Carlon DH1408-LNL Wired Doorbell Button White

Carlon DH1408-LNL Wired Doorbell Button White


A basic white push button that’s available in lighted and non lighted versions. This is a very inexpensive push button that’s great for apartment owners and managers, contractors, and builders alike.

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Are you a building or contractor, or maybe an aparment manager who needs a reliable, low cost push button?  If so, the DH1408 and DH1408L are push buttons you might want to consider.
Carlon, and Thomas and Betts company manufactures the DH1408 and Dh1408L. Both are the same push button except the L version is a lighted push button.
Economical is the fist thing that comes to mind but this product is constructed using the same quality control Thomas and Betts applies to all of their products.  These buttons are inexpensive and basic but provide the same working functionality of a more expensive counterpart.
The button case is white and the button itself is white.  The “L” version illuminates by a LED bulb inside the button.   Simply connect this push button to a compatible transformer then to a bell, buzzer, or other device and you have a complete system up and running in no time.
  • White Button
  • White Housing
  • Flush Mounted
  • Button Available Lighted or non Lighted
  • Dimensions: 2 7/8″ H. x 1 3/4″ W. x 5/8″ D.
  • For us with 8V-24V doorbell or other transformer

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Lighted Button, Non Lighted Button

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Doorbell button

The product was exactly what I was looking for in was right on time thank you

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