TB1000-BN Beveled Cylinder LED Touch Button Brushed Nickel-Craftmade

TB1000-BN Beveled Cylinder LED Touch Button Brushed Nickel-Craftmade


Beveled edges, brushed nickel touch sense wired doorbell button by Craftmade. MOdern, stylish, and back lighted by LED bulb.

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A uniquely modern-styled touch button by Craftmade is available in a brushed nickel finish. This push button is rectangular shaped with beveled edge. Each end of the button features an indention to add additional style to the push button. This is a “touch button” and what makes them different is that a simple touch of a finger to the lighted portion of the button triggers it. This “touch sense” technology that calibrates the button to the touch of a human and is guaranteed by the manufacture against false rings. The wired doorbell button is lighted by a LED bulb. The bulb will never get hot and will last a lifetime.

This wired button may be used with as a new button or as a replacement button for any 16V wired doorbell system.

  • Manufactured by Craftmade
  • Touch Sense technology calibrated to ring with touch of human hand, guaranteed against false rings
  • Brushed nickel finish
  • Back Lighted by LED bulb that will last a lifetime
  • Width (in.) 1.44
    Length (in.) 1.13
    Height (in.) 4.25
  • One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
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1 Year

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Brushed Nickel

Lighted Button

Lighted Button



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Finally a good wired doorbell that is LED. Tired of burned out bulbs

Just got the doorbell installed (TB1000-BN Beveled Cylinder LED Touch Button Brushed Nickel-Craftmade) and looked everywhere for a wired LED flush mount doorbell and this fits the bill. I will say it is a bit bigger than I thought it would be but not having to replace it every two years will be great. The Back light it bright white and easy to see. The installation was straight forward I had to use some longer screws to go into cement walls with plastic anchors. We have stucco that is not an even surface, so I had to use a bit longer screws to anchor deeper, but that is not a problem. The entire case is touch sensitive, so it doesn’t matter what part of it you touch. The case has a rubber mounting pad to insulate the case from the wall and the anchor screws have plastic insulators that keep the metal mounting screws insulated from the case. (just to not that it is needed and supplied with the screws). The touch also has a built in de-bounce so that touching quickly over and over again will wait between touches before triggering the bell a second time (nice feature). We will see how long it lasts, but the LEDs should be a lifetime. It could be smaller, but I don’t know how you could fit the electronics in a smaller package. Recommended

Beautiful but non functional

Beautiful look but couldn’t get the ring Mechanism to work. Returned.

Hello and thank you for the review. I am not sure what you mean by 'couldn't get the ring Mechanism to work.' What the wired door chime you connect this wired push button to not working? Did you troubleshoot your wired doorbell transformer? This is a very good product. Please give us a call and we would be happy to help or send you a replacement.
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