How to Wire a Push Button to the ERA-UTX Universal Transmitter

This FAQ article illustrates how to wire a standard (NON-LIGHTED) wired doorbell push button to the ERA-UTX Universal Transmitter.  Although we are using a push button here, the same procedure may be used with a wired magnetic door/window contact

There are many applications for this scenario, but a common one maybe when you want a traditional, wired doorbell push button outside your office or home.  Or you might already have a wired door contact on a door and want to use a long-range ERA receiver in your office so employees can hear the chime sound when the door is opened.

With a range of up to 4,000 ft., there are extreme situations where the ERA-UTX transmitter (push button) may not connect with your ERA-DCRX wireless plugin receivers.  Thick concrete, steel doors, or other factors may reduce the wireless signal so much that you cannot achieve the distance you need.

A solution to the problem can be achieved using the normally open relay in the ERA-UTX.  The illustration below shows an example of how a wired push button is wired to the ERA-UTX wireless transmitter.

When the wired push button is pressed, it triggers the wireless transmitter to the wireless receiver.  By placing the wired button outside and placing the wireless transmitter inside, the number of barriers the radio signal has to go through is dramatically reduced, thus improving the wireless signal and range from transmitter to receiver.

  • This same scenario works with a wired magnetic door contact.
  • Polarity is not important.
  • Use a non-lighted wired push button only.  A lighted button will drain the battery from the wireless transmitter.
  • Use the normally open relay on the transmitter.  They are not labeled on the unit itself, wire it as in the image below.
ERA UTX Wired Button Connection
ERA UTX Wired Button Connection

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