How to Mount the SS-STROBE

The SS-Strobe by Safeguard Supply is a 12C DC accessory often used with the ERA-DCRX desktop receiver and featured in the WDK-ERA-STROBE door chime for business kit.

The instructions below provide a brief overview of how to mount the strobe light. The documentation in the WDK-ERA-STROBE describes how to program the strobe to the receiver. These instructions are for the physical mounting of the strobe light.

Video on Mounting the SS-STROBE to a Wall #

How to Mount the SS-STROBE by Safeguard Supply

Step by Step Instructions on Mounting the SS-STROBE #

In the box, you will find two identical, black mounting plates, a black foam pad with sticky tape on one side, screws, and 2-wall anchors.

Attach One of the Mounting Plates to the Back of the Strobe Light

  1. Flip the strobe light over, face down on the table.
  2. Take one of the black mounting plates, smooth side down, and then feed the strobe wire through the hole in the mounting plate.
  3.  Align the small screw holes on the mounting plate to the screw holes on the back of the strobe light.
  4. Using the small screws, tighten the mounting bracket to the back of the strobe light.

Attach the Foam Pad and One of the Mouting Plates to the Wall.

  1. Pick up the foam pad.  You will notice two small holes on each side of the foam piece.  These holes are pre-cut so you will need to poke the foam out. These holes are where the two larger screws will attach the foam piece to the wall (or another mounting surface).  You may or may not need the wall anchors.  If you are using the wall anchors, use the pre-cut holes to mark the location of the wall anchors.
  2. Place the foam piece on the wall where you want to mount the strobe.  Make sure the cut-out notch in the foam piece is facing down and the two holes match the place where you put the wall anchors.  
  3. Remove the sticker backing and place the foam pad on the wallDo not insert the screws into the wall yet.
  4. Take a mounting plate, with the smooth side facing up, and feed the strobe wiring through the middle opening. 
  5. Align the larger holes in the mountain plate with the two holes in the foam pad.
  6. Insert and tighten the screws through the mounting plate into the pad and wall.  
  7. Pull the slack out of the wire, feeding it behind the mounting plate and through the cut-out part of the foam pad.
  8. At this point, you should have a mounting plate attached to the back of the strobe, with plastic flanges nobs facing out, and a mounting plate attached to the wall, with the same plastic flanges facing out.  Insert and twist the two mounting plates together until they snap together.

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