Doorbell Button Light Replacement Button For Lighted & Non-Lighted Push Buttons

Doorbell Button Light Replacement Button For Lighted & Non-Lighted Push Buttons


When you need to replace the center push button on your wired doorbell button, these are a great choice.  Available in three colors, the center has a gold, silver or black finish and the outer rim is lighted by a LED light, producing a stunning  halo effect.

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Replace the Light or Center Push in Your Wired Doorbell Push Button

If the center light is burned out or broken in your outdoor wired doorbell push button–no need to by an entire doorbell, you need a wired doorbell button light replacement part.

The products listed here are the actual center part of a wired doorbell push button that a visitor actually presses with their finger to trigger a doorbell button.  These products are used to replace a non-lighted center button with a lighted one, or replace a burned out one with a new one.

Use a Doorbell Button Light Replacement for an Existing Wired Doorbell Pushbutton

For an existing wired doorbell button remove the center (circular shaped center push only) and insert the replacement part.  These buttons are available in three different finishes, and feature a LED bulb that illuminates an outer rim, producing what’s called a “halo effect” and allows nighttime visitors to easily see and located your wired doorbell button.

In most cases you can simply pop out the circular center push that’s broken on your website and replace it with one of the ones featured on this website, as long as the measurements are the same.  The replacement bulbs here feature small flanges that you can bend outward after installing the button to ensure it fits snugly inside the wired doorbell push button face plate you are inserting it into.

Light Button Replacement Part Features:

  • Dimensions: diameter is 3/4” and depth is 7/8”
  • Flush mounted to wired push button plate.  The electronics of this center push will protrude behind the push button plate.
  • Lighted by LED bulb.  Please do not use with battery operated wired door chimes.
  • Manufactured by Carlon, a Thomas and Betts company
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty
  • UL Listed

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7/8 Inch Diameter


1 Year


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Customer Reviews

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Perfect Match for MY M&S Systems 2016 Intercom Doorbell!

The push doorbell on my 2016 M S SYSTEMS intercom had failed. I found and Visually compared the old push doorbell to the new one. It was an exact match! Now, not only does my doorbell ring again, it illuminates using a LED amber lightbulb that will last years to come, its on 24/7 all day! No more missed doorbell rings, and It now can be seen day or night. I'm a happy customer. Awesome ! Thank You 1800doorbells!

Fast shipping.

All products arrived as expected. Thank you.

Worked like they said

I received my product on time and it worked perfectly. Thanks!

No more filimant bulbs to change.

I have a Nutone intercom doorbell with lighted bulb button. Every 2 years, the bulb burns out. The new LED doorbell I bought should light for years. Easy swap, took 20 minutes. Very happy with purchase.
See before and after photos.

.Smooth buying experience !

Service & product, great. Web experience efficient. Shipping a bit pricey.