WDK-ERA-STROBE Intro & Setup

WDK ERA STROBE KIT Entrance Alert & Doorbell by Safeguard Supply for Warehouses, workshops and More.

The WDK-ERA-STROBE by Safeguard Supply is a best-in-class entrance alert, and doorbell system specifically designed for business use. With a range of 4,000 feet, expandability, and the ability to add accessories such as strobe lights, sirens, bells, and more, and the C-FORM relay for integration with other devices, the WDK-ERA-STROBE is a must-have for businesses looking for a high-quality alert system.

The strobe light feature in this kit is great to use in loud, warehouse, or workshop environments as the bright flashing strobe provides a visual indicator. Conversely, it also works great in areas where you do not want sound, but need a visual alert. The kit consists of the ERA-UTX universal transmitter, the ERA-DCRX desktop/wall mount receiver, a strobe light, and 15 feet of 18AWG wire.

The ERA-UTX is a high-powered, long-range transmitter that may be used as a push button and/or a magnetic door contact. When triggered it sends a radio signal, up to 4,000 ft. to the compatible ERA receiver. In this kit, it is the ERA-DCRX. The ERA-DCRX is a desktop or wall-mounted receiver. It works with up to 12 compatible ERA transmitters/sensors such as the ERA-UTX featured in this kit, and others like the ERA-DSTX driveway sensor, the ERA-PIR passive infrared motion sensor, the ERA-EXTX doorbell extender, and the ERA-PBTX push button.

THE ERA-DCRX has volume control, a C-FORM Relay, and 4 x 12V DC outputs. In this kit, a 12V DC strobe light is connected to one of the outputs. When the ERA-UTX push button is pressed, or a door is opened (when used as a door contact), the ERA-UTX sends a wireless signal to the receiver. The receiver will then play the selected melody (12 available to choose from) and the strobe light will flash. The output duration may be set for 5-10 seconds or 1-2 minutes. Like all ERA products, all transmitters/sensors are compatible with all ERA receivers.

Each ERA receiver, such as the ERA-DCRX, the ERA-RXPG, and the ERA-VPRX work with up to 12 different sensors, while there is no limit to the number of receivers you can add. Please visit https://www.1800doorbell.com/wdk-era-strobe-warehouse-doorbell-kit-strobe.htm to see the WDK-ERA-STROBE product page.