC4120 Battery Powered Long Range Wireless Door Chime is more than just a doorbell. It’s a comprehensive solution that offers convenience, flexibility, and reliability. Whether you live in a large property or a small apartment, the Carlon RC4120 is designed to enhance your home’s security and ensure you never miss a visitor. With its impressive features and benefits, it offers a value proposition that is hard to resist.

  • 300′ operational range depending on the environment
  • High-intensity flashing LED lights flash with a chime sound and may be turned on or off.
  • Powered by 4 D-Cell alkaline batteries (not included) with a battery life of 2 years under normal operating conditions
  • Compatible with all Dimango Carlon door chime products (RC series)
  • Push button uses 2 lithium-ion batteries (included) and includes double-sided tape and screws to mount
  • Kit also ships with double-sided tape, screws, and wall anchors.
  • The range of this product is 300 ft.  Environmental factors such as metal, concrete, etc. will interfere and cut down wireless range.
  • The transmitter button is outdoor rated.  Please ensure you mount the transmitter with the weephole facing down.
  • A small button on the face of the transmitter allows you to change the melody.
  • Volume control settings
  • Users may turn the flashing LED on or off.




Wireless Features

Expandable, Multi-Zone

Wireless Range

300 ft.


Carlon /Dimango / Thomas & Betts

Battery Or Plug In

Plug-in Receiver

Kit Or Accessory


Contains Coin Battery Yes

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
M.G. (Middle Island, US)
Good Buy

Excellent! Good price, fast delivery and easy to set up. Receiver/chime unit is a little large, but battery operation allows taking it to the yard when working outdoors. Wife likes the ability to select type of tune to be played. Husband likes the availability of additional/separate pushbutton units should the provided one go South. Will probably purchase another.

Thank you for the positive review of the Carlon RC4120 battery-powered long-range wireless door chime. We're glad you're pleased with the product and the price.

P. (South Daytona, US)

Carlon RC4120 Battery Powered Long Range Wireless Door Chime

R.L. (Chicago, US)
Doorbell purchase

I recently bought a replacement doorbell, matching the brand and model previously installed. Everything working good. Wish the extra push button cost as much as the replacement doorbell kit that comes with only one push button. Buttons only last a few years unless you silicone coat them on booth sides and you have to do that yourself.

D. (Kensington, US)
Consistently great products and services!

We order all of our commercial wireless doorbells here. Great prices and great service. No reason to look elsewhere.

D.S. (Mars Hill, US)


E.M. (Clinton, US)

Carlon RC4120 Battery Powered Long Range Wireless Door Chime

J. (Fort Duchesne, US)

My mother is 94 and very hard if hearing. Found the right length of chime with the right volume and flashing light no longer leaves her visitors beating on the door to be heard.

Bought a previous bell locally that didn’t work well due to walls in between.

Bought a previous bell locally that didn’t work well due to walls in between.
This works very well. Can have different sounds.
Very happy and thought the price was good.

I chose the unit with the greatest range because I knew I had a difficult situation: metal doors,...

I chose the unit with the greatest range because I knew I had a difficult situation: metal doors, blocking, interference.rnI was able to mount the bell right on the aluminium door frame and the signal reached the the bell! Perfect! BTW, the bell ships with the LEDs "off" - so, read the directions!

Good variety of chimes to choose from.

Good variety of chimes to choose from. Performs well and great styling.

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