Elevate Your Entryway with the Craftmade CC-BN: A Doorbell That’s a Design Statement

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Are you tired of settling for an outdated and unattractive doorbell that doesn’t fit with your style and aesthetic? Look no further than Craftmade doorbells! Not only do they work great, but we challenge you to find a better-designed and stylish doorbell from any other manufacturer. When you choose Craftmade, you’re choosing a work of art that will make a lasting impression on your guests and add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home. Don’t settle for less – upgrade to a Craftmade doorbell today!

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    Is it Art or a Doorbell? The Craftmade CC-BN Makes a Statement

    Imagine a doorbell that doesn’t just announce visitors but also elevates your entryway with its sleek, contemporary design. The Craftmade CC-BN is precisely that. Its curved brushed nickel face, adorned with decorative bands, isn’t just functional; it’s a modern masterpiece. Guests might mistake it for a work of art until the gentle chime resonates from within, welcoming them with sophistication.

    More Than Just Beautiful: The CC-BN Delivers on Performance

    Beyond its stunning looks, the CC-BN is a high-quality doorbell built to last.

    • Durable Construction: Crafted from premium materials, the CC-BN can withstand the elements and years of use.
    • Rich, Two-Tone Chime: The chime features two distinct tones, one for your front door and another for secondary entrances, providing notification.
    • Versatile Placement: Hang the CC-BN vertically on your wall for a dramatic effect, or choose a horizontal orientation for a more traditional look.
    • Multiple Finishes: While the brushed nickel finish stands out, the CC-BN is also available in classic white (CC-W) and modern flat black (CC-FB), allowing you to match your home’s style perfectly.

    How this Doorbell by Craftmade Looks:

    The Craftmade CC-BN doorbell in a brushed nickel finish, CC-W, and CC-FB are wired doorbells with a curved face and decorative bands cut into the surface. The doorbell is 10.25 inches tall, 7.5 inches wide, and 2.125 inches deep. It hangs vertically and requires a 16V transformer (not included). The doorbell has two notes for the front door and one note for the secondary doors. It also has white (CC-W) and flat black (CC-FB) finishes.

    Modern: The overall aesthetic is decidedly modern, with its clean lines, curved silhouette, and lack of ornate details. The brushed nickel finish further emphasizes this contemporary feel.

    Minimalist: The design is stripped down to its essential elements, focusing on functionality without unnecessary embellishments. The decorative bands on the face add a touch of interest without detracting from the overall minimalism.

    Curvaceous: The curved face of the doorbell softens the otherwise straight lines and adds a touch of elegance. This curvature also creates a sense of movement and dynamism.

    Symmetrical: The bands on the face and the overall shape of the doorbell are symmetrical, creating a sense of balance and harmony.

    Reflective: The brushed nickel finish is highly reflective, catching the light and adding a touch of glamour. This reflectivity also makes the doorbell appear more substantial and luxurious.

    Understated: While undeniably stylish, the CC-BN avoids being ostentatious. Its subtle design makes it a versatile choice that can complement a variety of home styles.

    In summary, the Craftmade CC-BN doorbell features a modern, minimalist, curvaceous, and understated design that would be a perfect fit for contemporary and minimalist homes.

    The Perfect Finishing Touch for Your Modern Home

    The Craftmade CC-BN is more than just a doorbell; it’s a statement piece that reflects your discerning taste. Whether you choose the brushed nickel, white, or flat black finish, it will add a touch of modern elegance to your entryway.

    Product Features of the Craftmade CC-BN, CC-W, and CC-FB:

    • Brushed nickel, white, or flat black finish
    • Vertical or horizontal hanging options
    • 16V transformer required (not included)
    • 2 notes for front door, 1 note for secondary doors
    • 10.25″ height x 7.50″ width x 2.125″ depth
    • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

    Upgrade your entryway today with the Craftmade CC-BN. Order yours now!

    P.S. Don’t forget to check out the other finishes (CC-W and CC-FB) to find the perfect match for your home!


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    The cover for the doorbell chime will not sit flat on the wall .

    The cover for the doorbell chime will not sit flat on the wall . It doesn't look good. the single ding for the back door has a long ding sound before it stops . It's not worth the money that it costs . I trying to get a refund . It was told to me by someone at doorbell.com they only sell the product .