Craftmade PB5011-W White Finish Lighted Wired Doorbell Push Button – Illuminate Your Entryway

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This metal, surface-mounted, lighted, wired doorbell button is available in three colors. The center push part of the button is the same color as the push button plate and has a halo light surrounding it. The mounting holes are hidden. This push button installs easily without having to recess any parts of it into the wall.

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Elegant and contemporary, the PB5011 makes a statement without being too flashy. This thin button would be a striking addition to any doorway with its monochromatic finish, hidden mounting, and LED bulb.  

Elegant and contemporary, the PB5011 possesses a distinctive charm that effortlessly captures attention without resorting to excessive flamboyance. Its slender structure and sleek design make it a remarkable addition to any doorway, exuding refined sophistication. The monochromatic finish adds a touch of modernity, effortlessly blending into any decor scheme.

One of the standout features of the PB5011 is its concealed mounting, which further enhances its sleek appearance. With no visible screws or brackets marring its clean lines, this button seamlessly integrates into the surrounding environment. Its seamless installation not only ensures a visually pleasing aesthetic but also adds an element of intrigue as if the button were magically suspended in mid-air.

Enhancing its allure, the PB5011 boasts an LED bulb that emits a soft, warm glow, casting a gentle illumination on the entrance. This subtle lighting effect adds to the overall visual appeal and serves a practical purpose by guiding visitors toward the doorway with its inviting radiance.

Whether adorning a contemporary home or a stylish office entrance, the PB5011 effortlessly exudes an understated elegance. Its minimalist yet captivating design, concealed mounting, and gentle LED lighting make it an exceptional choice for those seeking a button that makes a statement without overwhelming the space. Embrace the PB5011’s remarkable blend of simplicity and sophistication, and elevate the ambiance of any doorway with its understated charm.

  • The mounting hole distance is 2-7/16″
  • Available in three finishes: Brushed Polished Nickel, Satin Brass, and White
  • Streamlined Finish
  • Measurements – 3.66 (L) x 0.63(H) x 1.24(W)
  • Surface Mount
  • LED bulb
  • Manufactured by Craftmade
  • One-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Craftmade has done it again! They have somehow combined a simplistic, innovative, and inviting push button. The PB5011 measures just 1.24 inches in width, and the surface mounting ensures an easy installation. Available in three finishes (the satin brass is our new favorite!) and manufactured using Craftmade’s top-quality materials, this button will surely enhance your home for years and years. We like to refer to the PB5011 as ‘simply stunning, and we are sure you will feel the same way!



Button Mount Style

Concealed, Surface

Button Shape




Choose A Finish

Brushed Nickel, Satin Brass, White

Lighted Button

Lighted Button


Brushed Nickel, Satin Brass, White


1 Year

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