PB5017-FB Craftmade Recessed Mount Lighted Push Button in Three Color Choices


A simple, square-shaped lighted doorbell button from Craftmade is available in three color choices. The center button is white and lighted by a long-lasting LED bulb. This is a recessed-mounted push-button.

The simple, square-shaped lighted doorbell button from Craftmade offers a modern and stylish touch to any home’s exterior. This push button is available in three different color options, allowing homeowners to choose the one that best complements their home’s exterior.

The color options include subtle and understated tones, ensuring that the doorbell can seamlessly blend in with various architectural styles. Whether your home is modern, traditional, or somewhere in between, this doorbell button can add a functional and aesthetic touch.

The center button of this doorbell is a contrasting white color, which makes it easy to see in low-light conditions. This feature is handy for visitors who arrive after dark, ensuring they can quickly locate the doorbell.

In addition to its stylish design, this doorbell button also incorporates LED technology for illumination. The LED bulb provides ample light and is known for its longevity. This means homeowners won’t need to worry about frequently replacing the bulbs.

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Introducing the PB5017-FB Craftmade Recessed Mount Lighted Push Button, a true masterpiece in the world of doorbell buttons. Crafted with precision and elegance, this square-shaped button is designed to add a touch of sophistication to any home. With its three captivating color choices – Espresso, Flat Black, and Pewter – you can effortlessly match it to your existing decor or make a bold statement with a contrasting finish.

But the beauty of the PB5017-FB Craftmade Surface Mount Lighted Push Button doesn’t stop at its appearance. The center button, adorned in a crisp white color, is illuminated by a long-lasting LED bulb. This adds a touch of elegance to your entrance and ensures that your doorbell is easily visible, day or night. No more fumbling in the dark or missing visitors due to a poorly lit button. With this lighted feature, you can rest assured that your guests will always be able to find and ring your doorbell quickly.

  • Available in four finishes: Brushed Polished Nickel, Flat Black, Satin Brass, and White
  • Clean and contoured finish
  • Measurements – 3.56 (L) x 0.78 (H) x 1.71 (W)
  • Recessed Mount
  • LED bulb
  • Manufactured by Craftmade
  • One-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

The PB5017 is Exactly what you are looking for! The clean lines and hidden mounting screws Exude style and flair. Surface mounting ensures a straightforward installation. 


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