CA4-RC Westminster Wired Door Chime w/ Extra Long Brass Tubes

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The CA4-RC is a elaborately carved cabinet doorbell with brass chime tubes, all painted in a renaissance crackle finish.  Well equipped with a volume control and a beautiful Westminster melody.  Unlike any other doorbell!

This doorbell deserves the best.  Words cannot explain how lovely of a doorbell this is, nor, the terrific sound that resonates from the real hanging brass tubes.

The CA4-RC by Craftmade features an elegantly carved cabinet with four, long brass tubes painted in a tasteful, renaissance crackle finish.

Measuring an impressive 59” long, make sure you have the room to accommodate this one.  It needs the room to show off its nice pipes!  Equipped with volume control and a beautiful 8-note or 4-note Westminster melody, or choose a single note chime for 2 secondary doors.  A great feature about Craftmade chimes, is that they come with volume control.  This volume control adjusts the force the hammer strikes the hanging tube thus altering how loud it is.

Hear the 8-note Westminster Chime Sound Played by This Chime

*Please note: the manufacturer recommends 18 gauge wiring (button to chime, transformer to chime, chime to chime (if more than one) and ONLY use a 16-Volt transformer.

  • Manufactured by  Craftmade
  • Volume control
  • 8 or 4 note Westminster melody for front door, 2 note for second and third door
  • Requires a 30w, 16V transformer (not included), we recommend the T1630
  • Height 58.5″ x Width 12.125″ x Depth 4.75″
  • Hangs vertically
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 16V transformer needed (not included)
  • Must use 18-gauge wire for all connected wiring to this chime (push button to transformer, transformer to chime
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