CTPW Great Sound White Wired Chime w/ Pewter Tubes

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Wired door chime by Craftmade available in three different finishes. This chime uses electromagnetic plungers to strike the pewter tubes to create a rich, deep “Ding Dong” sound for the front door and a “Ding” sound for the back door.


At first glance, this may look like an ordinary wired door chime, and in many ways, it is.  But what sets this Craftmade (Teiber) wired doorbell apart from its peers is the quality of the sound generated.  Just like most of its counterparts, it is a two note doorbell, playing a two-note sound for the front door and a one-note sound for the second door.  The difference is the great sound produced by this product.  This model uses electromagnetic plungers to strike the pewter tubes to produce a richer sound than some other models. Most wired chimes have an internal plunger that strikes a small plate inside the wired door chime cabinet to produce the sound. This product has two plungers and when triggered they strike the hanging pewter tubes (one on each side) which then produces a richer sound than you might hear on other products.

To here the sound produced by this door chime, click here:


Each chime features two pewter tubes located on the each side of the chime, with a solid plastic front plate available in the three finishes below:

CTPW-W has a white finish

CTPW-DW has a designer white finish

CTPW-RG has a rustic gold finish

  • Manufactured by Crafmade
  • Ding-Dong for front door, Ding for second door
  • Wired door chime
  • 16V doorbell transformer is required
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Dimensions are 2.2” x 7”  x 8.4”

Please note, each monitor is slightly different and the colors you see on this website may not accurately depict the actual product color.


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Exciting Doorbell Sounds

Very happy to replace our generic doorbell that failed, with a new 1800Doorbell. The sound is very full, and we are much more likely top hear it. Very pretty sound!

Exceeded my Expectations

The entire order arrived on time and the products were as described. The chime sounds great and is more aesthetically pleasing than anything I could find in a big box store. Thank you.

Chime is Great!!

1800 doorbell representatives were very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I recently installed the Chime and it is absolutely fantastic. I will recommend 1800 doorbell to anyone who is looking to install a new doorbell and/or chime.. Thank you again!