RC3256 Carlon Wireless Plug-in Wireless Doorbell Kit – RC3253 Replacement


RC3256 Carlon Wireless Plug-in Wireless Doorbell & Nightlight Kit from Carlon features an RC3256 plugin receiver (with a small nightlight feature) and an RC4121 wireless push button.  This product is compatible and virtually the same as the Carlon or Dimango RC3253.  The only difference is the RC3256 has a small light, that serves as a night light on the bottom of the unit.  The RC3253 is no longer in production so this is a great replacement.

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RC3256 Carlon Wireless Plug in Wireless Doorbell Kit
This item: RC3256 Carlon Wireless Plug-in Wireless Doorbell Kit - RC3253 Replacement
RC3733D Carlon Plugin Door Chime
RC3301 White Wireless Push Button by Carlon Dimango
RC4133 Carlon Wireless Push Button for Doorbells
1 × RC4133 Carlon Wireless Doorbell Push Button in Faux Nickel Finish
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RC4120 Transmitter Push Button by Carlon

A Plugin Door Chime with LED Night Light by Carlon (Dimango)

Carlon has shown its ingenuity for home products once again with the wireless doorbell, and nightlight combination.  The RC3256 (an RC3253 replacement) is a long-range wireless doorbell chime that does double-duty– without complaining! Similar to the RC3250 plug-in wireless door chime.

Set Up This RC3253 Replacement Wireless Chime Kit in Seconds

Like all the Dimango/Carlon chime products, there’s no wiring needed!   Simply plug the receiver into a standard 120 V outlet and mount your door chime button with the included double-sided tape or mounting screws and you are up and running.  The chime works flawlessly right out of the box.   Need an extra wireless push button? No problem, simply add a Carlon or Dimango branded wireless button and change the tune that the button plays.  It just doesn’t get any easier.

RC3260 Carlon Plugin Chime in Home

A perfect marriage–a plug-in doorbell with a built-in nightlight! 

Carlon has been known for years as being one of the most innovative companies in the wireless door chime world.  Not only are they innovative (nightlight wireless chimes), their chimes are the most reliable wireless products made today.

What makes their products a great choice is that they have multiple styles of doorbell receivers and push buttons available to use that are all cross-compatible with one another.  What they did with the RC3256 is add an LED night light on the bottom portion of their standard plug-in door chime receiver.

Plug these in hallways or dark areas where you need light to help guide your way.

The RC3256 produces great sound quality.

With a volume control setting of low, medium, or high, you can adjust the volume for the level you need. The nightlight is powered by an always cool-to-the-touch LED that will last for years.  You can add more receivers throughout your home, or even use the waterproof battery-powered version out on your patio.

Plugin Night Light Wireless Doorbell Receiver

  • This plugin chime features a 2-1/4″ speaker that offers crystal clear sound. The receiver is similar to the RC3253 receiver from a functionality perspective.
  • The receiver emits a bright nightlight that is powered by a long-lasting LED bulb.  There is no auto-sensor on this nightlight, it always stays on.  Because it is LED, it won’t burn out and consumes minimal electricity.
  • 32 variable codes block interference from other devices.
  • The receiver is capable of playing thirteen different tunes (see below) and is set and changed at the buzzer button.
  • One-year warranty.

To listen to the different melodies this door chime will play, please visit our “FAQ” page, then the “Door Chime Sounds” link.

Star Spangled Banner
Auld Lang Syne
Happy Birthday
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Ding Dong
Hail Hail the Gang’s All Here
Beethoven’s 5th
Westminster Chimes
Jingle Bells
The Yellow Rose of Texas
Joy to the World

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