ICHIME Programmable Doorbell

Whatever Sound or Tune You Want, This Recordable Chime Can Play It! Model ICHIME

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Programmable Doorbell
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Accessories & Variations:
iChi800speak Auxiliary Speaker
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Doorbell Transformer Ideal for1 Chime, Bell, or Buzzer
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High Quality Bell Wire for Doorbell Installs
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Introducing the iChime, the World's Most Versatile Recordable Doorbell

You buddies are coming over to watch your college team play Saturday afternoon and you have a little surprise in store.  When they push the front doorbell button, rather than hear the normal "ding-dong" sound, they here the fabled college fight song....what a way to start a Saturday!

Simply use the built in microphone or separate "audio in," or "mic in" inputs to connect to your PC or portable audio device.  When we talk about versatility, there's no programmable chime in the same ballpark.  The iChime comes jam-packed with 6 categories of popular songs, giving you a total of 47 Pre-Programmed tunes to choose from.  With a simple twist of a knob you can change the tune or select one of your 6 recorded sonds or messages, each lasting up to 60 seconds.

To hear the pre-programmed tunes available on the iChime, Please click: IChime Sounds and Tunes

This programmable doorbell is recordable.  It allows you to record your own unique doorbell sound or use one of the many sounds that come prepackaged. (see below for the full list)

Product Features:

  • If you already have a wired door chime, you can replace it in a snap with the iChime
  • Easy to follow instruction manual makes this a true do-it-yourself doorbell installation
  • The unit was designed to allow for quick disconnect from wall for setup or maintenance
  • The iChime has a large speaker that delivers full, rich sound.  Don't fall for cheap imitations
  • Can store up to six custom user recordings, each lasting up to 60 seconds
  • Will work with lighted doorbell buttons, front and back doors
  • The unit was designed to mount horizontally or vertically to suite your decorative needs
  • Can be extended with up to two optional speakers to extend the sound in other areas of your home
  • Built in 4-level volume control to turn the doorbell volume up or down
  • Can be wired for business entry door chimes
  • Requires 4 AA alkaline batteries
  • No complicated USB software necessary
  • Note: this product is not wireless
  • Dimensions: 5" x 7 3/4" x 2"

Product Accessories Available Separately:

  • Auxiliary Speaker: This optional speaker can be wired to the main unit in order to hear the chime in another room. Up to two auxiliary speakers can be wired to the main iChime unit. It is in the same housing as the iChime itself, but with the electronics removed. No batteries required.
  • Bell Transformer 16VAC: Most existing homes already use one of these. A new one is only required for new installations. It will allow you to use a lighted pushbutton at the door. Connects to 120VAC, outputs 16VAC at 10 VA (Watts) - UL Approved.
  • Bell Wire: For new installations and new construction only. Not necessary when replacing an existing wired doorbell. Two (2) conductor, 20 AWG solid, jacketed - UL approved.

What recent customers have said:

  • "Finally - a way to play my mp3 music when the doorbell rings - Thanks for a great product!" - Jeffrey M, Madison WI
  • "I was going to invent one of these but iChime works even better than I imagined!" - Shirley H, Springfield IL
  • "Being able to change it for sounds of the season is great. I love my new doorbell!" - Sharon G, Naples FL
  • "Just what I was looking for! This really brightens up our day care center. The kids LOVE it." - Sandy F. Dayton OH
  • "I have mine playing 'Are you ready for some football?!' when my buddies come over on Monday night." - John M, San Jose CA
  • "Easy to use and easy to install - I am impressed. I am going to buy more as gifts." - Joan C, Scranton PA
  • "My wife is a huge Elvis fan. Now our visitors are greeted with You ain't nothin' but a Hound Dog... " - Joseph Y, Atlanta GA

Customer Reviews

Product Reviewed: Programmable Doorbell
score average: 4 out of 5 , 7 review(s).
3 Star Rating
(Santa Rosa, CA)
Certainly an interesting 'device.' Programmed sounds are boring, however trying to program my own sounds was met with moderate success. Seems there is some issue with the 3.5mm jack that creates a buzz when connecting to a computer and took a lot of finessing to load any sound. Only takes .wav files. It's either overpriced or poorly built for the price, take your pick.
4 Star Rating
I was a little heaitsnt to purchase this item, with no product pictures available. We had looked at similar products at a store. Purchased item and have been satisfied with it. No issues to date. Kids love it.
5 Star Rating
(oak harbor, washington)
Originally looked at home depot and other hardware stores- very limited selection of cheap doorbells. Your product was exactly as advertised and easy to install- solid product-worth the money
5 Star Rating
Needed a high quality chime tone but battery powered. This fit the bill very nicely.
5 Star Rating
(The Villages, Fl)
Great product. Easy to assembly and set-up.rnPlenty of door bell sounds-enough to please anyone.
4 Star Rating
My contractor says this is one of the greatest doorbells he's ever installed! My husband and I expect to have a lot of fun with all the sound options. It's compact and looks nice. Very happy with the product.
5 Star Rating
(Terrace, BC)
This doorbell is a lot of fun and very easy to install. It already has a group of great sounds for our favorite holidays of Halloween and Christmas as well as a lot of fun chimes and traditional sounds. Now even friends that know us ring our bell before entering! Both the product and the service provided are unsurpassed. I'd recommend this to anyone!

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