CBB-PR Wired Doorbell Chime by Craftmade in Peruvian Bronze

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A 16V wired door chime available in a French Grey and Peruvian Bronze finish.  This rectangular shaped door chime may be mounted vertically or horizontally and plays a two note sound for the front door and a one note sound for a second door.  Manufactured by Craftmade.


A simple, yet nicely designed wired door chime by Craftmade available in a French Grey (CBB-FRG) and Peruvian Bronze (CBB-PR) finishes.  This wired chime is rectangular in shape and may be hanged vertically or horizontally depending on your design needs.  This is a wired door chime that plays a two-note sound for the front door and a one-note sound for a second door.

The shape is rectangular with slightly rounded corners and vertical (for vertical hang) or horizontal (for horizontal hang) grooves in the cabinet.  The manufacturer recommends using 18 AWG wire for the installation.

Hear the 2-Note Sound Played by This Chime

  • Manufactured by Craftmade
  • 16V wired door chime requires a 16V doorbell transformer
  • Wired door chime plays two notes for door 1 and two notes for door 2 (if used)
  • Recommended 18 AWG wire throughout installation
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Available in French Grey and Peruvian Bronze finish
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