Craftmade CK1001 Wired Doorbell Kit: A Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

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Upgrade your home’s doorbell system with the complete Craftmade CK1001-FB wired doorbell kit. This user-friendly kit includes everything you need for a stress-free installation, featuring a stylish wired doorbell in your choice of three colors (white, flat black, and satin nickel), two black lighted surface-mount push buttons, and a reliable 16V, 10VA wired doorbell transformer.

The doorbell boasts a sleek, modern design with rounded corners that complement any home’s exterior. The two included push buttons allow for convenient placement by your front door and a secondary entry point. Thanks to the doorbell’s distinct chime sounds—a classic “ding-dong” for the front door and a simple “ding” for the back door—this comprehensive kit ensures you’ll never miss a visitor.

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Choosing the right doorbell system can feel overwhelming, as there is a vast selection of doorbells, push buttons, and transformers available. If you’re looking for a simple and convenient solution, wired doorbell builder kits offer a perfect all-in-one package.

The Craftmade CK1001 wired doorbell kit stands out from the competition with its stylish doorbell design. This user-friendly kit is ideal for homeowners and electricians working on new or remodeled homes. The lighted doorbell buttons are black, with three chime colors to choose from, Flat Black, Brushed Nickle, and White.

Unboxing the Craftmade CK1001 Wired Doorbell Kit

The Craftmade CK1001 wired doorbell kit includes everything you need for a complete doorbell installation:

  • Wired Doorbell: The CK1001 kit features a visually appealing wired doorbell available in three contemporary color options: white, flat black, and satin nickel. This doorbell’s modern design, characterized by sleek lines and rounded corners, seamlessly integrates with any architectural style, adding a touch of sophistication to your entryway.
  • Black Lighted Push Buttons (2): The kit includes two black surface-mounted push buttons, allowing for easy installation by your main entrance and another exterior door of your choice. These lighted buttons provide increased visibility, especially during low-light conditions.
  • Wired Doorbell Transformer (16V, 10VA): The included 16V, 10VA doorbell transformer is crucial for ensuring consistent performance. It supplies reliable power to the doorbell system.

Key Features and Benefits of the Craftmade CK1001-FB Wired Doorbell Kit

  • Stylish Design: The doorbell’s modern aesthetic, rounded corners and slim profile enhance your home’s curb appeal. Choose from three color finishes (white, flat black, and satin nickel) to complement your existing doorbell and door hardware.
  • Reliable Functionality: The CK1001-FB kit guarantees optimal performance with its included 16V, 10VA doorbell transformer, ensuring a steady power supply for the doorbell.
  • Multiple Access Points: The kit provides two black surface-mounted push buttons, which can be conveniently placed by your front door and another entryway. This allows visitors or family members to alert you of their arrival from various access points easily.
  • Distinct Chime Sounds: The doorbell system differentiates between front and back door presses with unique chime sounds. The classic “ding-dong” sound signifies someone at the front door, while a simple “ding” indicates activity at the back door. These chimes ensure you won’t miss a visitor regardless of their entry point.
  • Easy Installation: The surface-mounted push buttons allow a quick and straightforward installation.
  • Durability: Manufactured by Craftmade, a trusted brand known for quality doorbell products, this kit is built to last.
  • Peace of Mind: The CK1001-FB kit has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, which provides peace of mind regarding product quality and performance.

Model Product Specifications:

  • Wired doorbell with rounded corners and slim design
  • Available doorbell colors: white, flat black, satin nickel
  • Two black surface-mounted lighted push buttons
  • Wired 16V, 10VA doorbell transformer (model number T1610)
  • The kit includes
    • One wired doorbell in three color choices: White, Flat Black, and Brushed Nickel
    • Two black lighted push buttons
    • One 16V wired doorbell transformer.
  • Push buttons are surface-mounted for easy installation.
  • Chime dimensions are 7.25”W x 8.375”H x 2.25”D.
  • The chime mounts vertically.
  • The transformer is a 16V 10VA, model number T1610.
  • Manufactured by Craftmade.
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Button dimensions are 0.88’W x 2.88’H x 0.75”D.
  • The mounting hole for mounting wired push buttons is 2.25”.

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Brushed Nickel, Flat Black, White

Lighted Button

Non Lighted Button


1 Year

Complete Kit


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Looks like a doorbell sounds like a doorbell.