Craftmade CK2001 Wired Doorbell Kit: Simple Installation, Reliable Performance

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Introducing the Craftmade CK2001 Wired Doorbell Kit, your one-stop solution for a reliable and easy-to-install doorbell system. This complete kit includes a wired doorbell chime, a stylish push button, and a transformer, all you need for a functional doorbell system. Choose from three elegant finishes – White [CK2001-W], Brushed Nickel [CK2001-BNK], and Flat Black [CK2001-FB] – to complement your home’s exterior. Never miss a visitor again with the CK2001 Wired Doorbell Kit by Craftmade.

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    Improve Your Home Security with the Craftmade CK2001 Wired Doorbell Kit

    Feeling the need to enhance your home security? Look no further than the Craftmade CK2001 Wired Doorbell Kit. This all-inclusive kit provides everything you need for a dependable wired doorbell system, ensuring you’re always aware of visitors at your door.

    Craftmade Quality and Convenience

    Craftmade is renowned for its commitment to quality and design, and the CK2001 Wired Doorbell Kit is no exception. This kit features:

    • Durable Wired Doorbell Chime: The wired doorbell chime ensures clear and consistent notifications throughout your home, letting you know whenever someone presses the doorbell button.
    • Stylish Push Button: The included push button is available in three finishes to seamlessly match the doorbell chime and complement your home’s exterior design.
    • Reliable Transformer: The transformer provides the necessary power to operate the entire doorbell system efficiently.

    Simple and Hassle-Free Installation

    The Craftmade CK2001 Wired Doorbell Kit is designed for a straightforward installation process. For homeowners with electrical experience, tackling the installation themselves can be a rewarding DIY project. If you prefer professional assistance, consider hiring a licensed electrician to ensure a proper and safe installation.

    Choose Your Doorbell Finish

    The CK2001 Wired Doorbell Kit caters to your style preferences by offering three distinct finishes:

    • Classic White [CK2001-W]: A timeless and versatile option that complements any home exterior.
    • Sophisticated Brushed Nickel [CK2001-BNK]: Adds a touch of modern elegance to your entryway.
    • Bold Flat Black [CK2001-FB]: This creates a sleek and contemporary look.

    Model CK2001 Wired Doorbell Kit Features:

    • Easy to install wired doorbell system
    • Includes wired doorbell chime, push button, and transformer
    • Available in three finishes: White [CK2001-W], Brushed Nickel [CK2001-BNK], and Flat Black [CK2001-FB]
    • Durable construction for long-lasting performance

    Peace of Mind with a Reliable Doorbell System

    A functional doorbell system is a crucial part of any home security strategy. The Craftmade CK2001 Wired Doorbell Kit offers the peace of mind of knowing you’ll be alerted whenever someone visits your front door.

    Invest in Your Home Security

    The Craftmade CK2001 Wired Doorbell Kit is an investment in your home’s security and convenience. With its simple installation, reliable performance, and stylish design, this doorbell kit is the perfect solution for homeowners seeking an effective and attractive doorbell system.

    Order Your Craftmade CK2001 Wired Doorbell Kit Today

    Upgrade your home security and enhance your curb appeal with the Craftmade CK2001 Wired Doorbell Kit. Order yours today!

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